Monday, December 28, 2009


I am really grateful to all of you for reading my previous post. I had let Naina read your advices on her visit a couple of days ago. She was in tears when she saw you all so concerned about her happiness in marriage. She promised that she would make all efforts to change herself for better and asked me to convey her heartfelt thanks to all of you. Big THANK YOU not only from her but from me too as she is my very close friend’s daughter in law. She had confided in me after a lot of effort from me and now she feels happy that she spoke her problems to me.

May I request you all to have your computers checked for virus as I have been a victim of hung PC or PC not working very often recently. My service engineer told me that it is due to virus being passed on, may be unknowingly, by some one from blogspot family as I spend a lot of time in this. My son has asked me to stop visiting blogspot or writing but I do wish to continue with you all, so this request.


Ramit said...

Hello Sir, it's good to hear from you again. I'm not sure if viruses can be transferred from blogger. But still I'll run a virus scan now.

Good luck to Naina.

► Dip said...

all the best to Naina, i didn't comment on that post cuz i don't think i'm mature enough to make a reasonable advice

don't download anything without verifying !

sulagna said...

ohh plezz dont start neglecting blogspot :( pls

i wait for your updates and yes do tell naina there are lots of people who face such problems,but she is different..she had the courage to talk about it..

Jigyasa said...

My wishes to Naina and I am sure with you by her side.....she would get the sunshine...May God Bless Sujit & Naina :-)

Virus Alert!!!!!! Lemme scan now...

Escapist said...

Oh ! Plz dont stop blogging...we all will run antivirus to make you check.......
You should not install any unnecessary things,be aware before you do so....

All the gud luck to Naina...

Keep writing..


Jaky Astik said...

There is no problem with blogspot. Use Firefox and Microsoft's free antivirus. It is really good.

As for now, just don't stop writing. Cause you just added a new friend on your followers list.

Sakshi said...

Glad to know we could help!! :) And, blogger does not spread viruses your system downloads em when you use the wrong browser.
No viruses here!!

Jack said...


My PC got hung a few times when I visited a couple of bloggers here and I had to switch off UPS to get out of it. Thanks for your support. Take care


Who says you could not have given reasonable advice? You are a wise girl and I feel you should have given your advice. Take care


I am overwhelmed by your support. Naina was very impressed with your advice. Take care


It is support from you all which made her see what should she do. Take care


We may not have interacted other than here but I do look forward to read your poems. Thanks for your support. Take care


Welcome to my space. Hope you read some of my older posts too and give your views. I will visit you soon. My efforts will be to continue here as long as I can. Thanks for your suggestions for anti virus programmes. Take care


As I told Jigyasa above it is support from you all which did it. She was moved with advice from her peers or age group, particularly you and Sulagna. Take care

Shruti Mukundan said...

hello sir,

am so sorry for not checking in all these while. u c i have this bad habit of pouring my frustration on blog and when so ever i get on to off-moods, i completely ignore the blogger stuff. wil try to resolve not to repeat it from next yr :)

how r u doing sir? i didnt read Naina's case, though i started reading before commenting here, i found the topic a little hi-fi for me to comment on. as far as virus is concern, i do scan in my pc every week n no probs seen this side.

u r tagged sir! pls check my blog and accept ur award :)

Sophia Ali said...

Hi Uncle Jack, pls. don't stop visiting our blogs. My computer has an antivirus software :)

Tabitha said...

Hello uncle....Nice Post....Uncle there is nothing between us (referring to the blog I wrote) are just frens n he made a random comment...Thanks 4 stopping by :)

Jack said...


This space is meant for letting go off your feelings. So you need not feel bad aboutit. I have visited you and left my reply. Take care


I will definitley try to be with you all as long as I can. Please do keep visiting. Take care


As elder I do feel protective towards you lest you face bad things in life. Take care