Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Let us say bye bye to 2009 and welcome 2010 with smile :

Little Joe came back from school after results of final examinations were declared. He was crying. His mother fearing that he may have been detained in KG class asked him what the matter was. Joe told her between sobs that all student had been promoted but his class teacher had failed as she had to stay in the same class.

Ashok was very keen to see one day cricket match between India and Sri Lanka but did not know how to get away from office. He mustered up courage and went to his boss with woeful looks telling him that his grandfather had expired so he needs to go. His boss let him. Next day when he came to office his boss asked him if he believed in miracles. On his saying no, his boss told him but that happened yesterday as after you left there was a call from your grandfather to tell you that Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to bat first.

There were three Barbers who had their saloons close to each other in a market. One put up a sign board proclaiming Best Saloon of this City. Few days later second one put up sign board saying Best Saloon of the country. Third one thought for a few days and then put up sign board stating Best Saloon in this Market.

Tony took Jenny to fair. They had rides in the merry go round, giant wheel and took part in many games of luck. Tony asked her what she wanted to do next. She said she wanted to be weighed. He took her to weighing scale and she got weighed. They roamed around enjoying drinks and eats as well as looking at various shows. He again asked her what would she like to do more. She again said she would like to be weighed. He again took her to weighing scale and got her weighed. This happened a few more times and Tony got annoyed. He took her back home and left her. Later her friend asked her how was the trip to the fair. She replied “ W(L)ousy ”.

Tutu had habit of flirting. Tanu, his wife suspected that it was not just verbal. It just so happened that Tanu was asked by her office to go to UK for training lasting 4 months. She asked him what would he like her to bring for him. He laughingly told her that he would like a nice English girl. On her return he on receiving her at airport asked her where was his gift. She very sweetly told him that he would have to wait for another seven months to see her.



Girl Next Door said...

Happy New Year to you too Jack... And thank you for all your comments and advices :)

Sakshi said...

Happy New Year...!!!

sulagna said...

oohhh poor tony!! if only he understood what she meant :) he would
have gladly obliges ..

Thank you for the beautiful card for New Year,i showed it to Gopal and he was surprisingly pleased at my friend in the blogosphere..

Hope you and your family have a beautiful year ahead, one filled with smiles,hugs,warm cookies and lots of colorful flowers..

Cursed♪♫ said...

Hi Uncle.
A very Happy New Year to you too.
Hope you always remain happy!!
Take Care.

ash89 said...

hi. Happy New Year. May 2010 bring u lots of happiness.

geeta banati said...

A very Happy New Year to you ...

May 2010 knocks your door with freshness ,health an new surprises for you and your family...

Thanks for your encouraging comments in 2009....

geeta banati said...

I just saw the beautiful card you have sent to me...
Thanks so much for the lovely wishes....

trina said...

happy new year to you!!!
i saw ur comment on my blog and also the new year card...thank you so much.
i am right now at home and busy eating and sleeping so could not reply to the comment soon.
thanks for all the advice jack, have a gr8 yr ahead.

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Jack Uncle,
you just have the best of jokes around..what can be a better way to celebrate the last of 2009 than laughing your heart out? Thanks...And Happy 2010! =)

Rinkal said...

hi uncle

happy new
checked your space after amny days
so wishing you late