Thursday, February 18, 2016


Freedom of speech is a must in any democracy. Someone is supposed to have said that there is no Freedom of speech without Freedom to offend. Well, point taken. These days there are so many marches and protests using offending slogans going on about suppression of freedom of speech. How can these go on if there was no freedom of speech? Point to ponder.

When we talk of freedom of speech why there is no talk about Sense of responsibility which should come with freedom of speech? Freedom of speech and Sense of responsibility are two sides of same coin. Can we use our freedom of speech/offend to use abusive language? Should we not think before raising slogans which are anti-national? Should we not give a thought before raising slogans praising persons who had indulged in acts of terror killing so many innocents including women & children? Will we praise such persons if our near & dears ones were victims of their terrorist acts? I doubt if most of those who are taking part in protests have given a thought on these lines.

Another thing which comes in my mind is that this whole issue started due to protests by students in JNU. I feel surprised that many of these STUDENTS have been residing in JNU hostels for more than five years pursuing doctorate. What kind of students are they?   

Friday, February 12, 2016

National Pride

I feel so sad that some of us seem to have lost pride in our Nation. Or may be they put their own thoughts above National pride or respect. You may be wondering what brought this up in my mind. Well, there are two instances of protests against death sentence – in Bangluru and JNU, Delhi. I am also against death sentence except in exceptional circumstances. But in these two places the demonstrations were against hanging of Yakub and Afzal Guru under the garb of protests against death sentances. These two persons had been hanged for acts of terrorism leading to deaths of many innocents including women & children. Don’t you think that these were exceptional circumstances? Wouldn’t their protests bring embarrassment to our government in international forum? Are these protesters backing terrorism killing innocents? Don't the political leaders backing them also show disrespect to national pride?