Saturday, January 21, 2012


It has been colder than expected in Delhi this winter. Normally after LOHRI cold starts waning but this time it is rather increasing. And that had FROZEN my thoughts too it seems as I have been absent for more than normal. Today I decided cold or no cold I have to tell you something which I have come across recently.

About 15 days ago an old gentleman, whom I used to see off and on while on morning walk with my dog, spoke to me. He said, “ Keeping a dog makes one go for walks regularly.” And that is how we got to know each other. Let me say he is Mr Nath. He is little more than 10 years elder to me but keeps fit by regular walks. He retired as a senior officer from central government and has been living in this area since it’s inception. Over next couple of meeting we got to know each other well. What I learnt really touched my heart.

He and his wife shifted here when this locality was developed. They have only one child, a son. He was brought up with lot of love but inculcating values also. He did well in studies and became a doctor specializing in medicine. He is in a reputed hospital as Head of Department. He was told that he could choose a girl of his choice for marriage but he left it to them to find his would be wife. They after a lot of search settled for a girl from a family well known to them. She after PhD was teaching in a reputed college. They insisted that boy and girl must meet before any decision was taken. On meeting both, the boy & girl, liked each other and consented. They were married about 12 years ago. They all were living together. It was about 6 months after marriage that girl started telling her husband that they should live separately. Their son did not agree and she went over to her parent’s place for delivery. She had twins, a boy and girl. But she did not return asking him to agree to her demand. When Mr Nath came to know of this he told his son that it would be wise to live separately for overall happiness and their grandchildren living with both parents. His son did not agree. So when this locality was developing he opted for a house here knowing that his son will not be keen to shift due to his job. On getting possession of house he and his wife shifted here. Soon after that their daughter in law joined her husband. Now it is almost 10 years that they are here. Their daughter in law had started asking them to shift back with them within a few months as she was unable to cope with two growing children as well as her job but he was firm that they would not as they started doing something for the society.

They run a teaching center in their house for students from economically weaker section where they help out students of all classes from 1st to 10th for revision of their lessons and doing home work outside school hours. The students are with them from 9 in the morning till 6 in the evening depending on which school shift they are in. They charge each student Rs 25 as he says that if anything is free people think it is not worth it. But the money they get is used to give books or stationary for needy ones or food to students who are with them during that time. They hardly go out on working days and even on week ends students keep coming to them for guidance. Their son & daughter in law visit them couple of times a month with children. Grandchildren stay with them on some week ends. But they visit their house very rarely.

I salute this couple who let themselves be denied of enjoying comfortable life in old age but living a principled life with doing something admirable.


Tanvi said...

That's so nice so them ... Truly inspirational. Something to learn from them for all of us!

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Chintan Gupta said...

That's beyond amazing. They demand respect and I agree to the logic of 25Rs too. You offer something for free, people disregard it.

:) God bless them. And well, I hope the daughter in law is managing the twins well.

Harman said...

so good nice truly deserves an honour for living respectively..n helping others.
God bless them..

Sakshi said...

When you demand respect you get it! :)

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

So truly inspirational! I hope they have a happy life ahead!

Ms. Capricious said...

If the daughter in law had asked their in laws to move in, because she needs somebody to take care of their children, then it is too very selfish. Its wonderful that the couple, instead of slipping into glom have found a way, inspiring them and lot others. A salute to them. Hope the good work spreads as wide it can :)

Rachit said...

some people live for virtue's through-out there life :)

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Neha said...

Great to read from you after a long time.

Proud of these parents who think of their children and for the welfare of the society at large. Not everyone can do what they are doing. Hats off to them!

I know a DIL, who after an arranged marriage insisted to stay separately from her husband's parents. At the time of her pregnancy, she went to her parents home and returned only after the boy took a house elsewhere (after 3 months of his daughter's birth who she refused to let the father meet!). They lived this way for 3-4 months when the boy succumbed to an untimely death due to an illness. This boy was a close friend of mine and I have not been able to forget all this till date (been over 2 years). He agreed to the marriage as his parents really liked the girl. And he was one of the most wonderful human beings I have ever known.

Sanjana said...

Good to know that society still holds such genuine people :)

Nice post uncle :)

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

People should learn something from such people! :)

RiĆ  said...

This is so inspiring and kudos to them!

Ann said...

yes.. I really respect such people who respect themselves and have some principles. Thanks for sharing.. it was inspiring. :) Keep Posting..


Lady Whispers said...

Wow what a couple.....I truly salute them and may God Bless them always :)

As of DIL I never understand such girls...each to its own...hope she has learnt her lesson....

Jack said...


I really hope that there are some more persons like them. Take care


So true. The logic is very practical. She had no option but to live with hands full after making all that fuss about living separately. Take care


Though his son was not keen on living separately but he took decision to ensure harmony. Take care


Right you are. He is so respected by everyone. Take care

Jack said...


I too pray for their happiness and well being. Take care

MS C :

You got it right. It was sheer selfishness on her part with no love or respect for relationship. That may be the reason he did not wish to go back but continue with what good they started doing for needy children. Take care


It is so heartening that there still are some persons who would live by principles. Take care

Jack said...


One feels so proud of such persons. I am sorry to know that you have known such happening in life. Hope she is with her in laws now. Take care


How I wish that there are more and more of such persons. Take care

Jack said...


I too hope and pray for what you said. Take care


It really is and I do hope that some more persons follow their steps to do good to society. Take care


They surely deserve all the respect. Take care

LW :

I join in praying that God be kind to them. We need to have proper counselling before marriage for everyone involved as chances of misunderstandings are always there. Take care

Elvirah said...

Truly a motivational real life story. I admire the attitute of the Mr. Nath toward his life and his loved ones. And i appreciate the way they are trying to help the poor children with education charging very resaonably. We find very few such people in this world of mixed ideas.

Purba said...

These underprivileged kids can dare to dream thanks to their initiative. Hats off to to this couple!

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Thank you for your comment Jack Uncle! I've been a bit free this month I guess that's why I blogged frequently!
Its June 29th :)
And my nephew has become quite naughty on his own without my help!

Sh@s said...

Thank you for sharing this amazing real-life story. We don't need to do great things to bring about a change. Such dedicated efforts is enough to begin with. Hats off to them.

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

They will learn at a point :) Thank you for the comment :)

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. Hope to see you often. If you find time, please do offer your valuable views on some of my older posts also. You are right that there are very few such persons in today's world. I will visit you a s a p. Take care


NGO I have been associated with has been contemplating on this kind of project and I had done spade work but that is still is planning shape while this couple has shown that it is just dedication needed to do something worthwhile for society. These children can hope to make dreams a reality. Take care


No views on this? I have noted the date. Thanks God you have not been his teacher or he would have become real Denis, isn't it? Take care

SH@S :

True, one does not need to go only for big things. Such small dedicated efforts do much more good to society than empty talk in seminars. Take care


Yes, they will. You are welcome, it is pleasure to read you as you write well from heart. Take care