Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I avoid writing about religion or politics as a rule but happenings in the recent past have made me make an exception to that self imposed rule.

I firmly believe that religion is an individual’s choice. It is in ones heart and there is no need to show that one is very religious. God is one and it is we who have given different names to pray in the way we want to. God is not deaf. A silent prayer said from heart reaches God rather than all the noise we make in our unwanted efforts to send our request to God. We project ourselves as followers of whatever religion we believe in but indulge in acts which no religion would ever preach. Unfortunately some leaders with eye of what they can gain misguide the gullible youth in the name of religion. Can anyone enlighten me if there is any religion which preaches violence against unarmed, old, women or children going about their normal duties? Don’t we think that any person who does this needs to be penalized? I know our police has earned notoriety by indulging in corruption, favoritism and fake encounters to please bosses – political mainly. Police reforms is another subject which needs to be paid attention by each and everyone of us. Even keeping shortcoming of police in view, does it make us correct in supporting one who has indulged in such ghastly activities against humans? I know that it is difficult to come to terms that our near and dear one may be wrong but we should think with open & logical mind for the sake of humanity as whole.

Politics, we all know is dirty as we have been hearing about this right from our childhood – family politics, society politics, school politics, college politics, office politics etc etc. I have very serious doubts if any political leader ever thinks of what nation needs for progressing. In my opinion each & everyone of them first think of themselves, then kith & kin followed by party and in such cluttered mind there is no space for national interest. All they see is CHAIR and how to garner votes to get that. Do they ever think rationally about what they do, misuse of authority or power by promising what not, just to get votes may damage the fabric of nation. Again who is to blame for this -  WE the people who accept all this with attitude HOW DOES IT MATTER TO ME?

Food for thought, isn’t it? 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Every morning I think that I must get back to writing but visits to doctors, keeping track of medicines timings ( not only for self but my wife also ) and our dog keeps my mind in spin. There are a lot of ideas which generate as I observe so many happenings around when I take our dog for walk or visit market as I still continue shouldering my normal responsibilities as much as I can. These activities keep me tired not only physically but mentally too. Then the situation I am facing or rather we are facing makes me feel more so. Anyway one has to face what life throws.

This makes me firmly believe that one has to face whatever be it at ownself, though there are close ones, relatives as well as friends, who offer support and sympathies but at the end of the day it is one who has to do what needs to be done for own happiness or well being. They may offer physical help or suggest ways to overcome stress but one has to control own mind from wandering off to negative side. If one wishes to have stressfree life one needs to keep positive attitude for a start. One needs to take health issues as those are and take precautions plus medicines as prescribed by doctors. Next one needs to have an open mind and think of whatever happens from point of view of one whom one may blame for such events. That is the way to understand whys and hows. A frank logical talk with other person helps if that person also wishes to resolve the issue. Remember that we come alone to this world and go alone also.

Well, enough of GYAAN ( preaching ) for the day, isn’t it?     

Friday, July 12, 2013


OMG, it is one month since I wrote anything and hardly visited my friends here. Let me try to make up for that.

I had started writing this post before I became unwell, so in all fairness I thought I should complete it.

“ I was very small, may be just a few weeks old, when I was separated from my mother and siblings. When I had opened my eyes and saw the world, I realized that we were 5 siblings. We all were black like our mother and looked alike but only I had white patch on my tail. We used to snuggle upto our mother who used to feed us with milk. We all squirmed to get in better position. It was just a day after I had started seeing everything that I was picked up by giant of a person and taken away.

At my new home there are number of other persons around who squealed in delight on seeing me tumbling around but I missed my mother and siblings. These persons look funny as they are big in varying sizes and walk on their hind feet. There is only one small one who walks on all fours like me and he keeps chasing me all the time. A few days ago he also has started standing on hind feet, though falls down often. When he takes tumbling steps on hind feet, all big ones make lot of noise clapping. Even I made efforts to stand on hind feet to please them. I have learnt to do so after a lot of effort but for a short while. At such times those near me laugh and offer me my favourite tidbits. They all pick me up often and cuddle me making funny sounds. I found that if I reciprocated by wagging my tail I am mostly rewarded with some tidbits which I like. Now I have got used to them and have started enjoying my time.

They have even made a soft place for me to sleep. Water in a pot is kept next to it and also another one in which they put things for me to eat. They give me tasty food and milk also. They never let me go out at my own. Always someone puts something around my neck with a rope in it before taking me out for walk. At times they remove the rope and play with me on the grass in front of the house. Life seems to be happy presently. “

Don’t you think your pet may be having such thoughts?