Monday, December 14, 2009


My PC has been updated and is OK now. So here is something for little laughter :

A well dressed man walked into a bank at airport on Friday afternoon. He asked the manager if he could get a loan of $5,000.00 for short period. The manager asked if he could offer any security. The man told that his car was outside and he could offer that. On looking at new shining BMW outside the manager agreed to advance the said amount. The car keys and documents were taken and after due paper work advance was given in cash. The car was moved to reserved parking area of the bank. On Monday after lunch the man came back to return the loan amount. He was asked to pay $5,010.00 including interest. He pulled out wallet full of currency and paid the said amount. While returning car keys and documents the manager could not resist asking that he looked to have enough cash so why did he need such small loan. The man replied with a smile, “ Where would have I found safe parking for my car over the week end for just $ 10.00?”

Raju was in need of Rs 10,000.00. He approached his close friend Sonu asking for loan for short period as it was 16th of the month and he promised to return the amount of the 1st of following month. Sonu gave him the asked amount. On 1st of next month Raju realized that he had not been able to arrange to return the loan. So he approached his other friend Mike and asked for same amount with promise to return on the 16th of the month. He got the amount which he gave to Sonu. Then on 16th as he did not have money to give back to Mike he approached Sonu for loan till 1st of the following month. Keeping in mind earlier timely return of money, Sonu advanced him the said amount. Raju gave that to Mike. The went of for a few months that Raju would take money for Sonu on the 1st to give it to Mike and on 16th take it from Mike to give it to Sonu. One day Raju called both his friends together and asked Sonu to give Rs 10,000.00 to Mike on every 16th of the month while he asked Mike to give the same amount to Sony on every 1st of the month as they did not need him to be a courier for this exchange of money.

Little Pappu was crying standing next to a drain covered with fixed iron grill. A man walking past asked him as to why was he crying. Pappu said between sobs, “ I dropped a five rupee note in the drain and now what will I tell my mother when I go home without buying what she sent me for.” The man took pity on his plight. He took out a five rupee note and gave it to the boy. The boy started crying even more loudly. The man asked him what was the matter now. The boy replied, “ I am crying now as to why did I not say it was a hundred rupee note.”

An optician was giving tips to his young son on how to quote price to customers. He told him that once a customer has made selection tell him it costs Rs 500.00 and if the customer does not flinch then add --- for each lens.

On Saturday late afternoon a middle aged man with salt and pepper hair walked into a famous store accompanied by a young beautiful girl of 20 or so. He asked the salesperson to show good fur coats to the girl. She selected one which was quite expensive. He told the manager of the store that he would like to pay by cheque as he did not have sufficient cash on him. The manager politely told that the delivery could only be made once his bank confirmed acceptance of cheque. He asked the girl if he could collect the coat on Monday after store is satisfied about payment. She happily nodded in agreement. So he asked the manager to have the coat kept for him for collection on Monday afternoon. On Monday afternoon he came back but was told by the manager that the coat could not be delivered as his bank intimated insufficient funds in his account. He told, “ Yes, I know. I just came to thank you for the beautiful week end I had.”


Ramit said...

Haha! Love the last one. Thanks for the tip. Must try it sometime!

ash89 said...

haha. Very nice!

sulagna said...

me too jack..laughed out at the last one ...

wow !1 now that the PC is fine,i shall wait for some more posts soon

Rinkal said...


it was really very fine
loved it

Tabitha said...

he he he....Nice 1

geeta banati said...


Was just not in line with could not touch you before...Sorry for that..

Anyways jokes are lovely,as always

Jack said...


Please do let us know the outcome of your trial. LOL . Take care


It is nice to see you laughing. Take care


Naughty, naughty. LOL Take care


Nice to see you. How are studies going on? Hope it is good as examinations are just round the corner. Take care


Good to see you enjoying. Waiting for contact. Take care


Welcome back. Like to share what was troubling you? If so, you have my e mail id. Have you read other posts? I will appreciate your views on those. Hope you have written something new. I will visit you soon. Take care

Escapist said...

Those were brainy kind of teasers......very nice...


► Dipti said...

oh pC updated! i was wondering where you were all these days

Jack said...


One enjoys a joke which has little teaser, isn't it? Take care


Hope you liked these jokes. Now my PC is OK ( fingers crossed ), so hope to be regular. Take care

Sundeep said...

LOL. Well written.

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. Hope you have read my older posts too. Your views are most welcome.

Take care

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Hey Jack,
Are they "tried and tested" by u? ;)
Lol, kidding..

Jack said...

T-f L :

I won't mind trying first two. And no partner for the last one. LOL

Take care

Americanising Desi said...


thanks for the laugh after the serious read :)

Jack said...

A D :

You are most welcome. Take care