Sunday, December 5, 2010


Sometimes you want to say the above words as you feel so disgusted at the adamant behavior of the person but you can not as it is not your nature or may be that person is very close to you. What do you do in such situation? Do you just sulk? Or do you withdraw into your shell? Or you just let it pass and forget about it? Or you politely tell the person it is not acceptable? Or you ignore that person and carry on as usual?


♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

Hmmmm nice question. I feel like saying those words to all people I know now.
But I just keep it all to myself.. sometimes I let it build and show those people I'm a little unhappy by being cold to them..

Sakshi said...

Depends upon the situation actually, if it is something really life altering then it should be checked ASAP! But if it is something that can be taken in the stride of the usual things then you should let it be!

ash89 said...

Sigh...those words only worsen the situation. I stay silent. The silent treatment can work wonders.

MissTerious♥ said...

....i ws waiting for this kind of post from u...i thot u 'll never write something like this.........

i stay silent forever for ppl like who disgust relation or friendship !!!!
n if they r no one to me thn they need a good 1...i wont spare..

Neeha said...

Good question..
If the people or close to me & I couldn't loose them,I will stay calm.
Else I don't mind breaking the bonds with dem..
*Sounds rash na?*

Raj said...

if its someone close, i would go and read something. or probably write. and then half an hour later its like nothing happened, the surprising part is that nearly always the adamant person tends to apologize.

Deepika Vasudeva said...

Well, i keep silent and sulk or curse under my breath... this way no one is hurt and my anger is out too..

Ann said...

In such a situation, I just remain silent and show as if it hasn't affected me.. the person himself/herself realises after some time and come back to me.. then I give them my point of view.. So, in my case, the silence works always..:)

suruchi said...

Saying “go to hell” is the best way out...
If not aloud then say it again n again to yourself n you’d feel better...
I tell myself that I care a damn about this n soon the aggrevation of the situation becomes lesser...
And it also helps letting the person know it maybe in not so many words...but definitely that he/she can is being a pain!
All the best uncle J...hope this person gets the hints n back off:-)

rohini said...

i speak bt then if no response , i quit and move on...i did my part...and rest on time and outcome

Jack said...


The moment you utter these words it shows that you are losing control over you sense of logic. What you do is the best way to make the persons get the point without showing anger. Replied to your comment in the previous post too. Take care


I found that by moving away from that scene and doing your own chores one can show annoyance more effectively. Take care


True, it does work wonders.
Take care

Jack said...


How come you were waiting for this kind of post from me? Silent treatment is good as it makes the other person realise his or her limits. Take care


I agree one could break bonds with those not close to. Being silent does have a lot of affect. Take care


Right you are. It does happen that way if you maintain your cool. Take care


It is a good way to let off your pent up anger and at the same time not to lose temper. Take care

Jack said...


That is the way. One should show that it does not affect one at all. Take care


One should let off pent up anger quietly without losing cool. If you cold shoulder the involved person it has more affect. It has not happened to me but I saw a close friend facing such situation. Take care


When logic does not seem to work with such person it is best to move away and do something to your heart. Take care

Upasna said...

react. I mean I react. It's hard for me to let go, especially if the person is close, cos then the person deserves to know what I feel!

Ria said...

Well i wudnt mind saying it if its really bothering me!

Alka Gurha said...

If you say those words often enough to people, you can forget. But if it is rare then it hurts...Also depends who is on the other side.

Bikramjit said...

Well the title of ur article says it all


is the best thing, why bother about such hypocrite and selfish peole, They will meet the same in there life , you are much better off without them so

GO TO HELL is perfecttttttttttttt ;)

I have reaced a situation where I think I will be killing a few people to have relief :)


Adi Crazy said...

Say it when you feel like it, is what I follow. But then I'm not known for my compassion anyway, hehe. Loved your blog. Keep writing :)

Jack said...


React by all means to let the person know your feelings but it is the way one reacts which shows control over logical thinking. I do feel that to move away and ignore the person will have more positive affect without your losing control over your calm attitude. Take care


I know it is not easy to control one's hurt emotions but to maintain cool attitude helps. Take care


It does depend upon the concerned person but can we say such words to those not well known? And to those close, ignoring them and going on with your normal chores has more affect. Take care


I am so glad to see you here. I know it does make one feel relieved by uttering such words but it does also lead to other person retaliating thus escaling the issue. Take care


Welcome to my space. It is very easy to lose temper but hard to keep calm composure. Do try it by ignoring one who is annoying you and go about as if he or she is just not there. Take care

ritika said...

wow! this is what i felt like doing today, Exactly. and Do u know, how I replied! I smiled to the person, and looked into her eyes.. And that is it
! she couldn't figure out why i smiled 'coz she was expecting a very rude reply, as she spoke to me very rudely!!

Its been so long, I have been to your blog!! :))

Jack said...


She would be thinking all the time as to what hit her. That was the best way without losing your calmness. Take care

Live2cherish said...

Wow! you gave me all the ideas now. :))