Sunday, January 29, 2012


A few days ago I had gone for some errand to another sector of our locality. Just before I reached my destination I passed a housing society which had displayed a notice board saying “ Pets are not allowed”. I felt tinge of unhappiness over this as there are many persons who love to keep pets and putting such restriction seemed to be denying them of such simple pleasure of having company of a faithful pet. It has been stated time and again that pets do contribute to health of a person, physical and emotional. There are some persons who do need this kind of emotional support. I could not get this out of my mind. I do know that some persons are very fussy about mess created by pets, specially dogs, in a residential complex but there is a very simple solution to that. Hold owner of the pet responsible for keeping the place poop free. This has been effectively enforced in many cities in Europe and even some places in India too. But to deny entry of pets seemed a little too high handed. What about population of stray animals or even birds? Don’t they too mess up? No one makes an effort to control that menace as it is next to impossible. Then why make pets scapegoats? So the viable solution is to make the owner of pet responsible to ensure pet does not mess up the area. Of course it goes without saying that owner also has to ensure that pet is not threat to other residents.

Later while I was crossing that area again I was surprised to see a spectacle. There were about 20 dogs sitting in a semi circle in front of that complex. One medium sized dog was standing facing them as if addressing a gathering. I was surprised to see that there were many dogs with broken leashes in that gathering of mainly stray ones. I saw a group of about 10 cats approaching. I was prepared to see a fight between dogs and cats but to my astonishment I heard the lead dog say “ Let us welcome our cat sisters to this gathering.” The cats sat down on one side and that is when I saw some rabbits too sitting under a tree close by while a few white mice too were with them. On the small trees in the vicinity I saw parrots, pigeons and some more species of exotic birds which are not there normally. I stood transfixed listening to what lead dog was saying.

The topic under discussion was that notice board. Gist of talk against that unfriendly notice was that is their doing poop bigger sin than what those who claim to be at the top rung of the living beings do - namely killings of unarmed innocent person in the name of religion, molesting their female species, killing female foetus, burning of brides, thefts from funds meant for well being of their own needy, causing damage to individuals or property for silly small reasons, cheating, fights because of trivial issues and the list went on & on. Why can they not use their energies for positive acts to overcome their shortcomings instead of wasting efforts on banning us? I started applauding the sensible talk when I felt a nudge on my side. I saw my wife shaking me saying “ Why are you saying Bravo Bravo in your sleep?”


Tanvi said...

What a vivid dream. Glad you remembered it so well Made for a great story! :)

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Sonshu said...

oh. wow. I loved the story. And sometimes dreams truly make great stories. :)

harman singh said...

well very nice ..hope its true to every word...uncle jack there are many facilities here in US too which doesn’t allow pets ..I dunno the specific reasons but its not jus cleanliness but other issues too ..
and then on other hand there are others in strip malls who keep water bowls for pets outside the stores for those pets who pass so that they can have some water:) in summers.
this is an amazing world we live!

Gayu said...

that was so mean....yes pets do mess around...but what about the mess which people make..?? They throw garbage here and there...spit on public places...pee on walls where it is written "yahan pishab karna mana hai"...

it's absurd...isn't it????

And i loved ur dream...and yes maybe animals do have such never know..:)

Take care

Ms. Capricious said...

Dreams have a way of telling us certain things right ? Maybe it did serve the purpose, you did spread the word. Hope the one who would be the responsible/owns the colony/flats, would read and start to respect and give space to pets, especially dogs that are more faithful than many humans ..

Sanjana said...

Wonderful! I loved this post. The way you described your dream is simply awesome! :) Trust me uncle, having a pet is the best thing that can ever happen to anyone :)

Lady Whispers said...

Wow loved the story and the dream :)

RiĆ  said...

What a lovely dream...and its sad that having pets in not encouraged in India. I personally would love to have one but I don't have the time as both me and my hubby are working individuals. May be sometime in future we will have a dog. :)

Elvirah said...

I think having pets is like having a faithful friend with you. Ofcourse there are people in our world who hate growing pets, but this doesn't mean they put a restriction to it to others as well. Sometimes our own shadow may look unfaithful to us, but not the pets who'd always be dear to us.

Live2cherish said...

Surely tea time, uncle jack for the over thoughtful brain. :)

Neha said...

