Sunday, January 29, 2012


A few days ago I had gone for some errand to another sector of our locality. Just before I reached my destination I passed a housing society which had displayed a notice board saying “ Pets are not allowed”. I felt tinge of unhappiness over this as there are many persons who love to keep pets and putting such restriction seemed to be denying them of such simple pleasure of having company of a faithful pet. It has been stated time and again that pets do contribute to health of a person, physical and emotional. There are some persons who do need this kind of emotional support. I could not get this out of my mind. I do know that some persons are very fussy about mess created by pets, specially dogs, in a residential complex but there is a very simple solution to that. Hold owner of the pet responsible for keeping the place poop free. This has been effectively enforced in many cities in Europe and even some places in India too. But to deny entry of pets seemed a little too high handed. What about population of stray animals or even birds? Don’t they too mess up? No one makes an effort to control that menace as it is next to impossible. Then why make pets scapegoats? So the viable solution is to make the owner of pet responsible to ensure pet does not mess up the area. Of course it goes without saying that owner also has to ensure that pet is not threat to other residents.

Later while I was crossing that area again I was surprised to see a spectacle. There were about 20 dogs sitting in a semi circle in front of that complex. One medium sized dog was standing facing them as if addressing a gathering. I was surprised to see that there were many dogs with broken leashes in that gathering of mainly stray ones. I saw a group of about 10 cats approaching. I was prepared to see a fight between dogs and cats but to my astonishment I heard the lead dog say “ Let us welcome our cat sisters to this gathering.” The cats sat down on one side and that is when I saw some rabbits too sitting under a tree close by while a few white mice too were with them. On the small trees in the vicinity I saw parrots, pigeons and some more species of exotic birds which are not there normally. I stood transfixed listening to what lead dog was saying.

The topic under discussion was that notice board. Gist of talk against that unfriendly notice was that is their doing poop bigger sin than what those who claim to be at the top rung of the living beings do - namely killings of unarmed innocent person in the name of religion, molesting their female species, killing female foetus, burning of brides, thefts from funds meant for well being of their own needy, causing damage to individuals or property for silly small reasons, cheating, fights because of trivial issues and the list went on & on. Why can they not use their energies for positive acts to overcome their shortcomings instead of wasting efforts on banning us? I started applauding the sensible talk when I felt a nudge on my side. I saw my wife shaking me saying “ Why are you saying Bravo Bravo in your sleep?”

Saturday, January 21, 2012


It has been colder than expected in Delhi this winter. Normally after LOHRI cold starts waning but this time it is rather increasing. And that had FROZEN my thoughts too it seems as I have been absent for more than normal. Today I decided cold or no cold I have to tell you something which I have come across recently.

About 15 days ago an old gentleman, whom I used to see off and on while on morning walk with my dog, spoke to me. He said, “ Keeping a dog makes one go for walks regularly.” And that is how we got to know each other. Let me say he is Mr Nath. He is little more than 10 years elder to me but keeps fit by regular walks. He retired as a senior officer from central government and has been living in this area since it’s inception. Over next couple of meeting we got to know each other well. What I learnt really touched my heart.

He and his wife shifted here when this locality was developed. They have only one child, a son. He was brought up with lot of love but inculcating values also. He did well in studies and became a doctor specializing in medicine. He is in a reputed hospital as Head of Department. He was told that he could choose a girl of his choice for marriage but he left it to them to find his would be wife. They after a lot of search settled for a girl from a family well known to them. She after PhD was teaching in a reputed college. They insisted that boy and girl must meet before any decision was taken. On meeting both, the boy & girl, liked each other and consented. They were married about 12 years ago. They all were living together. It was about 6 months after marriage that girl started telling her husband that they should live separately. Their son did not agree and she went over to her parent’s place for delivery. She had twins, a boy and girl. But she did not return asking him to agree to her demand. When Mr Nath came to know of this he told his son that it would be wise to live separately for overall happiness and their grandchildren living with both parents. His son did not agree. So when this locality was developing he opted for a house here knowing that his son will not be keen to shift due to his job. On getting possession of house he and his wife shifted here. Soon after that their daughter in law joined her husband. Now it is almost 10 years that they are here. Their daughter in law had started asking them to shift back with them within a few months as she was unable to cope with two growing children as well as her job but he was firm that they would not as they started doing something for the society.

