Sunday, May 30, 2010


We speak so much about corruption but if you really search your heart honestly it will dawn on you that we all believe in bribes, at least for giving it. When we are very keen on getting something or want something to happen in our life, don’t we communicate with God that if this happens we will do this or that – acts like offering special prayers with sweets or keeping fast or giving to charity or any other such promise. Is that not like offering bribe to God? Why can we not do what we so promise always instead of making it special offer for some favour?

Monday, May 24, 2010


I was going over what has been happening in life till now and I feel that one can sum it up as “ Life is nothing but a Roller Coaster ride.” It is full of UPs and DOWNs and the later happen when you least expect. My mind zoomed back to early 1965. I was undergoing training for glider flying. One of the instructors while in the air suddenly went in for aerobatics, to be more precise loop. During this I blacked out for a few seconds. Later on ground he told me that I would never make a flyer. I was very demoralized but some of my friends told me that he always used to make pupils underconfident. Next day another instructor took me up and told me while in the air that we will do some loops. I was scared of blacking out again. He told me that when we are in dive to gain speed for the manoeuvre I should keep my head up and not look down. He further said that when we pull out of dive to complete loop I should lower my head a little. This he said was to counter the affect on blood flow during these extreme manoeuvres. To say the least, I did not black out and enjoyed the aerobatics. Now relating to what I was thinking, when in down mode, we should keep our head up to see what we ought to achieve and similarly when in up mode we must lower our head to see where we could be if we do not sustain our good work. If we do not do this, we will black out, that is our mind will go in muddle making us lose logic.

Apart from this, a lot of other thoughts went through my mind which I am going to share with you all.

Why do we have to succumb to our EGO? It is nice to be proud but not at all EGOIST. Americaning Desi had put up very thought provoking post which I am reproducing below with hope she will pardon me for not taking her permission first :

“ Where there is humility there is the give and take of love. Usually we don't even know when we are working with our ego because it is deeply concealed. Even when someone points out our ego, we don't want to accept it and we continue to work with it. Ego finishes the ability to learn and negatively affects our relationships because there is no give and take of love. The method to overcome ego is to develop humility. Humility means to be strong within yet to be gentle and flexible. This enables us to bend i.e., to bow. When we bow it doesn't mean we are defeated, but it reveals our own victory. It is only when we bend and forgive will we be able to allow the flow of love in relationships. ”

I believe in God and do pray. But is it necessary to make a lot of show while doing so? God is within our hearts and we can all communicate with God with our honest approach. We make a lot of show while praying to gain praise from others but do we have a honest heart to indulge in what God sent us here for? And that is very simple thing – To live in harmony and peace with honest dealings with all. We ask God for blessings to make our life happy but when it comes to fellow humans we cheat and do all sorts of misdeeds for our selfish gains, don’t we?

We do follow some Holy Person or the other with blind dedication, obeying each & every whim of that person, but do we give respect our elders who made us reach where we are today?

We never think twice before pointing someone’s faults but do we look into our own true self to find where we are lacking? We tend to forget that when we point a finger at someone, rest three fingers are pointing at us.

We always expect a lot from others, be it relatives or friends but do we ever think of being there when they need us? We are in Take Take mode but do we ever come in Give Give mode? If you can not help someone, do not harm him or her.

There are so many virtues which we never think of but I will try to sum it up with just saying that let us be clear hearted without wishing bad for anyone, honest in our dealings and respect others if we wish them to respect us. I do not mean that be a punching bag but be strong with humility. Stand up for your rights and also see the same for others too. When you have to penalize someone, we ought to put ourselves in his or her shoes to see what would we have done in the same situation.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I am reproducing a post which I had written more than a year & half ago on o3.indiatimes space. I have made a few changes but main essence remains the same. This is for your views.

As I have said earlier Saggystrikesagain's “Whose Money is it anyway?” had given me “ prerna” to start penning down my thoughts to share them with you and seek your views. I have been guided by Lavina how to write. I donot know if she has seen my last comment on Sagging bit.
I visited Whose Money again and read Indu K Raghavean's comments. Well, Indu to an extent I agree with you but not the bit about parent's duty being over once offspring is capable of being on his or her own. This is true in case of animals and birds. But do they have any feelings of attachments with family? Why do we feel proud if grandchild does well? Is it not family ties? Parents continue to see that their offsprings have the best. Even at old age they would take care of grandchildren if required due to offsprings being occupied with their profession. They can run the house as needed. This is mutual support system where they have security at their old age while youngsters have someone to share their chores with. Ties do not break at time when you are earning and can look after yourself.
Sorry for digressing from my main theme. Marriage is not just union of two persons. It is a healthy relationship started by two families. They come together by this act. Both boy and girl have to understand that their family has got new member or is extended. As the girl moves to new environments she has very big responsibility to take on. She is the link between both families. Both - boy & girl have to understand that they have to care for elders of each other. This is more so in case she is the only child. We have to change our mindset that girl becomes “parai” after marriage. Who will look after her parents in their old age? Even if she has a brother what is the harm if she also cares for her parents? As a matter of fact husband should see that what is needed is done. Of course, any undue action needs to be avoided by both. To have a healthy and happy family life it is important to have TWO WAY COMMUNICTION. If one has any misunderstandings it is better to clear them off by discussing with open mind rather than continuing to see things in negative manner. In a family one is not expected to keep any secrets. I agree one's income is his or her own right. But don't you think that sharing of information at own is better? If girl's parents need why can they not stay with them? Why can not parents of both stay together if circumstance so require? They will of course need to adjust with each other and try to live in harmony.
I support Prerna but with only stipulation that she should share her thoughts with all in her new family.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Before I go further, may I thank all of you for you kind and affectionate support on my writing previous post. I am back to normal, well almost. I do pray for situation to get resolved soon.

So here I go with a light post :

A man was getting shave done at barber shop. Barber while going on with his job was talking a lot. At one point he asked the man if he had visited his shop earlier also. The man replied “ No, the other scars are war injuries.”

A young attractive woman member of House of Commons was speaking at length against drinking. She said that apart from other harms drinking badly affects stomach of the person and that is one of the reasons she does not drink. At this point one elderly male member stood up and said “ Young Lady, I have been drinking since the time I was 18 and now at my age of 65 I am willing to put my stomach against yours any time.”

Newly married Jim was seen drinking at the pub in the evening after work. He was looking little morose. One of his friends said that he should be home with his wife instead of drinking and that too in such a forlorn looks. Jim said “ I have a problem. In the morning while leaving for office I gave her 100 dollar bill.” Friend said “ Don’t worry, I am sure she will understand and not mind what you did before marriage.” Jim said “ It is not that. She gave me back 25 dollars change.”

Monday, May 3, 2010


Is it not an Irony of Life that a person trying to do something for community wellbeing unexpectedly finds own backyard badly cluttered? That is what has hit me so hard. I have been sharing my thoughts and experiences here with a hope that it may benefit someone. Few days ago I had written about a young girl married for about year and half, playing truant and what she probably faced and something at my own home blew up in my face. This has upset me to no amount. I am going to share it with you all.

I WROTE THIS POST UNDER EMOTIONAL WEAK MOMENT. I AM TAKING IT OFF. Thanks to Rohini, Shona, Ash and Suruchi for their support. Yes, I will be strong and face what life throws at me boldly.

Sorry for lamenting like an old man with broken heart. But it does hurt deep inside. May be I am paying for my sins.