Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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It was colder than expected. I was little early for my morning walk. Dawn was slowly pushing the night away. There was hardly anyone else. I was alone on this long stretch of road. I was silently saying prayers as usual. Suddenly I felt as if someone was keeping pace with me on my side. I tried to see who was there from corner of my eye. I could not make out any shape. It was just a brilliant light encased in what seemed like mist. I was mystified. Then I heard a booming voice which seemed to come from heaven.

“ Son! I have been watching you for sometime and thought it is time to meet you.”

Tubelight with bad choke just lit up “ OMG! Is that you God?”

“Who else do you think I am?”

“ But God, I can hardly make out any shape or figure.”

“ I have no shape or figure but you people have given me different shapes or figures and names.”

“ OK, God! I sincerely apologize.”

“ It is OK. I am here today as I want to grant you one boon. What would you like to have, Son?”

After mulling over for some time, “ God! There are so many things which need to be rectified in this world so may I request you to empower me to do what I ever wish to.”

“ That is blanket power you are asking for, Son. What is in your mind which you wish to do?”

“ Well, God! You, of course, know I enjoy good things in life which includes admiring beauty - living or of mother nature. I do look at a gorgeous woman second time but beyond that is something which I feel is not decent. So the first thing I will do once you bless me with such power is to cast a spell by which as soon as someone starts eve-teasing, his bladder control will give way making him wet his pants or whatever in public becoming an object of ridicule.”

“ Noble thought, Son. What next?”

“ Well, God. Next on the list is that as soon as someone raises hand to snatch a chain or purse or bag etc he or she will freeze like in game statue statue. His or her vehicle, if any, will also seize.”

“ I agree, Son. There have been little too many of such happenings. Youngsters instead of working hard to have good life want to have it in easy way. What more do you have in mind?”

“ God, for the next I will need a lot of help from small living things. As soon as someone ventures to molest a girl or woman, all bees or wasps or mosquitoes or scorpions in near vicinity reach there and sting that person you know where before he can do any harm.”

“ Well, Son, that would be much better than victim facing trauma later during trials etc. What next?”

“ Well, God! In your area I am sure there is no problem with traffic as there are only few who use UDANGHATOLAS ( Flying Chariots ), but here with aggressive marketing and easy availability almost everyone has wheels, two or four. There are three wheeled demons too. They drive with no regard for other users of paths. Traffic lights are just show piece for most of them. Many people have reached you due to collisions as a result of disregards for traffic sense. So what I will do is that the moment someone thinks of jumping a traffic light or do some other such thing endangering others, his or her vehicle will brake automatically till the light turns green or there is no danger to someone due to his or her likely acts.”

“ Son, I too am aghast that so many persons reach me at such young age and so badly mangled due to someone else’s fault. This will reduce such untimely departure of persons to a large extent. Let me know what is next?

“Yes, God. You are of course aware that there are many persons who are so greedy that they have amassed wealth beyond means in untraceable accounts here and abroad by looting the country thus paralyzing the system. I would cast spell that such persons including their near & dear ones whom they love and care for are paralysed with only seeing & hearing power intact. The main person would get message like pop ups on computer that they will recover only when he or she gives back all the ill gotten wealth to the treasury and such recovery process would start only once vow is taken to return the wealth. Such recovery will start with his or her partial recovery first only to enable fulfillment of vow and on completion of return of such wealth, they all will recover fully.”

“ Hmmmmmmm, Son, there are many more person apart from them who use unfair means for making money. How about them?”

“ They will change once big fish is in the net, isn’t it God?”

“ Yes, Son. Anything before I go back as there is so much to be done.”

“ Well, God, there is so much more needed but I will say the last but not the least for what is growing beyond limits. There are some persons who by invoking your name indulge in activities which I am sure are not approved by you too. Something needs to be done on that issue too.”

“ Son, I am already taking care of such persons. When they finally come to me beaming with pride and looking for rewards from me, I send them back to earth but on the side of victims so they taste their own medicine.”

I felt someone nudging my side and found that my wife was shaking me saying “ What are you muttering in sleep? Are you going senile in old age? It is time to get up now and take the dog for morning round.”


MissTerious♥ said...

Beautifully written...!
One of a kind.


Heavenly God and his child's conversations....Priceless...!

Deepika Vasudeva said...

this one needs to be published in every newspaper so that everyone has the privilege to read it and get the lessons.

you have brought light on many issues which are of concern of today's world and nothing is being done to curb them... i wish the story was true and god would actually do the exact things u asked for.

take care. do tell your wife about this dream :)

haya said...

Amazing post!
Loved it, and I am pleased to know that there are people in our world, who actually believe in God, unlike many atheists .

ash89 said...

That was a wonderful read! Loved it!

rohini said...

beautiful way of writing...believe the belief:)

Alka Gurha said...

Interesting way of making a point. These days making fast money is most important. How that money comes is not....But quick easy money can come only via KBC or lottery tickets.

Scribbling Girl said...

wow this was different and i loved the way u narrated it.I totally loved it :)

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...


that was lovely, and more than that hilarious :))Was laughing all the time.

esp liked wet his pants thing!!

Written beautifully :)


suruchi said...

Wow Uncle J,
You should join politics...
Kuch to cleansing ho jaayega...
Such a noble thought...
I’ve always prayed for a magic wand for me...
Now I’ll pray for a wand for both of us:-)

Chandrika Shubham said...

If corruption can be reduced then it will decrease mental tension and increase peace in general in lives of all of us.

As always beautiful message conveyed.

Jigyasa said...

I am totally amazed. Every bit of it is so true & so required!

I wish this dream comes true Uncle J. How about sending it to TOI, HT etc....let the readers see this dream through your words!

Keep Smiling.

Raj said...

lol. that as awesome. seriously.

Ria said...

This was just so beautiful!! Loved ur thoughts.

Jack said...


I feel so happy that you found it interesting. Take care


I try to bring out evils in our day to day life with hope that things may change for better. Take care


I am glad that you liked it. Those who do not believe in existance of God have no answer when asked to explain what runs this world with so many diversities. Take care


Thanks for such encouraging comment. Take care

Jack said...


Thanks for encouragement. Take care


Do people have patience or knowledge for KBC or luck for lottaries? Take care

S G :

You made my day with your comment. Take care


Would it not be nice if that could happen? I am glad that you found it hillarious. Take care


Politics, oh! they already have houseful. If I get the wand, I will hand it over to you as I trust you will be better to use it. Take care

Jack said...


It is true. But will it happen? Take care


Thanks for the idea. I will explore my contacts to see if that is possible. Take care


Welcome to my space. I am happy that you found it worthwhile. Do let me know your views on my older posts too. I will visit you a s a p. Take care


I am so moved by your comments. Take care

Raj said...

sir! you dont have to welcome me to your space everytime!!!
and i will get to the older posts. rather slowly but eventually :P

Amrita said...

cute :)u really think about small but important things

Komal Ali said...

:) Lovely.
Hope the dream comes true.

Agreed with Deepika.

Jack said...


May be age catching up playing tricks with my memory. Take care


So nice to see you after a long time. I do have some strong convictions. Take care


I too wish this dream comes true. Life would be so nice then, isn't it? Take care said...

Again, beautifully written and a nobel thought! Definitely needs to be published!

Always Happy said...


I will cal you Uncle Jack from now on? YOu ok with that uncle?

I just read this post and absolutely love it. So beautifully written and very thoughtful and real wishes. I wish God had granted them all.

I so love your blog. I will revisit to read more posts.

Kind regards
Always Happy

Furree Katt said...

great stuff, sir! the ending was quite unexpected.