Loved the last para and the way you spoke about the evils in our society.

Did you really dream that one, uncle? :)

all that matters said...

Pets not allowed! That is so ridiculous. Am sure the animals also have a forum of their own, wish we could hear them though!

Jack said...


There are some additions, please do check. Did it make sense? Take care


Thanks for such appreciating view. Take care


Thanks for your information. We do need to take care of pets. Take care


You said what I missed out. We need to improve our own conduct first. We never know they may be communicating with each other about us. Take care

Jack said...

MS C :

I too hope so. I agree that dogs are more faithful. I added few more evils, please do read. Take care


Thanks for your support. I fully agree that pets are wonderful companions. Take care

L W :

I am glad that you liked this. Take care


I know it is difficult to have a pet when we all have to go out. We have been having dogs even at such situations and we just need to train them. It was easy for us as my wife and children used to be back in the afternoons. Take care

Jack said...


Right you are. If one does not like to keep pets, it is his or her option but why should those who wish to keep one be debarred? They may be asked to take on responsibility of keeping place clean. Take care

L2C :

Are you asking me to retire from active interaction? LOL Take care


Isn't what I said right? It was part of a bigger dream, rest of which I may tell later. Take care

A T M :

Welcome to my space. Hope to see you often and have your valuable views. If you find time, please do read some of my older posts and give you views. I am quite sure that they too have discussions about us. How nice it would be if we could somehow understand their feelings too! Take care

Meera Sundararajan said...

Jack you are so right- pets enrich our lives. But unfortunately we do not know how to care for them. We leave them to poop around the place unlike the foreign countries where they pick up the poop. Yeah we need to learn how to care for our pets just the way we learn how to adopt the dress from the west ( loved your comment on that on my blog!)

Raj said...

damn i loved that dream! and about dogs sir, they only mess up a place if they havent been taught otherwise. when it comes to that, they are pretty intelligent.

Celestial Dreamz said...

brilliant :-)

Ellen said...

This is one of the most interesting blogs that you have written, or that I have read online so far. You got the message through in such an entertaining manner. Bravo! :-)

Jyoti Mishra said...

ha ha
that was a fun read with strong message :)
one thing for sure
no matter how much mess they create the love u get in return frm the pets in return is worth !!

Jack said...


For a pet lover they are like part of family. One needs to take care of them like that. Thanks for liking my comment on your post. Take care


You are right. They understand what you teach them very well. Though I take our dog out at regular intervals but if she is in need she starts pushing me to indicate that she wants to go out. Take care

C D :

Thanks for such appreciative view. Take care


I feel so honoured. Take care


I am glad you liked it and found the message conveyed correctly. They do love without any demands. Take care

Shruti Carol said...

That was a dream?! Whoa! I don't remember my dreams so well. Loved it. I am not a per lover and you are right on cleanliness being the biggest reason.. but I love animals.

btw it's been sometime I was away from blogosphere. Going through all the posts I missed. I discontiued my old blog and started a new one for unknown reasons lol.Below is the link to it, I miss your visits :(


Purba said...

Tolerance for others and their views is a fast depleting virtue.

All the pooping pigeons on my balcony are looking at me accusingly :p

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

I love animals, specially dogs :)
If I'd ever see a board like that, I'd make sure that I get many stray dogs over there :P

Jack said...


Nice to see you here. Did you like the dream I had? I will visit you soon as I was also wondering what happened to your blogspace as whenever I visited I got message that it was by invitation only. Take care


So true. Have you place scare crow in balcony or not? Take care


I fully back you up on that idea. I will lend my full support.
Take care

Librangirl said...

Nice one :)

Live2cherish said...

Active interaction with dogs and cats? - oh yes, i can imagine another dogpal bill coming up pretty soon if you continue dreaming like this.

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

Haha! it's a deal then :) Next time gather all the dogs :D

Jack said...

L G :

Thanks. I am so happy to see you here. Take care

L 2 C :

How I really wish that at least few of my dreams come true! Please pray for me. Take care


It is a deal for sure. I will be there when you ask for me.
Take care

Oldfox004 said...

Uncle Jack had a dream and what a dream was made me laugh, it made me sad..but it made me love it!

Ruprekha said...

Loved this post, the dream ...