Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Let us say bye bye to 2009 and welcome 2010 with smile :

Little Joe came back from school after results of final examinations were declared. He was crying. His mother fearing that he may have been detained in KG class asked him what the matter was. Joe told her between sobs that all student had been promoted but his class teacher had failed as she had to stay in the same class.

Ashok was very keen to see one day cricket match between India and Sri Lanka but did not know how to get away from office. He mustered up courage and went to his boss with woeful looks telling him that his grandfather had expired so he needs to go. His boss let him. Next day when he came to office his boss asked him if he believed in miracles. On his saying no, his boss told him but that happened yesterday as after you left there was a call from your grandfather to tell you that Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to bat first.

There were three Barbers who had their saloons close to each other in a market. One put up a sign board proclaiming Best Saloon of this City. Few days later second one put up sign board saying Best Saloon of the country. Third one thought for a few days and then put up sign board stating Best Saloon in this Market.

Tony took Jenny to fair. They had rides in the merry go round, giant wheel and took part in many games of luck. Tony asked her what she wanted to do next. She said she wanted to be weighed. He took her to weighing scale and she got weighed. They roamed around enjoying drinks and eats as well as looking at various shows. He again asked her what would she like to do more. She again said she would like to be weighed. He again took her to weighing scale and got her weighed. This happened a few more times and Tony got annoyed. He took her back home and left her. Later her friend asked her how was the trip to the fair. She replied “ W(L)ousy ”.

Tutu had habit of flirting. Tanu, his wife suspected that it was not just verbal. It just so happened that Tanu was asked by her office to go to UK for training lasting 4 months. She asked him what would he like her to bring for him. He laughingly told her that he would like a nice English girl. On her return he on receiving her at airport asked her where was his gift. She very sweetly told him that he would have to wait for another seven months to see her.


Monday, December 28, 2009


I am really grateful to all of you for reading my previous post. I had let Naina read your advices on her visit a couple of days ago. She was in tears when she saw you all so concerned about her happiness in marriage. She promised that she would make all efforts to change herself for better and asked me to convey her heartfelt thanks to all of you. Big THANK YOU not only from her but from me too as she is my very close friend’s daughter in law. She had confided in me after a lot of effort from me and now she feels happy that she spoke her problems to me.

May I request you all to have your computers checked for virus as I have been a victim of hung PC or PC not working very often recently. My service engineer told me that it is due to virus being passed on, may be unknowingly, by some one from blogspot family as I spend a lot of time in this. My son has asked me to stop visiting blogspot or writing but I do wish to continue with you all, so this request.

Friday, December 18, 2009


This is a real life situation showing what wife and husband have in their mind in a troubled marriage but do not communicate with each other freely and logically. I request for your views :-

I am Naina. I am 26. I have been complimented often for being tall, slim, fair and attractive. I have been married for 2 years now. I am not very happy since soon after marriage. I do not want anyone to interfere in the way I live and I want my husband, Sujit to do what so ever I tell him. Though he is very handsome, smart and very nice and understanding, this is causing a lot of friction. We are staying with his parents and my husband is not willing to live separately in spite of my strong desire for that. His mother is ok though at times we do have differences and I argue with her. His father is very helpful and tries to see that we all live in harmony. He supports me but does advise me to mend my ways too. To make you understand my problem let me tell you something of my background.

As far as I can remember my father had been very strict and did not allow me any freedom. I was not permitted to stay out late into evenings with my friends right from childhood or have chaat, golgappas etc. Even clothes I wore had to have his approval. My mother hardly had any say as he controled the house with iron fist. He controlled my life in every way. This made me underconfident and feel so dependent on him that I had to seek his consent for everything I did. If ever I did something he did not approve of, he used to beat me. As I grew older he used to slap only but very hard. This carried on till I was almost 14 or 15. Thereafter he did not hit me but used to penalize me by denying some thing or the other which I wanted badly. I felt very deprived and resented this as I saw my friends living carefree life which I too was keen on. Subconsciously I started doing things secretly which I knew he would not approve. Of course, nothing like smoking or taking drugs but like seeing adult movies on VCR while visiting some friend or dressing up in their short skirts or shorts and skimpy tops while in their house or having chaat etc. or things like that. Thus it became a habit to do something which I was told not to. Whatever little circle of friends I had was all girls approved by him and he did not like my mixing with boys. When I was in final year of school, just to prove to myself that I can do something at my own without asking for his approval , I agreed to be friends with a guy who had been asking me to be his girlfriend for a long time. He was my senior by two years in school and was in college then. He was staying in our locality at a little distance. I kept it secret from my father and told all my friends not to mention it in his presence. We used to meet for short time during my evening walks as I could not stay out late. At times he used to meet me outside my school while I waited for the school bus to leave but I could never bunk school to go with him. My outings from home were strictly controlled. At times I used to make excuse to go to the house of my close girlfriend who was also my class mate for studies and instead meet him close to her house. She was aware of it and stood by me in case of any call from my home. I used to get vicarious pleasure that I have a boyfriend, something which my father would never have approved of.

