Sunday, March 30, 2014


About ten days ago I read in newspaper that DGCA was very perturbed about dance moves performed by cabin crew of an airline on Holi while aircraft was in transit from one place to another. It was termed as flying hazard and concerned airline was asked for explanation as well as action against defaulters. As per news co-pilot had taken video recording on his mobile. The concerned airline has suspended the captain and co-pilot of the said flight.

In my personal opinion the reaction of DGCA as well as the airline is absurd. The crew had to be on duty on a festival as well as many of passengers might have travelled on that day out of compulsion instead of enjoying the festival at home. So all that crew did was to let off pent up feelings by dance moves as well as entertain the passengers who missed the festival at home. How did it become a flight safety hazard? Did they burst crackers or throw colours leading to stampede like situation? Action against co-pilot may be taken for using mobile but not for leaving cockpit. Don’t captain or co-pilot even leave cockpit to relieve themselves during long flights and ensure safety of aircraft with needed crew in the cockpit or do they use adult huggies during the period of flight?

I think we do have to look at everything with a broad view and not with blinkers on.   

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Ellen said...

I think the flight stewards did a good job of making their passengers feel better, relieved of whatever stress could be bothering them, albeit if just for awhile.

You are right... "I think we do have to look at everything with a broad view and not with blinkers on."