Friday, January 23, 2009


After having completed 37 years of marriage, I sat back to reflect on all that had happened since the day we tied the knot. My mind went over so many things – happy, not so happy and some irksome. But all in all I felt very satisfied with whatever was the way it was. That is when I thought of sharing sum of my experiences with you all to let you know that happiness or unhappiness is in our hands and we have to make efforts to make sure that happiness is more. This is not an autobiography but what I am going to share with you is what made me feel satisfied. On 20 Nov last year we completed 37 years of married life, which may be more than age of many of you. At 63 I am happily married with 2 children and 3 grandchildren – a Nanu and a Dadu too. What I am going to tell you is that marriage is something which two persons, may be unknown to each other till then , have to work together to make it happy. Let us take a quick look at what happens. A girl leaves known environments to move with a person and his family whom she may have known for years but it is only while living together 24 X 7 one gets to know each other. This is where EGOs, different upbringings / backgrounds, education and power to understand situations for better adaptability come into play. Physical attraction though an important aspect of marriage is but a small part in strong foundation which is necessary for a successful marriage. This is where husband has to understand that his wife who had sense of security & confidence in her parents house had left all that to be with him and his family. He thus has to make all efforts to make her feel secure, confident and welcome in the present family. He has to have an keen eye to see that there is no conflict in his role as son and husband. It is difficult for mothers to let go of sons but it is he who can ensure happiness of both the important women in his life by playing his dual role to the best. His family, here I mean his parents, brothers or sisters if any, too have a very important part to ensure that newlyweds get adjusted and settle down as quickly as possible. It is very easy to pick faults in anyone but one needs to see positive qualities and help with lots of love & affection to overcome negative ones. Now coming to girl, she has to understand that this is HER FAMILY now and she is not a visitor. What she can achieve by love and understanding ways can not be achieved by trying to assert her will forcefully. She has to know that she is part and parcel of this lot and is equal partner in all “ sukh – dukh “. She can not remain an outside spectator for happenings in the family. Her parents and siblings must try to inculcate in her that now she is part of this new family and though they are there for any support needed but she should first try to find healthy two way relations within her new family. This is the sheer basic for beginning of new life for the couple. It is not like a cut & dried formula, each situation may differ as per human nature but basics will still be the same. Adjustment is needed from both sides but who does more and who less can not be laid down. For all this a TWO WAY OPEN COMMUNICATION is a must. And I give all credit to my wife who made me what I am today with her rock solid support all the time. We did have some stormy fights, I being an outgoing one and she more of a home bird, but ultimately it was she who made me see where I went wrong without making it obvious or nagging. A home is made by lady of the house. If man falls sick or goes out of station for a few days, home will still run without much difficulty but if she is not there everything goes topsy turvy. Even children share their secrets more with mother than father. This is what I have seen and gone through in my last 37 years. The success of our married life definitely goes more to her than me. It is only once you are over the prime of your life you realize the worth of mutual bonding. Also remember

“ No matter what the provocation be for any arguement, never NEVER ridicule or belittle your partner. This holds specially for husbands.”

“ Mutual respect is a very important factor in any relationship - more so in marriage. Do remember this not only for your partner but his or her space too.”

Well, my friends this is what I have to say - it is you and only you who can make your life happy or otherwise.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Darkness at Noon

I saw bath room light ON as well as tap running without anyone being there. I had been witness to lights being left ON without anyone in the room or TV ON with no one watching. So keeping the need of energy preservation and environment in mind, I told my family to ensure that lights when not required be switched off and to keep an eye on wastage of water. The response was again “ Papa, you are going senile after 60. You interfere too much”. It was really hurting to hear such words again. Every time I try to tell them to rectify some wrong doing I get such reply. More hurting was that even my wife of 37 years supported such statement. So I decided to go for a walk instead of saying anything more.

There was chill in the air but as sun was up it seemed alright. So I thought of visiting a famous temple about 2 kms away from our house to stabilize my upset mind. While walking a lot went through my mind. I remembered when my children were born. How much we cared for them in their childhood making sure no harm came their way! How we spent sleepless night if any of them was sick! During their schooling and college days how we made sacrifices to ensure that they did not have any shortage! How happy we had been when they were married! Grandchildren brought new meaning to our lives. I was lost in my past world and did not realize that I was close to the temple. The sun had risen to noon height. Still reliving my past, my mind suddenly posed question why is someone bursting crackers? It is not any festival today. And why are people running helter- skelter tripping over each other? Why have vehicle suddenly started speeding up? Why is someone throwing pebbles on my back so hard? It is hurting. Why am I feeling weak? It is so difficult to take another step. Why is my back feeling so wet? Why am I stumbling? Why can I not see? Why is it becoming so dark at noon time?

PS : This is my attempt to show what could be the last thoughts of a terrorist attack victim who's mind was wholly occupied with his own world.