Monday, August 31, 2009


Note : I am sorry I may be irregular for a while or may not give proper comments. Joey, our male Cocker Spaniel who was just 3 years 5 months old passed away at about 11:30 pm last night after being unwell for just 2 days. I have been looking after them for everything from taking them out to feeding and playing. Though Zuby is there but I miss him a lot. So does she and now I have to see that she does not go into depression. 02 Sep 2009

You must have read in almost all newspapers remembrances inserted by people showing how much they miss their departed near & dear ones. These are mostly in language showing unlimited love and on death anniversary or birthday.

During days of “ Shradhs “ which is a period of a few days twice a year as per Hindu calender when homage and respects are paid to departed ancestors - mainly parents and grandparents. We remember them, pray for them and offer them feast of what they relished. Some even give clothes also. How does this offering reach them? We call a priest and treat him to these delicacies or take it to him. This is our way of showing our gratitude.

It is all very fine to publicly show our gratitude or how much we miss them but what comes to my mind is that did we take care of them or make them happy in the twilight years of their life? Did we see to their comforts? Do we remember them on days of the year other than this period or on death anniversary? If not, do we deserve to make a show of our gratitude now that they are no more?

NOTE : I had posted this last year end in my space. Almost 3 weeks ago I made some changes to post it here but was lazy. I was so moved while reading a poem “Rocking in my Armchair Alone” written by Juhi, a young girl of 16 sorry 14 and that worked like catalyst to make me post it today itself. Kindly do visit her and encourage at

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I consider myself very lucky to have got to this space. It gives me a lot of not only pleasure but also insight into what is today's way of thinking when I read so many blogs. I comment on many and at times I have annoyed the writer. I have written a few. My this post is inspired by a girl who was my colleague, much younger to me but we share a very good human relation. She is level headed and very clear about her ideas. I feel responsible for her as elder. She asked me why have not written on personal relationships. I write not only here but articles which get published sometimes. So this is to keep my promise to her.
As you get on in years you tend to become a preacher saying do this or do that because it is good for you. I used to hate such sermons from my seniors and resolved that I will always share my experience with youngsters and let them choose their path. I have maintained this with my both children also and am proud that they can take decisions without any outside help by proper application of mind.
Today I am sharing with you what I feel is key to a happy, peaceful and simple life. If one follows these principles chances of one leading a tension free life are bright, be it in office or at home or in social life.
First one is TWO WAY COMMUNICATION. Most of our problems at office or home are as we think of someone doing wrong to us. Be it with Boss, Mother in law – Daughter in Law, Husband - Wife, Sisters in Law ete etc. Instead of talking it out amicably and logically with concerned person we tend to bottle up fueling up our emotions leading to thinking of things which may not even have happened. Only way to resolve such situations is to TALK IT OUT with concerned person in private without show of tempers but in polite way. This brings us to second principle
OPEN MIND. When you talk to someone to resolve issues donot go with preconceived ideas. Let mind be clear and blank. Start discussion without any perceived wrong or grouse. This way you may be able to follow other's way of thinking also. This could also be called POSITIVE APPROACH to resolve an issue and not to complicate it with your biased thoughts.
Third is ADAPTABILITY. One should be able to adapt to changed circumstances. When you take up a job, the reporting head may be a person much younger or less experienced than you but you have to give the devil his / her due as he / she is the BOSS. Not that you do away with your values but see how best you can stick to them. A girl after marriage goes to new family and unless she starts considering that to be HER FAMILY there will be problems galore. She has to start a new life and it is HER HOME where she is an important member.
GIVE CREDIT TO THOSE WHO DESERVE. Do not hog all praise for job well done or pass blame for failure. Share it alike with those who are responsible.
Then last but not the least is FEEDBACK. It is very important to give feedback to concerned persons, be it senior or subordinates or even family members. If you have done something after due discussion it is expected that you share what has happened with those connected to it.
These are a few things which come to my mind but I am sure there are many more like politeness, being approachable etc etc. I invite you all to share your views and make us more positive to lead a happy, peaceful and simple life.

Friday, August 14, 2009


After 3 serious posts I think it is time now for a little humour. So with Independence Day knocking at the door what could be better than to give HUMOUR IN UNIFORM. I have pepped up true incidents a little but facts have not been altered.

A 2 star General during his visits to an Army unit based at high altitude which was mostly snow bound used to complain to Unit commander that the biscuits they offer with tea were soggy. So the unit commander requested helicopter pilots who used to fly the General to bring fresh stock of biscuits on next visit. It was done. The General showed happiness on picking up the biscuit saying “ Oh, so crisp ” then proceeded to dip it in tea before eating it.

