Thursday, August 6, 2009


I hung up my uniform voluntarily after having donned it for more than 22 years, not counting the training period. Having stayed in Defence area most of this period we were used to well maintained and regulated infrastructure. Shifting to DDA complex was first exposure to how short sighted those in planning can be. That was in 1991 and what I felt at that time has been proved true over and over. Large number of flats were constructed on rocky terrain - part of Aravalis range. It is fine to construct building and roads but what about the other needs? Water was in short supply even then, though not acute considering low occupancy at that time. The authorities should have taken that into account and taken steps to rectify it. But instead of that they went ahead with mushrooming of Malls, shopping complexes, a 5star hotel and couple of hospitals not to speak about unauthorized shopping / recreational outlets which would need more water. Don’t you think blasting of rocks, cutting tree & shrubbery for making level space to construct buildings / roads leads to environmental damage? Scooter garages are provided for flats on first floor and above. Now with occupancy almost more than 95% there is lack of space to park cars in the residential areas. This has led to eating up of green belt or small parks to provide space for car parking. And as expected water shortage became a daily feature. It is nice of Delhi Jal Board to supply water in tankers on request as emergency measure but is that a permanent solution? This is what brings me to the title of this post.

As the supply of water does not have enough pressure to reach the tanks provided at the top of buildings all residents have got water storage tanks on ground level outside the building or even in scooter garages, some have even buried it in ground to get whatever additional water possible. So we all check water available in the ground level tanks and then pump it up to roof tanks. Here comes the crunch. Water pressure during supply time depends upon location of building – comparatively higher level or low area in respect to water boosting station. Our flat though on ground floor receives less supply by virtue of being at higher level. So we need to request for emergency supply by tanker once in 7 – 10 days. Private suppliers charge Rs 150 for filling 1000 ltr storage tank. We make our request to DJB complaint office in the morning of the day we need water, mostly by visiting their office as their telephone is perpetually busy. After following it up number of times either telephonically or by visiting personally we used to get tanker supply for about 90% times. This caused a lot of tension or burden on me. Our DIL ( Daughter in law ) to make me worry free found a short cut which she came to know from other residents that if you pay Rs 50 to the DJB tanker driver he would supply 2 tanks of water even without having made request in the morning. When I learnt about it I put my foot down as I term this as corruption and depriving legitimate supply to someone who has made request. Thereafter we felt the pinch. Our requests were fulfilled not more than 60% of times inspite of rigorous follow ups thus making us resort to private supplier paying from our pocket. This put a lot of strain on me, physically as well as financially. A stage has now come that I am at the wits end for not being able to get water even by running around for legitimate demand and inspite of contacting higher authorities. This has lead to me getting tempted to give Rs 50 to the driver and have assured supply of water whenever we need it.

What do you all feel about it?


Pramoda Meduri said...


well composed one!!

At times,the situations drag us to succumb to corruption.

And this water problem is now every where. Even in my home town ppl are facing this problem.

Coming to the flats u mentioned, yeah they all mind about the max number of flats that can be constructed. they dont even think about the min facilities like water, car parking etc.

And so nice about ur DIL, she tried to make you worry free..:)..good any way..

And the 50 Rs that u wanna give him, Juss take it easy..:)

If at all u wanna resolve this in any way, try to approch highr authorities. Leave that poor tanker driver...

ash89 said...

jack....this is a post all of us can relate to because we all have faced problems due to corruption at one point of our lives.

WarmSunshine said...

hello jack :)

im to blogsvifinally back to blogsville. corruption is like a venom and sadly it seems like so many of the developing countries are infected wit it :(

nice topic to bring up... i agree with pramoda, nicely composed

take care!

Ketan said...


In my humble opinion, corruption is like a food chain. If the driver is asking for bribes, in all likelihood, some amount must be going to the higher authorities.

That's why complaining does not help in many cases. But you may still try that.

This may seem irrelevant now, but the basic cause of all such problems is high population density of India.

Unless and until, the population comes down in absolute numbers, all the measures are doomed to be temporary. And the government's "projection" of the year by which population will stabilize is 2052! But you know, by the time, 2052 would be reached, our exhaustable sources of energy like petroleum, natural has, etc., would be further depleted, and so even the current burden of population would remain unsustainable.

As to your moral dilemma, what could I say, you're just short of thrice my age! But would only like to point out that honesty in society serves function only when a majority follows it, which unfortunately, is not the case.

In a related post called--'A Moral Brainteaser' (click), I've tried to discuss the above concept.

Also, I'd like your views on my latest post--'Do I deserve pink chaddis?', wherein I've partly discussed a particular woman's dressing.


Jack said...


I wonder why can we not have little foresight. Yes, I am grateful to our DIL for trying to lessen my stress. She is always trying to do so. I have approached higher authorities but of little help. Take care


Right you are we face it in almost all walks of life where we have to deal with Govt machinary. It has crept into Corporate world too, specially in purchase / accounts departments. Take care


So nice to see you here.

