Thursday, August 27, 2015


I have been thinking of writing for a long time but could not bring myself to do so for various reasons, mainly lethargy.

There had been a lot of commotion regarding hanging of Yakub. I am not here to say if hanging or death sentence is right but only to give my view on time taken to wrap up cases of terrorism and rape. I feel delay is likely due to defending lawyer of accused playing for more time in one way or the other like recalling witnesses who have already been examined for cross examination again or asking for dates on plea of sickness etc. Government should lay down time frame, may be 6 months, for completion of case in all courts – trial, appeal courts etc. There should be no postponement on flimsy grounds. There should be day to day hearing, may be by special court. ( This I had written about a month ago ).

Now coming to present, lately there has been a lot in news about criminal activities of GURUs or religious/ sect leaders. In my simple mind I think that if I take SANYAAS ie renounce the world, then why should I live in luxury? Why should I have interest in worldly affairs? Why should I have business or manufacturing empire? Why should I seek to make disciples? Why should I have any political affiliations? I should rather live like a hermit and seek true meaning of life as well as do whatever I can for the good of society as whole and not confine to just few followers. Coming to followers of such GURUs, I feel they lack understanding true meaning of life. If one is true to his or her kith & kin, does his or her duty with complete heart in it, does not harm anyone except in line of duty will not need to seek guidance of any self styled GURU. Duty does not just mean work one does, but towards society and environment also.  Media also gives a lot of free publicity to such GURUs by keeping them in prime news.

Currently there is an agitation going on for reservation of particular sect of society. I am all for upliftment of downtrodden but do we give reservation for everything like largess to those who are well to do? Our leaders have not given thought to long time affect of reservation policy when it was formulated at the time of independence. It should have been stipulated for a set period of time, say 50 years, in which even new more than TWO Generations could have utilised it’s benefits to come up in living standards. Even now we need to   
link reservations to economic status and not to any caste or sect. What is the justification of giving benefits of reservations to a person who is millionaire or belongs to a rich well to do family?

Food for thought, isn’t it?