Saturday, May 21, 2011

E T ? Part 2

It told me that they too have genders like us and it was female of that specie. She said that they are from another planet which we can not see as they have placed satellites in such a manner to keep it camouflaged from prying eyes. She further said in her planet they have total gender equality unlike pseudo-equality we have and her crew consisted of both males as well as females. On my asking purpose of their visit here and what does she want from me, she told me that to understand that I would need to know a lot of their background. This is what she then told me :-

Our planet is much older than your earth. We too have time calculation method which differs from yours. I will use your terminology for everything to make you understand what I say. We too evolved just like you and progressed as you are now but we have been much ahead of you in every sphere. I can say that we are more than five centuries of your time ahead of you in everything. We too have differences in physical appearance between our inhabitants living in different areas but we always lived in harmony. We shared our knowledge as well as worldly things. But then about 250 years ago a few of our leaders got more ambitious and started having disagreements. So our planet got divided into various segments as per physical appearance of persons lead by their leaders. Competition to be one up started between each segment as per ego of their leaders. Over next 100 years or so there were clashes to dominate each other and finally it was holocaust because of nuclear attacks. Only very few who had taken shelter in deep underground bunkers with proper safeguards survived. Also a miniscule number who were in isolated places like deep in jungles or caves in mountains which were of no interest as targets survived though most of them suffered ill affects of radiation. Thereafter it took us almost 100 years to find our feet properly again, not because we slid back scientifically but our environment was badly affected. We now live in peace and harmony after having learnt lesson in the bitter way. We have been watching you for a very long time, almost 100 years. We have visited your earth a number of times and found that we have almost akin environments. We, with the help of our computers decoded your languages. We have been monitoring what goes on here. We have kept almost all of your different countries under surveillance and know what is being planned. We do not wish to take over your planet but want to have good relations so we can visit each other openly. We have a lot of interesting places which your people may like visiting and we too like many of your places which we would like to spend holidays on. But after study of data collected and analysed we feel that you may not fit the bill for that. We find that our history is being re-run here but with so much more complications. It is very clear that you too are heading fast toward catastrophe. No matter how much we may like to advise you about where you are heading, we are hapless spectators as we have no miracle to make you see into your future. If we show you some of our videographed holocaust you would treat it as some horror movie shot by your famous filmmakers. Some of your countries are trying to enforce their will on weaker ones for controlling their natural resources which are scarce or limited in their own countries. In some countries greedy leaders are suppressing other people for their personal gains and most of them raise bogey of neighboring countries being enemies. This has come to a stage where some madcaps are acquiring WMDs or have their fingers hovering just over nuclear buttons. Why go that far, let me tell you of your own country. Do you really believe you are ONE? Each one of you first thinks of being native of region you live in than of country. And you treat those from other regions who are in your area with contempt. Even if some of your leaders come out with plans benefiting the country as whole, there are many others who will shoot it down because it does not suit their aspirations by calling it anti their regions. Why regions, you have so many segments ( I understood she meant parties ) with leaders who may have just a score of followers but will speak against good proposals as it does not bring anything for their gain. This greed is what made those mad leaders divide our planet leading to catastrophe. This is something which we do not have at all now. Each one of you first thinks what is it in this for me. Even as I am telling you this you too are thinking how best you can make something from our meeting by offering a good plot to movie makers. ( OMG, she got me there ). You do have a system of penalizing those who indulge in unlawful gains but do you really believe it works? How many examples can you tell where such persons paid for what they did or the wealth they made came back to the country? There have been a few minor ones but that too is so rare. Many amongst you will dance to the tune of outsiders as long as it benefits him or her without a care how bad it may be for the country. I do not have to cite example as to how because of such persons those who came in as traders and ruled your country for over a century leaving your country plundered & fragmented . Even now there are persons who play into the hands of neighboring countries to have some personal gain but they do not realize that if your country is enslaved again, they too will be nothing but mere puppets in the hands of those rulers. It is strongly felt by our people that if we inter-mingle inhabitants of your planet will corrupt minds of our inhabitants. You people do not seem to learn from your mistakes just as our ancestors did not. So I think we just need to keep an eye on your planet and offer help to those who survive your doom to rebuild your planet. Of course, our visits will continue in a hope that may be by some miracle the thinking of your people changes for living in peace & harmony.

