Monday, May 10, 2010


Before I go further, may I thank all of you for you kind and affectionate support on my writing previous post. I am back to normal, well almost. I do pray for situation to get resolved soon.

So here I go with a light post :

A man was getting shave done at barber shop. Barber while going on with his job was talking a lot. At one point he asked the man if he had visited his shop earlier also. The man replied “ No, the other scars are war injuries.”

A young attractive woman member of House of Commons was speaking at length against drinking. She said that apart from other harms drinking badly affects stomach of the person and that is one of the reasons she does not drink. At this point one elderly male member stood up and said “ Young Lady, I have been drinking since the time I was 18 and now at my age of 65 I am willing to put my stomach against yours any time.”

Newly married Jim was seen drinking at the pub in the evening after work. He was looking little morose. One of his friends said that he should be home with his wife instead of drinking and that too in such a forlorn looks. Jim said “ I have a problem. In the morning while leaving for office I gave her 100 dollar bill.” Friend said “ Don’t worry, I am sure she will understand and not mind what you did before marriage.” Jim said “ It is not that. She gave me back 25 dollars change.”


Crazy Diamond said...

back with humor! now that's Uncle J! :)

Sonshu said...


Humor again! Lovely!! :)) :)

Nicee! :P

Being Pramoda... said...

haha.. hi uncle... nice to knw that u r here ..:)..I'm at home.. going back to office tomo..

wats up ? thanks fr the post..:)..

Escapist said...

Yummmmmm .......


Tongue-fu Lady said...

Hey Jack, sorry I wasn't there to read your last post.. but I am very happy to be here now and see that u r getting back your funny bones..!
take care :)

Shayon said...

Hehe i liked the last one! Good ones!

Chatterbox said...

Cool jokes :)
Loved the barber one most :D :D

Keep writing!!

Jack said...

C D :

Well, one has to live with what one has, isn't it? So I am trying to lead my normal life. Thanks for your supportive comment on previous post. Take care


I am glad you enjoyed these. Take care


So back to normal grind now. How is office going? I am sure you must have had joyful time at home. Do speak when you can. Take care


I feel satisfied that you liked these. Take care

T - F L :

Yes, I am getting back to my normal self. Sent you a belated card, hope you like it. Take care


I am glad not only that you enjoyed these but on what is happening on your front too. Take care


Welcome to my space. Hope you read my older posts too. Looking forward to your views on those. I will visit you soon. Take care

ash89 said...

Glad to see ur okay! :)

Ellen said...

Hi Jack,

I wrote an earlier message here but it got lost somewhere I don't know. Well, blogspot must be having one of its bad days.

Anyway, you are you Jack... and you stand strong in life. Nothing can break you or tear you down. But you are also human like everybody else and subject to the ebb and flow of life's perilous journey. Ride the tide, be on top of it. A friend once told me that we can see better from up there rather than down here below. I guess what he meant was to detach one's self from the problem and see it for what it truly is. Then the answers will come and the corresponding course of action.

God bless you and the devotion you and your wife have for each other. Both of you have done your job with your children as best as you possibly could. And that is good. Now let your children live their own lives and sort out things themselves. It's their life and should live it on their own terms. You cannot be there for them for always.

All the best to you from the hands of a loving God. God bless!

Jack said...


Thanks for your support and good wishes. How is everything with you? Take care


Being human I did lose my composure for a while but thanks to support of good friends here I regained it quickly. We do not interfere in our children's life as long as they do what is socially and legally OK. So far they have not stepped out of that limit. It is their life and they have to live as per their wishes, we are however there for support should they need and ask for it. They have to resolve their differences themselves. We may give them direction if need be but not forcing them to do this or that. Take care