They run a teaching center in their house for students from economically weaker section where they help out students of all classes from 1st to 10th for revision of their lessons and doing home work outside school hours. The students are with them from 9 in the morning till 6 in the evening depending on which school shift they are in. They charge each student Rs 25 as he says that if anything is free people think it is not worth it. But the money they get is used to give books or stationary for needy ones or food to students who are with them during that time. They hardly go out on working days and even on week ends students keep coming to them for guidance. Their son & daughter in law visit them couple of times a month with children. Grandchildren stay with them on some week ends. But they visit their house very rarely.

I salute this couple who let themselves be denied of enjoying comfortable life in old age but living a principled life with doing something admirable.

Monday, January 9, 2012


A couple of days ago I had gone to market. It was around 11:30 am or so. Suddenly I saw someone who looked very familiar. As I came closer it struck me that we had been colleagues about 30 years ago. We shared many a similar thoughts but our relationship was sweet and sour. It was basically due to nature of my job and his position in the organization. He too looked at me trying to place me. On my saying hello with warmth, he too responded with equal gusto. We spoke to each other may be for 5 minutes trying to catch up how things are. On parting we exchanged our mobiles numbers. His name was still eluding me but after some time I recalled it as, let us say Sharma. So I saved his number on my mobile to call up later and speak at leisure.

In the evening my mobile rang and showed it was Sharma calling. So I picked up and said,” Hello Sharma , so nice of you to call up.”

There was a little pause and then the caller asked,” How did you know it was me calling up?”

I,” Stop joking, did we not exchange numbers in the morning.”

He,” We never met today. Are you dreaming as usual or what?”

I,” Enough friend. I am so happy that we met in the market after so many years.”

There was loud guffaw and then he somehow managed to say,” I met you? Don’t tell me you took a swing in the morning itself as you were quite stickler for drinking only after sunset.”

Now I was quite puzzled. Then he told,” You met Verma in the morning and I got your number from him.”

Verma also was a colleague around the same time at the same place. So the memory played good trick making me get in touch with two old friends.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Life is what you make of it. So let me start my this year’s posts with humour. The jokes I am going to share are with due apologies to my lawyer friends here.

A lawyer was asked by someone in a party as to how much does he charge per question. His reply was Rs 500 for 3 questions. The person said, “ Is this not high?” The lawyer told, “ Yes, it is. What is your third question?”.

A lawyer was just getting into his car when he got hit by a speeding vehicle. He saw that door of his brand new expensive car had been ripped off. He started shouting, “ Oh! Door of my new car is gone.” One of the passersby told him,” You are worried about your car door and have not seen that your left arm is gone.” The lawyer started moaning,” Oh! My new Rolex Watch.”

In late evening two cars met with accident on a crossing. The cars were damaged but the drivers were not hurt but just shaken. They got out of the car and inspected damage. One of them asked other as to what was his occupation. On being told he was doctor, the first one said, “ Don’t you think a shot of brandy will calm the nerves?” Doctor, “ Yes.” The other person pulled out a bottle of brandy from his car and offered it to the doctor. Doctor took a swig and offered it back. But he was told to take another swig as the first one was too less. Doctor obliged. On returning the bottle he found other person putting lid back. Doctor, “ Are you not having it?” Reply was,” No. I will wait for the police to come first.” He happened to be a lawyer.

A man came to post office with a huge bundle of Valentines cards for dispatch. The postmaster was curious. He asked to see one of the cards. It was with impression of lipstick in lips shape with Guess Who written below. Postmaster said,” Oh! You have so many girlfriends.” The man,” No. I am sending it to men as I am a divorce lawyer.”