Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Ankit and Ankita were like two sides of the same coin. They both had akin qualifications and were doing similar job, though in different departments. I had joined that organization a few weeks ago and could easily see that they were in love. He was elder by a couple of years. He was a migrant while she belonged the same place. Everyone expected them to get married soon. I interacted with employees as part of my job. A lot of them used to come to me if they faced any problem or had some suggestions for improvement in day to day activities. Both of them somehow got close to me and confided in me.

His parents had given their blessings but her father was reluctant. The reason being that Ankit or his family did not own any house in that place. They had property at their native place but due to law & order situation they had not been there for a long time. It was told that distant relatives who were there had taken over everything and it would need a lot of community persuasion or may be even litigation before they could get it back. She did not mind to go ahead with marriage without her family’s participation and he was firm that they would not do anything which can cause break up in relationships. They both were waiting that may be her father would agree some day.

About six months later it was learnt that her father had fixed her marriage with one of his friend’s son. She knew not only that boy but his family also very well. Her father put emotional pressure on her and she could not resist. In about 15 days she was married off. She was on leave for a month. In this time Ankit left for another company as he told me he would not like to cause any unwanted situation for her. On her return she tried to contact him but on her calling up he wished her all the best and told her to settle down happily with her husband. Once she told me that she misses him a lot and memories keep flooding her mind whenever she is in office. I advised her to change job so with change of environments it would be easy for her to overcome this mental condition. She did so within a short period.

Both of them kept in touch with me. I took care not to ever talk to them about other. She was blessed with twins, a boy and a girl, in about two years of marriage. Her husband is doing very well and is in a senior VP in his company. She too has done well in new company and is very respected by all there. His parents are staying with them, so children have proper care.

Ankit was sent abroad by his company for further training and on return he was sent to another city to set up new plant. He too got married the year she was blessed with twins. His parents had selected girl for him. He is very busy in his new assignment while she has her own boutique. They have a son. His parents too had moved with him.

My aim of narrating this was to bring out that it is not end of the world if we do not get what we desire. It is advisable to face the situation bravely and be logical in taking further decisions.


Neeha said...

I don't understand how can one hurt others so badly..
Great Moral..But difficult to implement in real life...
I have seen so many cases,working hard to emotionally free themselves from their past relations.
Take care.

Alka Gurha said...

Two tear drops were floating...It has been a decade. The news paper clipping of TOI, carefully cut from The Speaking Tree column lies in my diary. It had a short, simple, yet thought-provoking story.
Once, two tear drops were floating down the river of life. One teardrop asked, “Who are you?” The first one replied, “I was shed by a girl who loved a man but lost him. And who are you?” The other tear drop replied, “I was shed by the girl who got him."

joejoseph said...

read the post,its good news.

lastly get great person( vise prsident)my hearty congratulations both.

my prayer and blessings with you

preeti said...

I really like such practical couples. The fact remains that the first love can never be forgotten, but this is the best way the love can be respected.

Sakshi said...

sometimes, it becomes difficult to move on. but I salute those who have the guts to move on, and accept life as it is. but I also wonder if you actually do move on, and forget?

Ria said...

Good for them that they cud move on....its not so easy in every case though. Its a matter of what fate chooses for u and what u want.

Thankfully i dont have to be in such a situation...coz 2 months from now i'll b marrying the man i have loved all my life. :)

Ann said...

yeah.. it's not the end of the world.. Life goes on and we need to come out of bad phases beautifully.. Thanks for sharing this ..


Raj said...

i want to agree with you, but personally, sometimes it breaks you. you have given it so much mentally that the mere thought of failing forget actually failing is kind off unnerving.
anyways thankfully ram gopal verma hasnt contaced me yet. :D
and he better now, i have too many sides in me to give him what he would want :)

Raj said...

better not*. MAJOR TYPO :)

tanvii.com said...

What a beautiful narration! I am glad things worked out for them ...

Rashi said...

Nice to have read this. People really move on.

Jack said...

Before I reply to individual comments, may I clarify that I agree it is easier said than done but do give a thought is there any gain for anyone while fretting if there is absolutely no chance of getting what you desire? Would it not be advisable to move on keeping fond memories?


