Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Student – when we hear or read this word, most of us have image of a child in school uniform going to school. We do accept elderly teenagers and just out of teens who are in college after completion of schooling, as students. They may be even undergoing post graduation courses or professional course like medical, engineering or law etc. Even Oxford Dictionary interprets student as 1 a person studying at a university or college. 2 a school pupil .3 a person who takes a particular interest in a subject. adj. referring to someone who is studying to enter a profession : a student nurse. So normally a student would be in age group of 3 to 22 years, upper age may be extended to 24 years catering for a failure or so in school or college. In other words we may call someone Student who is undergoing a regular course in school or college, including open school or university, for getting a popularly recognised  certificate or degree.

Thus naming someone of around 30 years a student seems rather farfetched. I know that someone may be doing Doctorate or PhD but should we call them students? They are doing research in a particular subject, may be under guidance of someone but is that STUDYING? They may be called Research    Scholars /Assistants instead of Students. Otherwise there may be persons who become PROFESSIONAL STUDENTS for reasons other than studies. They can continue for years doing same research or start another one on completion of first PhD. Will you call me a student if at my age of 70 I start research for PhD in any subject?

Food for thought.


harman singh said...

jack.. came to your blog after long enjoyed reading..
Studies or student they go hand in hand , and it can be at any age , irrespective of age .. you are seventy .. it doesn't matter its a number as long you are fit and ready to believe "you can do it" fitness should be priority then other things (gym or walking or exercising)
.. my in-laws (Dad) is 71 yrs he still works For FORD MOTOR (Senior Engineer)designing their police car lights with mechanism .. .. n I can see his enthusiasm and willingness to work every morning dressed smartly to reach the office .. they recently awarded him with an award of best Employee for the yr as he resolved their many underlying issues hidden in Canadian plant in Toronto .. he stayed their for 3 months alone until his work was done.
..people respect you for your knowledge and education with experience as we grow old .. and learning can be at any age ,, it always help.
so ?

Jack said...


It is so nice and encouraging to have you visit and give your valuable views. I agree that there is no age for learning but if someone takes admission just to indulge in politics as student is what I am shouting against. Hope you agree with me on that.

Take care