Tuesday, September 17, 2013


There was a news that a state government has laid down dress code for employees. Though I agree that one should be dressed in formals for office otherwise it causes distraction but feel that this kind of order shows two things. First being failure of all of us, society as whole, to inculcate right sense of dressing for work and second that said government failed to change mindset of males to look at women with respect but is infringing in personal choice. It should rather be inculcated in seniors to not only set an example but to politely advise the one who dresses for a party rather than office in one to one basis.

Defence lawyer of Delhi gang rape case is supposed to have said that if his daughter has an affair and indulges in pre-marital sex he would burn her. If he has same attitude about his son also, then I am with him but if NO then it is people like him who create inequlity between boys & girls thus encourage young boys to do whatever they wish to, including rape, with assurance that they will get away with it.

A girl had courage to lodge complaint of molestation, true or not be judged in court, against a famous person and his prominent lawyer has started character assassination of that girl.

Over a period I have noticed that for any disturbance or riots it is the officers who get the blame but don’t we know that they are nothing but tools in the hands of politicians in power? Are they given a free hand to handle to situation as deemed fit to defuse? NO, they have to seek permission from so called government to take adequate strong steps. So who should be rightly blamed or removed?

A lot of schemes are being launched in a rush with a lot of fanfare that these are for the benefit of EWS or people who are BPL but is it not just for the sake of votes? Has anyone thought of financial implication which will lead to either these schemes dying natural death or help someone pocket major portion of funds by some way or the other. NRGES is a good example for this.

A number of politicians as well as some bureaucrats have been saying that what have soldiers done to deserve honour while laying down life as that is their duty and that they are paid for it. OK, but do you do your duty honestly for which you are paid? Do they realize that person joins Armed Forces not only for pay but has respect for the country to defend it from those who wish to harm it? Will they lay down their lives if they see someone trying to harm the country?

I have earlier written about those who break rules while driving. We all want others to follow rules but do we ourselves? How many of us avoid stopping at traffic light over zebra crossing meant for pedestrians?

Well, enough for the day.