Sunday, November 10, 2013


For the past couple of months this has been going on in my mind as to what affects a person more - physical stress or mental stress. I gave this a considerable thought as I face both. I have shared about my physical stress here, though not a very major one but it is still something I have to live with. Some of you may understand the cause of my mental stress as in a sudden urge to let it off my mind I wrote a brief post on that long ago.  What I think is shared in this post.  

There is no doubt that physical stress causes a lot of unhappiness which at times may also lead a person to contemplate suicide. After a lot of thinking I feel that if one has positive attitude thus being mentally prepared to accept whatever physical drawback it be, one can not only be happy but attain what one sets eyes on. There are numerous examples of persons who are physically challenged having achieved feats which a fully fit person may find difficult. Thus a positive attitude and mental preparedness to accept  physical stress leads a person to live happily doing whatever he or she wishes to.

Now let us have a look at mental stress. We all know that mind travels at an astonishing speed. You may give a thought to your own experience. One may be thinking of something and suddenly mind may traverse to something entirely different with no relation to what was in mind. One may be totally physically fit but if there is any mental stress, no matter how much one tries to be positive or divert mind but it will stray back to the cause of such stress without any warning making one think about it thus aggravating the stress. This is experienced personally by me as inspite of making all efforts to divert my mind, it does stray back.

What do you say on this?      


Alka Gurha said...

I think mental stress causes much more harm in ways we do not even know. Hope you are away from both.

Ellen said...

A good piece. Thank you for sharing.

Hope all's well at your end.
Blessings to you and your family.

The Gardener said...

However, a little stress, both physical and mental, is needed to achieve one's potential. No stress means no action and no effort to overcome it. No action and no effort would make life dull.

The effort should be to manage stress and not avoid it. One cannot avoid stress as long as one is alive.

Jack said...


Thanks for your supportive view. Take care


Thanks for your blessings and appreciative view. One has to face whatever be it with positive attitude. Take care

T G :

So true. No pain no gain. One has to feel some stress but my intention was to bring out that mental stress does more harm than physical one. Hope you agree with that. Take care