We had been friends for almost a year when I entered college. My father had let me have mobile so he could keep tabs on me. He used to check my call details and messages. I used to delete all such calls or messages which I did not want him to see. Now that strict school regime was not there, we could meet more often. Many a times he used to come to my college in his car and we went to nearby restaurant or park depending upon time available in between lectures. During school days it was nothing serious from my side but something I wanted to do which my father would disapprove of. Now as we spent more time together we came to know each other well and I started liking him a lot. Though I had made it quite clear to him that I did not want any physical intimacy but as time passed hugging and kissing came as a natural consequence. Frankly I loved his attention towards me. By the time I was in 2nd year we had become more playful and were quite comfortable with each other but I still did not agree to go all the way though he hopefully pleaded many times. At times when there were no classes in the afternoon he used to pick me up if no one was at his house and we spent some time cozying up. I then used to reach home as if coming back from college. During one such visit by end of my second year we were lying in the bed fooling around when he forced himself onto me. Though I was not willing but did not put up much of resistance as I was feeling highly aroused. I would be honest that after initial pain I did have some pleasant sensation much more than what I had felt earlier. After it was over I cried a little while he apologized for not having been able to control himself . Later on while thinking it over, I felt a kind of high for having done something which my father would not ever have thought I would do. Thus after a few days when we were in his house I did not stop him. After that we did it whenever we had an opportunity. In my mind this was like freedom to do whatever I want and paying back my father for his strictness. I had by now got used to doing things which I was told not to, but of course not openly as I outwardly still remained an obedient daughter. After post graduation he got a good job in another town. We used to meet during his periodic visits home.

I too started working after post graduation. My father was not for it but relented when my mother took my side. In my office life too I did not conform to rules much as I felt being controlled. Thus many a times my boss ticked me off. Soon I realized that I could have my way if I played along with my boss’s flirtatious ways. He was in mid 30s and married. It lead to my having physical relations with him after a while. I could have my way and felt I was in control of everything. But this was not for long as he joined another company. He offered to take me along but I had to decline as it was in nearby town which my father would never have agreed to.

By now my father started looking for suitable match for my marriage. I told him that I liked someone and would like him to be considered. My father flew into such a rage that I cowered away fearing physical hurt. He told me that I need not go for work anymore till I am married off. After a few days of home confinement he agreed to let me go only on one condition that he would monitor all my movements. To cut it short now, I was married off within a couple of months after that. I have not told my husband anything about my affairs. As a matter of fact in our first meeting he told me that we should let past be past and if we do marry we should start our life afresh. I however met my boyfriend a few times after marriage too whenever my husband was away on tour. I think my father in law has strong inkling about it as once or twice he told me that I should not let the past ruin my married life. I do feel the burden in my mind and this makes me behave the way I do. At time feel like telling all to my husband but am scared of consequences, specially reaction of my father if he is told all this. I could speak to my father in law as he is very level headed and may give me right advice as well as support. I do want to have happy married life as well as children but am confused.

I am Naina’s husband. I feel so depressed at the way she behaves. She makes lot of fuss on small issues and often quarrels with me. A number of times after such quarrel she goes off to her parents place. She keeps after me to do this or do that and wants to control all my movements. I can not even talk to my old friends without her overhearing what to talk about spending some time with them. I was brought up in a very open minded atmosphere and had a lot of space. My parents, specially my father made me understand my responsibilities while allowing all the freedom I wanted. I have had my free run as a bachelor but the girl I liked could not make her parents agree for marriage with me. My parents were very supportive and my father even told me that if I wished to go for court marriage, he would support me but I did not want to start my married life on a sour note. So I told my parents to find suitable match for me. My father was firm that though they would find the girl but I have to meet her and it had to be a joint decision with the girl. I met Naina alone outside her office and we spent almost 2 hours in a restaurant. I told her that at our age there is a lot which goes on but if she decides to marry me, we should let past be past and start our life afresh for happiness. My parents are very supportive and have left us to settle down with each other without any interference. Even when we have quarrels they let us sort our affairs at our own. I do not know how should I make her understand that this is her home now and she should feel so. She does not want children at present even while my parents are keen to have grandchild. She keeps calling her father on every small thing asking for his opinion. This makes me feel so little. I am at my wits end how to make her understand to be a part of family now.

Monday, December 14, 2009


My PC has been updated and is OK now. So here is something for little laughter :

A well dressed man walked into a bank at airport on Friday afternoon. He asked the manager if he could get a loan of $5,000.00 for short period. The manager asked if he could offer any security. The man told that his car was outside and he could offer that. On looking at new shining BMW outside the manager agreed to advance the said amount. The car keys and documents were taken and after due paper work advance was given in cash. The car was moved to reserved parking area of the bank. On Monday after lunch the man came back to return the loan amount. He was asked to pay $5,010.00 including interest. He pulled out wallet full of currency and paid the said amount. While returning car keys and documents the manager could not resist asking that he looked to have enough cash so why did he need such small loan. The man replied with a smile, “ Where would have I found safe parking for my car over the week end for just $ 10.00?”

