Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Kindly read this story till end and then answer my question at the end.

There were many thefts in a state which baffled everyone. There was lot of political pressure on police to solve this trend. A senior police officer did study of reported cases from various towns and came to conclusion that 2 gypsy tribes which used to move around the country together were involved in this crime. He conveyed this information to the concerned minister. The minister then made a public statement about these findings. The tribal chiefs rejected this as false claim. They wanted the minister to give proof. So the minister arranged a meeting between the concerned police officer and the tribal chiefs.

In the meeting the tribal chiefs told the police officer that no one from their tribes was involved in such crimes. When the police officer insisted they asked him for proof. The police officer then informed that thefts had taken place in towns at times when their tribes were camping near those towns though at little distance. The chiefs said that this does not amount to proof. He then further stated that mostly young men from their tribes were seen travelling by public transport to the concerned towns late in evenings prior to night of thefts and travelling out early next mornings. He further substantiated by telling that at times some articles like bead necklace or headgear or other personnel clothing items used by tribesmen or empty bottles of liquor brewed by these tribes were found at scenes of crime. The chiefs told that this still does not prove without doubt that their men were thieves.

On return to their tribes, they called all young men for a joint meeting. They then advised them to ensure that they are not be seen going to town in late evening, be careful of their belongings and not to drink when they go for thefts to town.

Can you draw a parallel to this story in recent times?    

Thursday, March 24, 2016


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May God bless you all with a happily colourful life like Holi.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Student – when we hear or read this word, most of us have image of a child in school uniform going to school. We do accept elderly teenagers and just out of teens who are in college after completion of schooling, as students. They may be even undergoing post graduation courses or professional course like medical, engineering or law etc. Even Oxford Dictionary interprets student as 1 a person studying at a university or college. 2 a school pupil .3 a person who takes a particular interest in a subject. adj. referring to someone who is studying to enter a profession : a student nurse. So normally a student would be in age group of 3 to 22 years, upper age may be extended to 24 years catering for a failure or so in school or college. In other words we may call someone Student who is undergoing a regular course in school or college, including open school or university, for getting a popularly recognised  certificate or degree.

Thus naming someone of around 30 years a student seems rather farfetched. I know that someone may be doing Doctorate or PhD but should we call them students? They are doing research in a particular subject, may be under guidance of someone but is that STUDYING? They may be called Research    Scholars /Assistants instead of Students. Otherwise there may be persons who become PROFESSIONAL STUDENTS for reasons other than studies. They can continue for years doing same research or start another one on completion of first PhD. Will you call me a student if at my age of 70 I start research for PhD in any subject?

Food for thought.

Monday, March 7, 2016


JNU episode has lead to many debates. A lot of persons have either spoken or written supporting JNU Students union members & condemning government or opposing it. It appears that media as usual has not been neutral. It has been giving unprecedented coverage to students statements and mostly criticizing government. I read a number of write ups by some persons published in newspapers. One such article has prompted me to write this. I have been wanting to write this for a number of days but something or the other made me postpone it. Today I decided to get it off my chest.

A few days ago I read an article in which author stated “Nationalism asks you to believe your country is without fault. True Patriotism is loving your country, while also criticising the things that are imperfect.” She gave examples from times of Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev. She also quoted one of her colleagues who while urging her students to participate in protests against recent police action by saying “ The difference between a nationalist and a patriot is the  difference in believing your country is great , and it can do no wrong; and believing that your country is great, but not perfect. Nationalism asks you to be blind to the bad aspects, and to believe your country is without fault. True patriotism is loving your country, while also criticising the things that are imperfect and considering the ways it could be great.”     

This made me open up Oxford Dictionary to find :

“nationalism . n. 1 patriotic feelings, often to an excessive degree. 2 belief in political independence for a particular country.”

“ patriot. n. a person who strongly supports their country and is prepared to defend it. DERIVATIVES ........... patriotism  n.”

However giving benefit to the author and her colleague for their interpretation and choice of words; I would like to ask so called patriots by them :

a     a)         What are you doing to eradicate corruption which is poisoning growth of our               country?
       b)      What are your actions to get back wealth rightfully of our country stashed by               some persons in foreign accounts?
       c)    What do you propose to curb terrorism which results in killing of so many                    innocents, including women & children?
      d)   What suggestions do you have to stop infiltration by terrorists into our country by       underhand means including by digging tunnels under international border or               LoC?
      e)    What thoughts are you putting forward to those responsible to ensure safety of          women at all times and anywhere?
f     f)     How do you propose to ensure that all children do get proper education and                 teachers are of right capability & outlook?
     g)   How do you plan to make our population of various religions, culture and                     backgrounds to live in harmony?
     h)   What your attitude is towards a group of persons taking to arms to enforce their          ideology and forced collection of funds to run their activities by violent means -          killing so many innocents including aged, women and children?  
     i)     How would they contribute to lighten grief of young widows and small children left     behind by our soldiers killed by unwanted action from across the border or                   terrorists trying to infiltrate into our country to indulge in acts of violence?
     j)     What is your view about such soldiers who lay down their life in prime of youth to       defend our country – are they patriots or not?

And there are many more pressing issues other than shouting about so called Intolerance & suppression of Freedom of speech, which need urgent attention of all patriots to make our country achieve greatness.

Talking about suppression of freedom of speech – If it is so, then how come so many persons speak in public or write about it in newspapers / magazines or there are so many marches shouting slogans against this are being held?