Sunday, November 24, 2013


As per news a state government is accused of putting a young lady under surveillance. Whether it was with her knowledge or not is not I will discuss but it is reported that her father has stated that he had requested Chief Minister for it as he was close to him. It is a fact that we all make use of our contacts for something or the other we wish to do. It is also reported that government stand now is that it provided security to her on her father’s request. There is nothing incorrect about it but what I would like to know is that who had foot the expenses needed for such surveillance or provision of security – did the father pay for it or was it misuse of taxpayer’s money? If it is later then in all fairness the concerned bigwigs should take responsibility and face consequences. The public has right to know.

A young law graduate lady is reported to have said that a recently retired judge under whom she had done internship had indulged in unbecoming behavior. What pains me is not only such act of a custodian of law, if true but also why did she wait for so long before bringing it out. She should have reported it as soon as it occurred without any fear of her career as I am sure it would not have been jeopardized. Why should a girl bear with such degrading behavior just for the fear of career? This act of silence encourages such persons to victimize more hapless girls.

Coming to reported physical assault on a young lady reporter by one of seniors whom she had full faith in - When will girls learn to defend themselves under such circumstances? She should have given him a kick on his face with her knee when he bent down to do what he is supposed to have done or she should have kicked him in groin or she should have bitten his ear off. She should have started banging the lift door as her hands were free which would have attracted a lot of attention and also would have deterred the alleged culprit from doing what he did.

It will take ages to make desired changes in thinking of men towards girls which again is due to our own folly but that should not stop any girl to be brave and not get scared under such situations.  

Do you think my thoughts are right? 

Sunday, November 10, 2013


For the past couple of months this has been going on in my mind as to what affects a person more - physical stress or mental stress. I gave this a considerable thought as I face both. I have shared about my physical stress here, though not a very major one but it is still something I have to live with. Some of you may understand the cause of my mental stress as in a sudden urge to let it off my mind I wrote a brief post on that long ago.  What I think is shared in this post.  

There is no doubt that physical stress causes a lot of unhappiness which at times may also lead a person to contemplate suicide. After a lot of thinking I feel that if one has positive attitude thus being mentally prepared to accept whatever physical drawback it be, one can not only be happy but attain what one sets eyes on. There are numerous examples of persons who are physically challenged having achieved feats which a fully fit person may find difficult. Thus a positive attitude and mental preparedness to accept  physical stress leads a person to live happily doing whatever he or she wishes to.

Now let us have a look at mental stress. We all know that mind travels at an astonishing speed. You may give a thought to your own experience. One may be thinking of something and suddenly mind may traverse to something entirely different with no relation to what was in mind. One may be totally physically fit but if there is any mental stress, no matter how much one tries to be positive or divert mind but it will stray back to the cause of such stress without any warning making one think about it thus aggravating the stress. This is experienced personally by me as inspite of making all efforts to divert my mind, it does stray back.

What do you say on this?      

Sunday, November 3, 2013


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