True. It is a cancer of developing nations. It is almost next to impossible to eradicate it. But try we must. I would like to see your views on some of my older posts - Love???? and those on human relations. Take care


I agree with you that it is a deep rooted phenomenon. I have had personal knowledge while dealing with such figures and it goes upto levels we may not believe. It is correct that our over population too has adverse affect on infractructure. I shall visit your recommended post soon and will try to leave comments on that as well as others too. Take care

♥ ♥ ℓỌvεšιcк ° ♥ ♥ said...

there is a plenty of damage to society due to Curruption.
Most of the the taxes r also going into these fake saints pockets.
n the worst thing is...its sooo soo widespread, we cant help it much.

Cursed♪♫ said...

Hi Uncle.
Thanks a lot for your comment. I know, secrets do haunt...but sometimes I think just telling is out is good for us. I realized now.
I'm sorry, I'll comment regarding your post later. There's just so much on my mind right now. Please don't mind.
Take Care :)

nups said...

hi Jack
m back :) hows u buddy.. well i had jus disappeared...dono y... but m back u c...
nice post by the r u doing

Amrita said...

its a double edged sword you are walking on.. I would pay the driver. I feel corruption stems from top down. The driver is a mere pawn and can ensure a faster facility. Abstaining from payin him would in no way make things any better since his bosses would any ways be raking the moolah. And if you are not paying him, some one else would and get the facility.
I understand you predicament, but sadly this is how the wheels turn in our country :(

Jack said...


I agree corruption is like white ant destroying our society but do we just accept it passively or do something to curb it, may be in a small way? Take care


Waiting for your re-visit.
Take care


Nice to see you back. I am fine and how are you keeping? Take care


I know it goes upto TOP. I have had experience about it while dealing with such people while in different corporates. But don't you think we should raise voice against it? Take care

♥ ♥ Blossom ° ♥ ♥ said...

YAA...please suggest the small ways to curb it...!!
I mean wt do u we do when we pay taxes to govt but the govt misuses it..yes we can help it to a small extent.

nups said...

hi Jack
i had to collapse my post...din like made me uneasy.... read ur comment though, m going home for this week so will blog once i m back.. u take care

Vyshu said...

Hi Uncle,

sorry for being late here..:(

Corruption is like literally under every stone we turn ..To confess,it is as much part of life..

Every individual must demand and show transparency ..and brainstorming sessions to discuss different methods for eradicating corruption will help..

Am I incorruptible? I asked myself many times...

But,I would not be averse to bribing my way through for a pending work at current office,scared of the consequences made me do that .. I believe both the giver and taker of the bribe to be equally guilty of corruption.

This is like a chain ..unless everyone determines to combat ,the chain wud broke because of the tempted person (he wud be the weak link)..

Thanks for sharing this uncle..Such issues should be discussed..


WarmSunshine said...

Hi Jack... yes I will be back. We were busy celebrating independence day at work and had loads of fun. I will come back to read the older posts as well.

Till then, please take good care :)

Rinkal said...

how are you
i am back
i read today whole your post
why in our india only this problems are faced
and the thing which you have written that the short cut that give driver 50 rs
i think we have to do that type of wrong work
but it if fair......
i dont think taht allthis is right
and our government has to look after our needs but
they dont come out of their problems then how. will they solve our problems...
nice post i love your post
keep writting
i am not able to write because of studies
but be in contact
take care

mudita said...

Jack, I can totally relate to your water woes. I have lived in the same area that I can guess you are referring to and our lives revolved around the tankerwallahs whims and fancies.I find myself stuck in this "web of idealism" myself. To bribe the tankerwallah for something that I just cannot do without/ to pay a tip to the hairdresser for a task that I am paying for anyway/ to wait dutifully at the red light when the whole world is honking and passing by you. I am faced with these dilemmas at least 10 times a day and now I have begun to look at it as a flaw in me. Corruption and flouting rules is the norm and rule-followers are now the nails in the smooth moving wheels.Those individuals refusing to give up their old-fashioned stoic ways will be the sufferers as you and me have been experiencing.Mudita.

Jack said...


Some beginning is to be made to try to contain this menance. We all should try to contribute to this effort in whatever way we can. Awareness campaigns are needed and we may take part in those. Take care


I read the new one and left what I feel was right. Take care


I entirely agree with you that it is giver and taker both are equally responsible for ill which is eroding our resources.
Take care


Have nice Independence Day celebrations. Looking forward to your visit for other posts. Take care


Studies come first. So put all your efforts for that. If you do get time try to write short posts. Keep visiting and be in touch if you can. Take care


I agree that those who still live by principles are ridiculed and made to look like misfits. But I think it is still worth it. Let me see how long can I sustain it. Would you like to share your experience by mail? Take care