Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Finally I am back as our internet has been shifted. So here I am with you all again. It will take some days before I can visit all of you and also reply to your comments. Please bear with me.

On shifting out of Vasant Kunj after second stint stay of more than a decade to Dwarka, I was out exploring the market area of new place to see if all my necessities are available. The market is well spread and comparable to Connaught Place. So I decided to look around over a couple of days at leisure. Driving does not let you have a proper look making one can miss out what is on search radar . As the market was within comfortable distance, I decided to walk from the complex we had our new abode. I did find what all I was looking for within my walking distance and that made me quite happy. But what I am going to tell you is something which we all must give a thought to.

I found the market to be upscale. The gentry seemed to be educated and well placed in life. I found a lady looking for place to park her car and all the while she was loudly cursing others for parking their cars haphazardly making it difficult for her to find parking space. And when she did find space, she parked her car blocking exit of at least another car as well as a couple of two wheelers. This set me thinking when we do not want others to do something wrong do we have right to do wrong ourselves?


Raj said...

pity that.
they say you should leave the bathroom in the state you wish to see it when you come back.
but then they say a lot of things no one listens to.

tanvii.com said...

Typical. Well only if people had the understanding to do as they wished to be done to them. I guess it is never going to change

Upasna said...

Oh see it everywhere. Infact had a very upsetting experience- when this woman tried to push everyone to enter the train and later complained when someone else got the seat first calling the other person uncouth...seriously annoying...

Ria said...

So true....ppl do this all the time, i call it double standards when ppl think tht what applies to others doesnt apply to them!!

Amrita said...

happens all the time sirjee, i once read on a t shirt,do unto others as u want them to do unto others. i think most ppl have taken this seriously.

Jack said...


True. Take care


It does seem that way but we can at least do our bit. Take care


A typical example. Take care


We do feel that others must do what is good while we may go on as we wish to. Take care


That is what people feel is right. Take care

Starry-eyed nut said...

People do this all the tim, but to be fair to her, maybe thats the only space she found!

Ann said...

I know people behave like this. But we must always remember "Practice what you preach..."

Jack said...


Congratulations. Navigated from your comment to see if you are back and I am so glad I did so or I would have missed the GOOD news. I would have visited you may be after a few days to check. Please give a nice hug to Poppins from my side. I will read pending posts soon. There was more space little distance away but she did not seem to have patience to look more. Take care


How many of us do believe in this saying? Take care

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Hey Jack! How have u been?

well, it is rightly said that education is what you still remember, when you have forgotten what you studied in your books. We are educated only for jobs but really we lack the common sense, forget about wisdom for the common good.

I know, how u would have felt then!


Jack said...


Nice to see you.

Absolute truth. Our education system is only to prepare us for jobs or vocation but not how to live civily in a society.

Take care