Then she took away that iPod thing from my hand. I felt a needle prick in my hand while she was taking it away. I, momentarily, lost consciousness. And when I came to, I was sitting on ground there with that contraption high above my head flying away with speed. I looked at my watch and found that little more than half an hour had elapsed since I left home. On getting back home I found my wife waiting for me. As soon as I entered she said that my way of handling the problem seemed best. I looked towards heaven thinking that miracles have started and who knows we all may be able to live with understanding & peace.

Friday, May 13, 2011

E T ?

A couple of days ago there was a bit of disagreement on some issue with my high command. Yes, it happens even when you are almost completing 40 years of togetherness. I did not want to escalate it and also was not keen on cold war, so I decided to take a walk. It was after dinner and I had walked our dog before calling it a day but made an excuse of having overeaten her delicious food to step out again. My idea was to marshal my thoughts on approach to convince her that we should evolve joint strategy to face the problem at hand. She mostly flies off the handle while I try to mull over all angles before deciding anything.

So off I went. There is huge vacant land next to our housing complex which has peripheral road. It was almost touching 11 at night. There are a lot of stray dogs but I am not scared of these four legged ones. It is two legged variety only which makes me feel afraid. There was hardly any company at that time except couple of young lads little high on what they enjoyed in the evening trudging along singly to their homes. I was walking at leisurely pace deep in my thoughts with not much of an eye for what was happening around. Suddenly I was jolted back when it seemed that something with flickering lights had landed in the centre of that vacant ground. I could see a huge thing like an overloaded truck with dim lights blinking but could not make out much. As far as I could remember there was no structure in the centre of that area. I know curiosity killed the cat but being no cat and with an overpowering urge to see what was it I walked through one of the many little gaps made in the boundary wall by those from nearby shacks around buildings under construction who need to visit that vacant land early mornings. As I approached that object I had a sensation of being watched. I was hardly a few yards away when I felt something clasping my ankles holding me where I was. And I was surrounded by some kind of creatures who were not more than couple of feet tall give or take a few inches. It was rather dark at that place as the street lights reluctantly show the road, if at all. What I could see that these figures were standing on their hind legs with arms almost reaching ground, more like miniature orang- utans. They seemed to be talking to each other in what seemed gibberish like the one you hear during Sales time at a ladies wear store. I saw a trap like door open on that contraption and a figure walk towards me. All went quiet as soon as that happened. That figure or creature came close to me and held my hand. The paw was like human but seemed to have more fingers. This seemed to induce telepathy as thoughts came up in my mind. I was told that it was their leader and they meant no harm to me. I asked then why was I being held and who were they. It asked me to follow and I was released of what was holding my ankles. We entered that contraption and it was like interior of a large cockpit. I was seated and given some sort of small iPod to hold. After that I could understand whatever was being said in their language and I could see that what I said was understood by them. That is when we got into conversation.



Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Why can we not teach our children some basics of good behaviour? Or even children of our guests too? You may be wondering what prompted this.

Well, there are a number of children who are visiting some family in our building. One can expect a child of 4 or 5 years being curious and take joy rides in lift by pressing buttons for different floors but what about those who are 10 years old or more? It becomes really annoying when you call the lift to your floor but it stops at all the floors below before reaching you and you find no one in the lift with all buttons of floors higher too pressed. So either you take a free ride or let the lift reach topmost floor and call it again. One can overlook it once or twice but all the day around is something beyond. What if someone needs it in emergency?

PS : I was halfway through another post but this act of children made me write it first.