Raju was in need of Rs 10,000.00. He approached his close friend Sonu asking for loan for short period as it was 16th of the month and he promised to return the amount of the 1st of following month. Sonu gave him the asked amount. On 1st of next month Raju realized that he had not been able to arrange to return the loan. So he approached his other friend Mike and asked for same amount with promise to return on the 16th of the month. He got the amount which he gave to Sonu. Then on 16th as he did not have money to give back to Mike he approached Sonu for loan till 1st of the following month. Keeping in mind earlier timely return of money, Sonu advanced him the said amount. Raju gave that to Mike. The went of for a few months that Raju would take money for Sonu on the 1st to give it to Mike and on 16th take it from Mike to give it to Sonu. One day Raju called both his friends together and asked Sonu to give Rs 10,000.00 to Mike on every 16th of the month while he asked Mike to give the same amount to Sony on every 1st of the month as they did not need him to be a courier for this exchange of money.

Little Pappu was crying standing next to a drain covered with fixed iron grill. A man walking past asked him as to why was he crying. Pappu said between sobs, “ I dropped a five rupee note in the drain and now what will I tell my mother when I go home without buying what she sent me for.” The man took pity on his plight. He took out a five rupee note and gave it to the boy. The boy started crying even more loudly. The man asked him what was the matter now. The boy replied, “ I am crying now as to why did I not say it was a hundred rupee note.”

An optician was giving tips to his young son on how to quote price to customers. He told him that once a customer has made selection tell him it costs Rs 500.00 and if the customer does not flinch then add --- for each lens.

On Saturday late afternoon a middle aged man with salt and pepper hair walked into a famous store accompanied by a young beautiful girl of 20 or so. He asked the salesperson to show good fur coats to the girl. She selected one which was quite expensive. He told the manager of the store that he would like to pay by cheque as he did not have sufficient cash on him. The manager politely told that the delivery could only be made once his bank confirmed acceptance of cheque. He asked the girl if he could collect the coat on Monday after store is satisfied about payment. She happily nodded in agreement. So he asked the manager to have the coat kept for him for collection on Monday afternoon. On Monday afternoon he came back but was told by the manager that the coat could not be delivered as his bank intimated insufficient funds in his account. He told, “ Yes, I know. I just came to thank you for the beautiful week end I had.”

Friday, December 4, 2009


I was tagged by a few of my young friends here and I promised to do those as soon as possible. I sincerely apologies to them as due to my plain lethargy I have not fulfilled my promise till date. I did not copy the text so now I am in a fix to find what TAGs are due. I request them to please give me clue so I can take those up.

For present, I am reproducing a TAG which I had done more than a year ago on site. I have made slight changes. This is quite simple. There are key words or phrases and one needs to give lyrics of a song relating to these. In this TAG the lyrics are in Hindi and I have not translated these because then the intended impact will not be there. Hope you enjoy it.

The extra cuppa tea I had just now:
I would have preferred shot of Old Monk after sunset, but if it has to be tea, Well!
“ Mujhko apne gale laga lo, ey mere humrahi “
Liptan di CHAH hai. LOL
The weather here: ( It was rainy season then )
”Hai hai yeh majboori, yeh mausam aur yeh doori, teri do takian di naukari, mera lakhon ka sawan jai.”
Hope that is what my wife thinks when I am in office & it rains hard. LOL
Waiting for someone:
”Oye sarian bibian aayian, Harnam Kaur na aayi.”
Supposedly a pet song of Sikh Paltan during WW II.

“Zindagi ka safar, yeh kaisa safar, koi samjha nahin, koi jaana nahin.”
Is it not so?

Just for you... :)
“Yarri hai imaan mera, yaar meri zindagi .”
I value friendship.

Kya style hai... ;)
“Hawa mein urta jai, yeh tera lal dupatta malmal ka.”

Love of my life:
“Aye meri zohrazabin tu abhi tak ho haseen aur mein jawaan, tujh pe qurbaan meri jaan, meri jaan.”
Of course to my wife of 38 years.
Me and Blogsville: :D
“Kahaan aa gaye hum, sakoon aa gaya hai.”

Main aur meri tanhayii:
“Chhod gaye balam, hai akela chhod gaye.”

Attitude matters:
“Hum honge qamyaab ek din.”

Some Plans:
“Ek din bik jayega maati ke mol, jug mein reh jayenge bus tere bol.”
Would like to leave something behind for society to remember me by.

My washing machine:
“Taarif karun kya uski, jisne tujhe banaya.”
LG : Life is Good.

For my friends here:
”Yaad karoge, ek din humko yaad karoge.”
I hope so.

This second cup of chai: :P
No, it is now second shot of OLD MONK : So
“ Yaaro mujhko maaf karna, main nashe mein hoon.”

Right now :
“Achha to ab chalte hain, kal phir milenge.”


I am not tagging anyone, those who like it and wish to take it up are most welcome.