Friday, March 24, 2017


About the behaviour of our Hon'ble MP recently, I will only say that it makes me feel so ASHAMED that we have this kind of person as our country's LAWMAKER.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Lately there has been a lot in the news about young lady, Ms Gurmehar Kaur, who is championing the cause - Freedom of Speech. It is disturbing as it has been given political twist.

Well, Gurmehar Bete, I am with you as I am sure that as an intelligent girl you do know that this RIGHT comes with great RESPONSIBILITY. I do not think you will tolerate anyone using derogatory language against anyone, more so against our Martyrs, Religious beliefs – Gods / Goddesses/ Sikh Gurus  OR Exhorting people to divide our nation on communal / religious / regional basis  OR  Raising slogans condemning our nation and praising other nations, specially with whom we have perpetual tiff  OR  Asking people to indulge in acts of violence  OR inviting foreign powers to invade and take over our nation. This list of acts is endless when we love, respect and wish to protect our nation.

I will be with you as I am sure you will always take patriotic and logical stand. Take care of yourself.

Hope you do get to read it with someone forwarding it to you or giving you my link.