Friday, December 31, 2010




Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This is my 50th post of the year. I was searching for suitable topic to put my thoughts across and it struck me that it is time of the year for annual appraisals in many organizations. So why not say something about that.

The meaning of appraisal as given in Oxford Dictionary is “1. the action of assessing. 2 a formal assessment of an employee’s performance.”

So this is supposed to be an assessment of an employee’s performance during the period of assessment. But is it so? Most of the organizations including Governmental set %age limits of giving various levels of assessments i e exceptional, above average, average, satisfactory etc etc should not exceed so much % of strength of employees being assessed. Thus appraising authority has now to categorise employees he or she is assessing within those limits. So it therefore becomes a process of comparison of each individual’s performance vis-à-vis his or her colleagues. Don’t you think that when this comparison is done, it can lead to extraneous factors? This defeats the main purpose of appraisal “ A FORMAL ASSESSMENT OF INDIVIDUAL EMPLOYEE’S PERFORMANCE.”

I have always been advocating that we do not compare one with other but his or her performance be judged as it is - be it Good, Bad or Ugly.

May I have your views on this?

Saturday, December 25, 2010


This is with no intentions to hurt anyone’s sentiments. It is my personal thought. While I fully respect all religions but also feel that faith is choice of an individual.

I was so amazed to read that there have been objections by some organization on religious tattoo of some TV artiste and this is the second instance it has been stated. If someone is so strongly religious that he or she wants to have a religious symbol embossed on body without showing any disrespect why should there be any hue and cry? As seen in the picture she has tattoo on left side of chest, thus showing deep respect to the symbol having it close to her heart all the time. I would be the first person to raise an objection, without any bias of religion, if it was on any part of body showing disrespect. Those who point finger at any one for showing disrespect should first search their own heart to see if they have never done anything against the tenets of their religion. Can we not have little open mind on such matters? Or do we have so much of time at hands that we waste it on such matters instead of concentrating on some constructive work? There are so many persons in need of help for something or the other, should we not utilize our time and efforts for that?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Finally I am back as our internet has been shifted. So here I am with you all again. It will take some days before I can visit all of you and also reply to your comments. Please bear with me.

On shifting out of Vasant Kunj after second stint stay of more than a decade to Dwarka, I was out exploring the market area of new place to see if all my necessities are available. The market is well spread and comparable to Connaught Place. So I decided to look around over a couple of days at leisure. Driving does not let you have a proper look making one can miss out what is on search radar . As the market was within comfortable distance, I decided to walk from the complex we had our new abode. I did find what all I was looking for within my walking distance and that made me quite happy. But what I am going to tell you is something which we all must give a thought to.

I found the market to be upscale. The gentry seemed to be educated and well placed in life. I found a lady looking for place to park her car and all the while she was loudly cursing others for parking their cars haphazardly making it difficult for her to find parking space. And when she did find space, she parked her car blocking exit of at least another car as well as a couple of two wheelers. This set me thinking when we do not want others to do something wrong do we have right to do wrong ourselves?

Thursday, December 9, 2010


She had walked out of her marriage of over 18 years.

A little over month ago I alongwith my wife had gone to the vast departmental store which we frequent for our household needs and met her there. She was in Customer Care and enquired from us if we faced any difficulty. She is in early 40s. We found her very respectful and genuinely interested in helping customers. Over next few visits we developed bond with her. She and my wife got along as if they were long lost friends, though she was much younger. It was only last week that she confided in my wife.

She had worked for a few years after completing her graduation. Her had been a modest businessman and reasonably well off. She had arranged marriage with a match suggested by some far relative. His family also has been in business and well off. He lived with parents while his elder sister was married and lived in nearby town. Her father went by whatever was said by that lady relative. Few days after marriage she came to know that he had penchant for girls and had liaison with many other girls which he continued doing. His parents were of the opinion that once he was married he would get over this habit. His sister was almost on not speaking terms with him as he had tried to flirt with her sister in law.

She kept this to herself as her father who had heart ailment, would have been distraught on hearing it. Her brother was much too young to do anything. Her mother in law advised that she continue to make efforts to change him. She tried all methods but he used to become violent and hit her if she tried to stop him from going out. His father had got married rather late in life and was getting on the years. As such he remained mute spectator. He passed away in second year of her marriage. Now there was no one to say anything to him as he inherited the business.

She bore with this shame all these years without telling anyone. In due course she had a daughter and few years later a son. For the sake of children she kept quiet and stopped trying to change him. With advancing age it was becoming difficult for him to find girls so he started visiting women of ill repute. Their marriage was just for show. Her mother in law too passed away a couple of years ago. Now what made her walk out was that about three months ago while highly inebriated and frustrated at not finding any girl to satisfy his lust he misbehaved with his 16 years old daughter. This was beyond her tolerance and she hit him with a rod rescuing young girl. She did not even wait for daybreak and left that house with children with whatever little she could pack. She moved to her mother’s house. Next day her husband came begging her to return but she told him in no uncertain terms that time has come that he pays for his sins.

What surprised me is that being an educated girl she put up with this hell for so long. In my opinion she should have walked out long long ago even before children were born.

PS : We are shifting our residence, so I may not be coming on internet for few days till the same is installed at new house.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


OK, so you have it, means not under discussion, but do you have to indulge in vulgar show of your wealth? Or compete to show that you can do more? And that too by making something much much beyond most luxurious living. Does this wasteful expenditure not prick your conscience? Would that excess expenditure not meet bare necessities of so many underprivileged? Or provide good education to so many needy bright students of weaker section? Oh! May be you have no such feelings.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Sometimes you want to say the above words as you feel so disgusted at the adamant behavior of the person but you can not as it is not your nature or may be that person is very close to you. What do you do in such situation? Do you just sulk? Or do you withdraw into your shell? Or you just let it pass and forget about it? Or you politely tell the person it is not acceptable? Or you ignore that person and carry on as usual?