Friday, May 13, 2011

E T ?

A couple of days ago there was a bit of disagreement on some issue with my high command. Yes, it happens even when you are almost completing 40 years of togetherness. I did not want to escalate it and also was not keen on cold war, so I decided to take a walk. It was after dinner and I had walked our dog before calling it a day but made an excuse of having overeaten her delicious food to step out again. My idea was to marshal my thoughts on approach to convince her that we should evolve joint strategy to face the problem at hand. She mostly flies off the handle while I try to mull over all angles before deciding anything.

So off I went. There is huge vacant land next to our housing complex which has peripheral road. It was almost touching 11 at night. There are a lot of stray dogs but I am not scared of these four legged ones. It is two legged variety only which makes me feel afraid. There was hardly any company at that time except couple of young lads little high on what they enjoyed in the evening trudging along singly to their homes. I was walking at leisurely pace deep in my thoughts with not much of an eye for what was happening around. Suddenly I was jolted back when it seemed that something with flickering lights had landed in the centre of that vacant ground. I could see a huge thing like an overloaded truck with dim lights blinking but could not make out much. As far as I could remember there was no structure in the centre of that area. I know curiosity killed the cat but being no cat and with an overpowering urge to see what was it I walked through one of the many little gaps made in the boundary wall by those from nearby shacks around buildings under construction who need to visit that vacant land early mornings. As I approached that object I had a sensation of being watched. I was hardly a few yards away when I felt something clasping my ankles holding me where I was. And I was surrounded by some kind of creatures who were not more than couple of feet tall give or take a few inches. It was rather dark at that place as the street lights reluctantly show the road, if at all. What I could see that these figures were standing on their hind legs with arms almost reaching ground, more like miniature orang- utans. They seemed to be talking to each other in what seemed gibberish like the one you hear during Sales time at a ladies wear store. I saw a trap like door open on that contraption and a figure walk towards me. All went quiet as soon as that happened. That figure or creature came close to me and held my hand. The paw was like human but seemed to have more fingers. This seemed to induce telepathy as thoughts came up in my mind. I was told that it was their leader and they meant no harm to me. I asked then why was I being held and who were they. It asked me to follow and I was released of what was holding my ankles. We entered that contraption and it was like interior of a large cockpit. I was seated and given some sort of small iPod to hold. After that I could understand whatever was being said in their language and I could see that what I said was understood by them. That is when we got into conversation.




Tongue-fu Lady said...


Raj said...

whoa! i am hooked! bring up the next part!

nAvi said...

mmm..interesting..!!! can't wait to hear the conversation..!!!

Jack said...

T-f L :

I am trying hard to recollect all what transpired. Should be back soon. Take care


I promise not to disappoint you. Will try to bring next part as soon as my fingers can move on keyboard. Take care


Please have little patience. I will try to be back soon. Replied to your view in previous post too. Take care

Felicity said...

I'm in love with your blog.

Anonymous said...

Really nice!! i got glued to the post as if i am watching an episode of sm scifi tele serial.. waiting for the next..

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Into fiction Jack uncle?! :)

suruchi said...

such things happen Uncle Jack when you fight with the high command;)

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. I feel so honoured by what you said. Hope you have read my earlier posts too. Take care


I am so glad you liked it. Next one should be coming soon as I have almost recollected what all was spoken about. Take care




Not fair. You are taking sides being biased. Take care

Scribbling Gal said...

I am curious to know what happened next :)
And I agree in a way to what suruchi said :P

Harman said...

interesting cant wait to post what happened?

Purba said...

The dinner was have been really yummy to induce such hallucinations :))

Waiting to read the next part.

And Sir, I think the word is contraption not contraception :)

kavita said...

"They seemed to be talking to each other in what seemed gibberish like the one you hear during Sales time at a ladies wear store" -- loved the line ,like i loved rest of the post.Like everybody else ,i am too waiting eagerly for the next post.

Jack said...

S G :

Awwww, YOU TOO, SG? Gender biased. Have patience, will be back soon.
Take care


Soon, very soon. Pleas bear with me. Take care


I had confessed, it was delicious. Thanks for correcting. I have edited. The mistake was when I typed second time while entering that contraption. Please do give a little more time and I will be back. Take care


Welcome to my space. Hope you do find time to read some of ramblings of old man. Thanks for not drawing daggers on that comparison. This shows your good sense of humour. Will be back soon. Take care

Aparana Pitale said...

There was something over the NDTV about the space ships of aliens stealing our cows… so was that which attacked you?? He he,… we will get this on air with the news channel... :) Waiting for the part-2…
However the moral of the story is “Don’t fight with Your Highness” :D

Jack said...


Before I say welcome to my space, I must lodge protest - OH, YOU TOO, APARANA? Gender biased. Anyway, welcome to my space. Hope to see you often and also have your comments on some of my older posts too. Thank God I am no Cow, so they left me in one piece. LOL. Hope you like the concluding part. Thanks NO NEWS CHANNEL, Please. Take care

Alka Gurha said...

Interesting one...was hooked and read the second one too.. You should write more fiction.

Jack said...


I am so glad you liked it. And thanks for your encouragement to write more fiction. I am still to read your short stories. Hope I get opportunity for that soon.

Take care

Nikita said...


Do differences arise even after 20 years of togetherness...

I find it sweet.....

Jack said...


Differences are bound to be there between any two normal individuals without any limit to time for togetherness but it is how they resolve it matters. Take care

PS : We will complete 40 years of married life in Nov this year, not counting our courtship period.