Sunday, March 30, 2014


About ten days ago I read in newspaper that DGCA was very perturbed about dance moves performed by cabin crew of an airline on Holi while aircraft was in transit from one place to another. It was termed as flying hazard and concerned airline was asked for explanation as well as action against defaulters. As per news co-pilot had taken video recording on his mobile. The concerned airline has suspended the captain and co-pilot of the said flight.

In my personal opinion the reaction of DGCA as well as the airline is absurd. The crew had to be on duty on a festival as well as many of passengers might have travelled on that day out of compulsion instead of enjoying the festival at home. So all that crew did was to let off pent up feelings by dance moves as well as entertain the passengers who missed the festival at home. How did it become a flight safety hazard? Did they burst crackers or throw colours leading to stampede like situation? Action against co-pilot may be taken for using mobile but not for leaving cockpit. Don’t captain or co-pilot even leave cockpit to relieve themselves during long flights and ensure safety of aircraft with needed crew in the cockpit or do they use adult huggies during the period of flight?

I think we do have to look at everything with a broad view and not with blinkers on.   

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Last month I had shared my views about giving encouragement to children upto certain age taking part in competitive shows on TV Reality Shows. This time I am sharing something which had touched my heart.

I watched some episodes of Indian Has Got Talent on Color TV Channel. This was hosted by Karan Johar along with Kiran Kher and Malaika Arora Khan. In some episodes few Bollywood stars also joined as judges. The contestants had put up good show. One who particularly impressed me is a girl of little over 20 who had lost her left leg above the knee in some accident. She performed dance. Though she walked with crutches but put those away to dance on one leg only. She put up a superb performance doing all moves of an able bodied dancer including some stunt moves which you may have seen in other dance shows. She made it to finals but did not win. Again may be due to so called voting by the viewers.

My heart goes out to her as I look at her as a role model for all those who are differently abled. I strongly feel that even if she did not get sufficient votes from viewers, the sponsors as well as the said Channel should have given her special prize to encourage not only her to continue with what she is doing but to also encourage other differently abled persons to live life as they wish to with courage. How I wish I could do something for her! I would surely love to meet her to pay my respects and encourage her.        

Monday, March 3, 2014


In the past month or so I have read a number of reports in newspapers about cheating of gullible innocent people by fraudsters. They advertise investment schemes offering very attractive returns. Most of such persons already have some reputed working organization to give realistic touch. Then after some time the schemes fail and almost all investors lose out on their hard earned money.

This opened up an old wound. I too had invested the money which I received after taking voluntary retirement in 1991 but luckily mostly in less paying but secure deposits. I did put some money in shares and debentures or fixed deposits with some companies which looked quite attractive and secure. Fortunately I got back most of such amount except about Rs 30 thousand or so. One of such organizations was based in Delhi. So I visited their office which was quite posh. I was promised that they would return my amount. I managed to find address of their Managing Director. I had a look at his residence. It was a fairly big bungalow in a upmarket locality. There were a couple of high end cars parked in the parking space within. Inspite of follow ups and the case being in court, I did not receive anything back. I happened to pass that area again after a couple of years and found that he was still residing there and had even new models of cars parked. This set me thinking   about our judicial system for such matters.

After reading recent cases, I strongly feel what I am saying in the following paragraphs.

Such fraudsters should be put behind bars till last of the investors has been given his/her money, alongwith due interest, back. They should under no circumstance be let out or even afforded any facilities not available to common criminals.

Apart from that all moving as well as fixed assets of not only such persons but even their close relative, like spouse, children & their families, parents, siblings & their spouses, nephews/ nieces & their families, should be taken over till money has been paid back to every investor of their fraudulent schemes.

Otherwise all those who have lost their hard earned money be called and such persons handed over to them for whatever way they wish to handle or treat them.