Does my above statement suffice as reply to your comment? Take care


Beautifully summed up. If the man keeps on fretting over the break up, second tear drop is an outcome. Take care

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. Thanks for supporting comments. Take care


First love can never be forgotton no matter how much one tries. It is best to keep fond memories. Take care


Do read my statement before I started replying individual comments. Also my reply to Preeti above. Take care

Jack said...


I am sure God will be kind and both of you will have many many years of togetherness with lots of love, success, happiness and peace. I had written a post FOR HAPPY FAMILY LIFE in 3 parts in Oct-Nov last year. Please do read that if you can and let me have your views. Take care


Right you are. One has to be practical and keep fond memories. Take care


Please do read my statement in the beginning before I started replying to individual comments. Take care

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. I am so grateful that you spent time to read my previous posts too and leave your views. Thanks a million. Kindly do read my statement in the beginning of my replies to comments individualy. I will visit you a s a p. Take care


So nice to see you here. If there is no other way isn't it advisable to move on keeping fond memories? Take care

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

i won't agree with the conclusion of the story much, Jack. If they really loved each other, they should have stood up and faced the world. They shuld have decided something for themselves, instead of just bowing down in fron of their parents.

We live just once.


Jayashree said...

I liked each and every post in your blog.. Its motivating and inspiring.
I would like to discuss a problem with you..
Awaiting your response.

Jack said...


I agree that for matters affecting own life one should take own decisions without bowing to conventional pressures but what I also believe is that when it becomes inevitable one has to take decision keeping all factors in mind and not just own selfish attitude. Secondly if I love girl from my heart truely I will never like her to suffer silently throughout life for my selfish wants. I have seen couples who did defy and not all but many of them did have feeling of guilt later in life. And mind you a few split later in a couple of years with girl being left in lurch.
Take care


Welcome to my space. I feel satisfied when someone is benefitted on my sharing my experiences and thoughts. If I can be of any support to you, I will feel I have fulfilled my duty. You may share it here if you wish to or write to me at my e mail id niceguy251@gmail.com .

Take care

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Uncle, hope u r doing well..

Read the post...i found a very good observation of feelings uncle.. the way the post has been written tell me that u had been putting ur efforts to make itr happen the best...

good moral uncle.. liked it.. happy to be here for this post aftre a lonnng time...

i was stuck up very badly with work...so couldnt spare time...will try and come here more often as earlier...

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

Having a good job and kids doesn't mean that a person is happy.
For us, they may seem like 2 happily married couples, but maybe on the inside, they are just 4 unhappy people.
It depends on how a person handles their baggage.

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

I just read the statement you made in the comments section. I'd like to believe that a person always has choices.
In the end, its the happiness ankita got in her life.
she could have gotten married against her fathers will and could get a lot of happiness and miss that bit of satisfaction in her life that she would have got with her father's consent.
she could have got the small satisfaction and lived unhappily ever after with the other man.

However, if she could find happiness in the marriage, I appreciate her moving on and forgetting or getting over the past.

suruchi said...

Hi Uncle Jack,
This is exactly what I tell to some 20 somethings who base their life on one time love that they feel they have fallen in...
Most youngsters STILL live in the belief that they can love only once n if that’s lost...all is gone...
There would be so much less pain if they understand that with time...life does move on n scares heal n pains disappear:-)

Jack said...


Nice to see you. One needs to know limits and decide with due consideration of all facts. Take care


What is happiness? Each person has own perception. I believe that happiness is in own hands. I had written about it long ago. And marriage is not just coming together of two individuals but it is of two families also. I agree one should stand up for own convictions and love but at the same time one needs to be clear that all factors should be taken into consideration before major decision is taken. If one has to move one, fond memories should be kept and all other thoughts pushed off. Take care


Thanks for supportive comment. Take care

Amrita said...

I firmly believe that every single step in life should have the blessings of elders, they make the impossible possible. There are somethings by instinct cos of which they deny relationships etc, and its always good to adhere to them. i have mostly seen people who have moved on end up being happy with their future partners. But then there are some cases, where children give up too easily, even parents need some convincing.
I hope the 2 people in question did find true love in their marriages and its commendable how they did it.