Friday, December 4, 2009


I was tagged by a few of my young friends here and I promised to do those as soon as possible. I sincerely apologies to them as due to my plain lethargy I have not fulfilled my promise till date. I did not copy the text so now I am in a fix to find what TAGs are due. I request them to please give me clue so I can take those up.

For present, I am reproducing a TAG which I had done more than a year ago on site. I have made slight changes. This is quite simple. There are key words or phrases and one needs to give lyrics of a song relating to these. In this TAG the lyrics are in Hindi and I have not translated these because then the intended impact will not be there. Hope you enjoy it.

The extra cuppa tea I had just now:
I would have preferred shot of Old Monk after sunset, but if it has to be tea, Well!
“ Mujhko apne gale laga lo, ey mere humrahi “
Liptan di CHAH hai. LOL
The weather here: ( It was rainy season then )
”Hai hai yeh majboori, yeh mausam aur yeh doori, teri do takian di naukari, mera lakhon ka sawan jai.”
Hope that is what my wife thinks when I am in office & it rains hard. LOL
Waiting for someone:
”Oye sarian bibian aayian, Harnam Kaur na aayi.”
Supposedly a pet song of Sikh Paltan during WW II.

“Zindagi ka safar, yeh kaisa safar, koi samjha nahin, koi jaana nahin.”
Is it not so?

Just for you... :)
“Yarri hai imaan mera, yaar meri zindagi .”
I value friendship.

Kya style hai... ;)
“Hawa mein urta jai, yeh tera lal dupatta malmal ka.”

Love of my life:
“Aye meri zohrazabin tu abhi tak ho haseen aur mein jawaan, tujh pe qurbaan meri jaan, meri jaan.”
Of course to my wife of 38 years.
Me and Blogsville: :D
“Kahaan aa gaye hum, sakoon aa gaya hai.”

Main aur meri tanhayii:
“Chhod gaye balam, hai akela chhod gaye.”

Attitude matters:
“Hum honge qamyaab ek din.”

Some Plans:
“Ek din bik jayega maati ke mol, jug mein reh jayenge bus tere bol.”
Would like to leave something behind for society to remember me by.

My washing machine:
“Taarif karun kya uski, jisne tujhe banaya.”
LG : Life is Good.

For my friends here:
”Yaad karoge, ek din humko yaad karoge.”
I hope so.

This second cup of chai: :P
No, it is now second shot of OLD MONK : So
“ Yaaro mujhko maaf karna, main nashe mein hoon.”

Right now :
“Achha to ab chalte hain, kal phir milenge.”


I am not tagging anyone, those who like it and wish to take it up are most welcome.


Di said...

heheheheh this was really funny

all those bhoole bisre geet !! oh God...but i love dancing to old songs, they do have some melody and are very hummable

Escapist said...

That made me to laugh....
From long time i was waiting for your post...


♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

Really nice tag!
and you did it very well... I think ill do it too sometime

Rinkal said...

it was excellent
i loved the meaning you made with old songs


Being Pramoda... said...

hii uncle...after a longg time..sorry to have missed you..:(..

loved this the u sing songs..???wanna hear..:)

ANy ways..thanks ..:) have a good day..

Cursed♪♫ said...

Thanks a lot for your comment. Sorry, I was away. Was having my exams.
How have you been?

tapaswini said...

at last i am here and commenting, though under a different name then vastavikta. plz do visit my new blog.
and i loved the tag.
will surely like to do it. and u really are romantic, i do not know many people who would have sung the latter line of "hai hai ye majboori"
loads of love.

Miss Always Carried Away said...

ohh I would like to understand it...

Jack said...

DI :

I am so glad you liked these old melodies. Take care


My PC is giving problem off and on. That is why I am so erractic. Even now I am at some other place to reply. Hope you enjoyed these. Take care


Thanks for appreciating. Looking forward to your taking it up. Take care


I feel happy you liked it. How are your studies going on? Take Care


DER AAYE DURAST AAYE. I am glad you liked it. If I sing everyone present will run away. Take care


Thanks for the visit. I am fine. How are your studies going on?
Take care


I feel so glad that you found time to visit. Hope you read some other posts too. I will visit you soon. My PC is not working and I am at some other place to reply.
Take care

M A C A :

I will send you translation of lyrics a s a p on your e mail, if that is OK with you. Take care

ki said...

ha ha saare puraane gaano ki yaad aa gayi!!!

Tongue-fu Lady said...

nice selection..very apt! fun read jack... :)

shilpi said...

my god!!!!!!!
such a nice words!!!!!!your blog is fantastic
i am like your grandaughter and i want u to call my dear dadaji can i??
your posts are so sweet..very nice dadaji!!

i hope you will also comment on my blog and will give your views about my blog
just click my name above[shilpi]

happy writing

sulagna said...

jack...a very different side of you to see :) :)

i especially loved the song for the love of your life ..

where have you visits to my blog

Jack said...

KI :

What else but old songs from old man? LOL. Hope you enjoyed it. Take care

T-f L :

I am so happy you liked these. Take care


Welcome to my space. Sure, I feel honoured if you address me as Dadaji or Dadu what my granddaughter calls me. Presently my PC is not working and as soon as it is OK I will visit your writings. Take care


Thanks for appreciating this. My PC is not working and as soon as it is OK I will visit you to catch up. This I am writing from some other place. Take care

Tabitha said...

Hi Uncle...So sorry 4 nt being around 4 so long...Nice one dere..How are things at ur end..Hope to hear frm u

Jack said...


Am I relieved? This is understatement of the year. I have been wanting to write to you but hesitated as there was no reply to my previous mail. Hope all is fine with you now. Have you read my other posts also? Do write and let me know what kept you off for so long.

Take care

Shas said...

Nice one. Your answers reminded me the oldie-goldie songs.

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. I am glad you liked these old songs. Hope you have read other posts too. I would appreciate your views of some of older posts. I will visit you soon as soon as my PC is working.

Take care

sulagna said...

Hi Jack

Hows the PC?? Kab theek hoga..i am missing your posts..thank you fort he wishes..our home is actually our baby now considering the amount of time we spending on doin it up :)

and you have to read the new posts abt the aquafina guy..the fun is yet to begin

Jigyasa said...

Interesting!! Wonderful song selection....seems like you are a movie lover...are you?

Jack said...


Theek ho gaya. You are the first one to know. Read that and commented too. New post soon, may be jokes for the time being.
Take care


Nice to see you here. I used to see movies in my younger days but now I hardly do so, even on cable. My time goes with my grandchildren and trying to do something for the society. Take care

workhard said...

Good post...:)

Work from home India

Jack said...


Nice to see you after such a long time. I am glad you liked this. How about your views on other posts too?

Take care