Friday, September 30, 2011


Today evening while I was walking back from market I witnessed this which I want to share with you all. I was little distance away from traffic lights when I saw a motorcycle rider who jumped red light being pulled up by traffic cop. As it was close by I, to satisfy my curiosity, stopped to see what transpires.

On taking off his helmet, the motorcycle rider turned out to be a young man of may be 20 or so. Here is the conversation which took place between two of them.

Cop, after pulling out challanbook, “ MAIN TUMHARAA CHALLAN KATOONGA, TUMNE RED LIGHT JUMP KI HAI.” ( I am giving you ticket for jumping red light.)

Young Man, “ OK.”

Cop,” TUMHEIN COURT MEIN JAA KAR FINE DENA PAREGAA.” ( You will have to go to court to pay fine.)

Young Man, “ OK.”

Cop,” FINE DO HAZAAR TAK KAA HO SAKTAA HAI.” ( Fine can be upto two thousand .)

Young Man,” OK.”

Cop,” MAIN TUMHEIN CHHOD SAKTAA HOON.” ( I can let you go.)

Young Man,” TO PHIR CHHOD DIJIYE.” ( Then let me go.)

Cop,” ISKAA KUCHH KHARCHA LAGEGAA.” ( There will be some expenses for that.”

Young Man,” KITNAA?” ( How much?)

Cop,” DO SAU.” ( Two Hundred.)

Young Man,” AAP CHALLAN KAAT DIJIYE.” ( You give me ticket.)

Cop,” SOCH LO, YE SASTAA HAI.” ( Think it over, this is cheap.)

Young Man,” MAINE GALTI KI HAI, MAIN PAISE COURT MEIN DE DOONGA PAR YEHAN NAHIN.?” ( I have committed a mistake, I will pay money in court not here.)

There was no slogan shouting or holding placards but message was LOUD and CLEAR, No Paying Bribes.

I really admire that young man, he took the CHALLAN and went off. Hats off to him. How I wish we all could be like him!


Amrita said...

Wow! Amazing and inspiring!

Harman said...

Great A slap ...on bribes..
We need inspiration from these people.
love it!

Neha said...

A colleague too did this last week and went to the court to pay the fine. And guess what, it cost him only Rs 100! Though he did have to spend time that day, but the glow and pride on his face was unmistakable!

summer. said...

This is amazing!
How I wish everyone of us thought like that!

loved it! Could actually imagine this!

suvaiba said...

hey my mail is waiting... for reply
and you have written it so nicely and the story itself is great
and this is the only way we can stop it by not giving and by not accepting it..!
and i admire that young fellow ttoo..! :)

Mishi said...

really Hats off to him! it was so inspiring..

Amrita Tanmay said...

जाहिर है आज के यंग गलतियाँ तो करते ही है पर नैतिकता की अपनी ही परिभाषा गढ़ रहे हैं . विचारणीय पोस्ट है..

Jyoti Mishra said...

Truly this is what we needs...
No good if u crying out anti-corruption slogans but thinking not even twice b4 giving bribe.

That boy for me is a true anti-corruption activist !!!

Being Pramoda... said...

Yeah. much to learn from him..

viddhi said...

we need more people like him !
hats off ! :D

Sakshi said...

I hope all of us do this! :)

☆ Rià ღ said...

Inspiring indeed!! Glad that we still have such people.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Hello Uncle Jack,

Happy to read this! We call can bring about the change.


Jack said...


Yes, it truly is. Made me so proud. Take care


How I wish we all could give this SLAP on the face of bribes. Take care


Please pay him my sincere compliments. We need such persons. Take care


Welcome to my space. Hope to have your valuable views often. Yes, it is. I too wish the same. I will visit you a s a p. Take care


Yes, that is the only right solution and it is in everyone's hands. We need not depend on Government or anything. Take care

Jack said...


Hope it does inspire others to stop giving bribes. Take care



Without standing in crowd shouting slogans, he is a true activist for Corruption Free India. Take care


True, we need to learn a lot from him. Take care

Jack said...


Yes, we need many more like him. Take care


I agree with you. Take care


I would put it that I was OVERJOYED to see such young person.
Take care


We must realise that it is in our hands to make India corruption free. Take care

Ritika said...

A lesson to be taught to all the citizens of India.

Jack said...


Yes, it is a lesson to all of us. Take care

Live2cherish said...

such people exist???

Jack said...

L 2 C :

Surprised, are you? Yes, they do, may be just a handful. Take care

Gayu said...

Hats off...!!!!!!! Perfect title
Truly wish if we all could be like him.

How are you uncle????


Jack said...


I too wish that we all could be like him and that will positively make India CORRUPTION FREE. I am fine, how about you? Take care

Niya said...


that was so inspiring! i wish v all were like him ^_^

P.S i was just lost in the wake of the wind! it seems that i am back now :D until the winds take me again. thanks for dropping by!!^_^

Take care

Jack said...


It is really very inspiring. I also wish that we all could follow his example. Take care

Veena said...

this same thing happened to me ... the cop actually asked for money directly instead of challan... he was so reluctant to give me challan that i had to fight with him and then his supervisor to get the challan... even then they didnt give me so i left free...

Jack said...


So lucky you are. They must have realised they have come across a real honest person. Take care

Komal Ali said...

It's really hard to believe that a guy so young would put such an offer down. I think we can restore faith in the youth of our generation. :-)

Jack said...


Yes, even I found it hard to believe it but then there are still some goodness left in this world.

Take care