Thursday, March 13, 2014


Last month I had shared my views about giving encouragement to children upto certain age taking part in competitive shows on TV Reality Shows. This time I am sharing something which had touched my heart.

I watched some episodes of Indian Has Got Talent on Color TV Channel. This was hosted by Karan Johar along with Kiran Kher and Malaika Arora Khan. In some episodes few Bollywood stars also joined as judges. The contestants had put up good show. One who particularly impressed me is a girl of little over 20 who had lost her left leg above the knee in some accident. She performed dance. Though she walked with crutches but put those away to dance on one leg only. She put up a superb performance doing all moves of an able bodied dancer including some stunt moves which you may have seen in other dance shows. She made it to finals but did not win. Again may be due to so called voting by the viewers.

My heart goes out to her as I look at her as a role model for all those who are differently abled. I strongly feel that even if she did not get sufficient votes from viewers, the sponsors as well as the said Channel should have given her special prize to encourage not only her to continue with what she is doing but to also encourage other differently abled persons to live life as they wish to with courage. How I wish I could do something for her! I would surely love to meet her to pay my respects and encourage her.        


Enchantress said...

That's so so sweet of you :)

Vinaya Naidu said...

I don't watch TV...but i think i know about this..a video of this girl's performance had gone viral on Twitter.She didn't win anything? That is so sad...I totally agree the channel should have acknowledged her in some way, but everything has a good reason behind it.
This exposure might help the girl reach higher..God bless her!

How have you been Uncle Jack? And how's aunty? Happy Holi to the two of you and may your family issues settle off soon:)

Jack said...


Thanks for your kind supportive view. Take care


I am thankful for your support. She needs to be encouraged, why her only even others who are differently abled but excel in what they choose. Take care