A drill instructor was reputed to keep his soldiers under tight control on parade ground. One day while supervising some soldiers on parade he shouted “ Mohan, don’t slouch, brace up and chest out ”. On being told that Mohan was on leave he said “ I know. That useless, lazy b****r is slouching at home also ”.

A local dignitary visited Air Force Base in his area to acquaint himself with working and life of Air Force personnel. A young Air Force Officer was detailed to escort him around. While watching Fighter aircraft taking off the visiting dignitary exclaimed “ Oh, how fast they go ”. His Air Force escort who was quite fed up with his silly comments said with a straight face “ So would you, sir if your backside was on fire ”.

A Naval ship docked for few days at a wayside port after long voyage. A sailor who happened to be from a closeby town requested for shore leave to go and see his wife. He was allowed one day leave. He returned after 3 days. He was marched to Ship Commander. On being asked about his overstayal of leave, he replied “ Sir, it took two days for my uniform to dry up ”. The Commander told him that it did not rain. Sailor replied “ I know, Sir. But when I reached home my wife was in bath ”.

After reading comment by M, I promised her that I will update this post with another one which I hope would complete the process of making her fall off the chair with laughter. This too relates to Uniform but of different kind – of Merchant Navy. So here it goes

A luxury merchant ship returned to mother port after almost a year long voyage ferrying people from different places for dream vacations. As per custom, the Captain of the ship was at the head of gangway when passenger were disembarking. He was puzzled to see a beautiful young woman at the dock waving both arms and shouting EF. On looking towards deck above he saw one of his junior officers too waving and shouting FF. After all passengers got off, it was turn of crew to go. When that young officer was near him, the Captain asked what was the matter. Youngman replies little shyly that she was his wife whom he would be meeting after all these months at sea and she was telling him that let us eat first.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I hung up my uniform voluntarily after having donned it for more than 22 years, not counting the training period. Having stayed in Defence area most of this period we were used to well maintained and regulated infrastructure. Shifting to DDA complex was first exposure to how short sighted those in planning can be. That was in 1991 and what I felt at that time has been proved true over and over. Large number of flats were constructed on rocky terrain - part of Aravalis range. It is fine to construct building and roads but what about the other needs? Water was in short supply even then, though not acute considering low occupancy at that time. The authorities should have taken that into account and taken steps to rectify it. But instead of that they went ahead with mushrooming of Malls, shopping complexes, a 5star hotel and couple of hospitals not to speak about unauthorized shopping / recreational outlets which would need more water. Don’t you think blasting of rocks, cutting tree & shrubbery for making level space to construct buildings / roads leads to environmental damage? Scooter garages are provided for flats on first floor and above. Now with occupancy almost more than 95% there is lack of space to park cars in the residential areas. This has led to eating up of green belt or small parks to provide space for car parking. And as expected water shortage became a daily feature. It is nice of Delhi Jal Board to supply water in tankers on request as emergency measure but is that a permanent solution? This is what brings me to the title of this post.

As the supply of water does not have enough pressure to reach the tanks provided at the top of buildings all residents have got water storage tanks on ground level outside the building or even in scooter garages, some have even buried it in ground to get whatever additional water possible. So we all check water available in the ground level tanks and then pump it up to roof tanks. Here comes the crunch. Water pressure during supply time depends upon location of building – comparatively higher level or low area in respect to water boosting station. Our flat though on ground floor receives less supply by virtue of being at higher level. So we need to request for emergency supply by tanker once in 7 – 10 days. Private suppliers charge Rs 150 for filling 1000 ltr storage tank. We make our request to DJB complaint office in the morning of the day we need water, mostly by visiting their office as their telephone is perpetually busy. After following it up number of times either telephonically or by visiting personally we used to get tanker supply for about 90% times. This caused a lot of tension or burden on me. Our DIL ( Daughter in law ) to make me worry free found a short cut which she came to know from other residents that if you pay Rs 50 to the DJB tanker driver he would supply 2 tanks of water even without having made request in the morning. When I learnt about it I put my foot down as I term this as corruption and depriving legitimate supply to someone who has made request. Thereafter we felt the pinch. Our requests were fulfilled not more than 60% of times inspite of rigorous follow ups thus making us resort to private supplier paying from our pocket. This put a lot of strain on me, physically as well as financially. A stage has now come that I am at the wits end for not being able to get water even by running around for legitimate demand and inspite of contacting higher authorities. This has lead to me getting tempted to give Rs 50 to the driver and have assured supply of water whenever we need it.

What do you all feel about it?