Wednesday, October 19, 2016


We all talk about women empowerment. We want women to be well educated, self reliant and work at high posts. Politicians talk about it till one feels that he or she is really keen about it. But how many of us really do want this? If one wants women to be empowered is it not correct to change some of traditions of past? Some societies have rooted out many past traditions which demeaned women, examples are Sati System, treatment meted out to widows or not giving a say for marriage to girl, letting girls study as per their choice.  Some still cling to past. As example I speak of triple talaq.

I had been told that as per religious books triple talaq is permitted in a certain way. There have to be gaps between each word Talaq pronounced. The gaps are meant for chance of reconciliation and can be as long as a day. But presently it is said that a husband can pronounce triple talaq in one sitting or even send it by post or telegram or pronounce on telephone or send sms or pronounce on skype. This has sanction of religious heads. How come it is only males who have been given benefit of advancement? In olden days women mostly were uneducated and were confined to homes carrying on with household tasks. Has that not changed now? Are women not mostly educated and working in high positions including Managing Directors of large organisations or even Head of a nation?   Then how come benefit of advancement not been passed to them? To my mind it seems to be a case of selfish interests of men. If not so , then let them also say talaq as dictated in religious books and not take advantage of advancements.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


There was a time when old persons could sit down and read newspaper at leisure. Now for old persons like me it is an acrobatic exercise. I do not know what has come over publishers of newspapers. I do not think they need any efforts to compete like fashion designers. Even one of famous columnists who's first name I remember is Bachi has written about it and she is surely much younger than me. Let me explain why I say this. I sit down comfortably on easy chair with a cup of tea within reach and pick up newspaper to see what is happening in the world. I unfold it and find many a times that first sheet is half with news printed. I somehow manage to turn it over to see what the next page which is luckily full says. When I continue it is suddenly that I find half page page again inbetween.  Now while I turn it over I lose grip on one side of paper making it fly all over with pages opening randomly. Or there is a folded sheet which opens from left and on unfolding it same process of paper going on it's own will happens. Why can not the publishers stick to newspapers as those were a few years ago without such half or folded pages? They should rather concentrate on reliability of and good coverage of news rather than indulging is these gimmicks.

An Army General gave information about surgical strike in the presence of Prime Minister, why should there be doubts? Or should some persons start talking that these happened earlier also making  us look as habitual at this in the International Forum? What is more important for us - National Pride or Advertising Political Party one belongs to?

Saturday, September 17, 2016


I felt so sad to read in today’s newspaper about a 30 years old specialist doctor working in AIIMS having committed suicide. My heart goes out to her 2 years old daughter. As per newspapers her in laws and husband used to harass her. Instead of feeling proud of having a daughter in law who is so qualified and working for well being of people, they used to blame her for neglecting household work due to her busy schedule. I know the in laws will blame her of being quarrelsome but if it was so, would she have committed suicide considering her being so qualified and intelligent? It is said that in laws, who had taken her daughter away, did not let her meet her for a couple of months. One cannot bring her back to life but should now see that her so young daughter is brought up with love and affection. I feel some reputed NGO, if not government itself, should monitor her bringing up. 

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Yesterday I saw in TV news workers of MNS in Mumbai upturning hand cart of a poor fruit seller thus throwing all fruit on road as he was non-maharashtrian. This makes me wonder if they want or their leader wants all non-maharashtrian to leave Mumbai then why target only poor. Why does he not speak against those who are rich, like people of film industry? Why does not he ask famous film stars most of whom are non-maharashtrian to leave Mumbai? Or the rich industrialists? Come to think of it, it is said that even he is from a non-maharashtrian family who migrated from Bihar to Bombay a couple of generations ago.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Well, on turning 71 I spent some time to reflect on times gone by. 

I am living in a rented accommodation with wife. Our both children are away. Daughter is married and living separately with her children and her husband is posted to another town. Son with his wife & children is in Canada for the last over 2 1/2 years. So we two take care of each other. By God's grace I earn reasonable sufficient pension to look after ourselves at the fag end of life. People do wonder as to how come I did not make a house for ourselves. I did make one but sold it off to take care of more important needs of our children.Now we do not wish to intrude into their life. But I do feel that having own accommodation does make a lot of difference as you do not have to run around to find another house for rent once lease for current one is getting over. We could check into some decent Old Age Home but we can not at present as we have a 10 1/2 years old dog. She needs a lot of care & love. We do not wish to abandon her. Also I am not sure about standards of such Homes. I have lived a decent life, earned respect of people who I came in contact. Even today if I meet anyone from my organisation, I get a lot of attention and respect. Still I feel that own accommodation as well as some regular source of income is a must for old age as we should not have any expectations from our children.

So my advice at this age to you who are still young is that do take care of your children, give them the BEST but at the same time CATER for your old age also.

Saturday, August 27, 2016


My heart goes out to those two young boys of around 10 years of age who are critically injured after falling down while participating in DAHI HANDI celebrations in Mumbai. As per reports they fell down from 6th tier of HUMAN PYRAMID. Sixth tier of human pyramid would roughly mean more than 25 feet high, taking into account that each person forming such pyramid is around 5 feet or so of height. DON'T YOU THINK THAT THIS TRAGEDY COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED IF THEY HAD FOLLOWED HON'BLE SUPREME COURT ORDERS? The apex court had given these orders after giving due thought and the Hon'ble judges are not meddling into any tradition but just laying down some limitations to avoid HUMAN TRAGEDY which occurred due to some political interference.

I strongly feel that the persons responsible for encouraging deliberate disobedience of orders of Hon'bl Supreme Court leading to such young boys getting critically injured should be arrested and tried under relevant sections of Cr P C / IPC.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Some Thoughts

I have been thinking of writing for a long time now and today I decided that one needs to put thinking into action. So here I am with random thoughts.

Today I heard in news that in a school in UP singing of National Anthem was disallowed by the management on pretext that certain word in that are not allowed in Islam. I wonder since when we Indians have started linking National Anthem to religion. I would like that wise gentleman to tell me do non-muslims of Muslim countries have any option on respective National Anthems?

Another thing which has been bugging me is – Does our Government want Defence Forces to go on strike like any other services? Even State Police Services had gone on strike some times. Why I am asking this is as number of ex as well as serving Defence Persons who live in my area and we do meet off & on while on walk or in market, have been telling that they always get stepmotherly treatment from Government. They say that in case of national emergencies Armed Forces get called without second thoughts but when it comes to give some well earned increase in salaries they are the last to be thought of. I was given two recent examples – first being that Hon’ble Supreme Court had in a judgement reduced qualifying service for earning full pension from 33 years to 20 years. Orders for the same have been issued for civil services while for Defence Services it is still under consideration; Second being letter for giving affect to increase in pay etc as per recent Pay Commission has already been issued for civil services while once again for Defence Services it is still not issued. I know Veterans had gone on agitation demanding OROP which was promise about two decades earlier but each Government kept dilly dallying on implantation. The present Government finally issued letter for that though, as felt by Defence Persons, in a diluted form. I shudder to think about consequences of strike by Defence Forces.

I fully agree with our respected Prime Minister about those who call themselves as saviours of cows. I am all for protection of cows and peacocks, our national bird, but who takes care of them in old age?  Why should they take law in their hands? If they find cows being taken for killing for beef, they should just stop the vehicle and call for police.