Saturday, December 25, 2010


This is with no intentions to hurt anyone’s sentiments. It is my personal thought. While I fully respect all religions but also feel that faith is choice of an individual.

I was so amazed to read that there have been objections by some organization on religious tattoo of some TV artiste and this is the second instance it has been stated. If someone is so strongly religious that he or she wants to have a religious symbol embossed on body without showing any disrespect why should there be any hue and cry? As seen in the picture she has tattoo on left side of chest, thus showing deep respect to the symbol having it close to her heart all the time. I would be the first person to raise an objection, without any bias of religion, if it was on any part of body showing disrespect. Those who point finger at any one for showing disrespect should first search their own heart to see if they have never done anything against the tenets of their religion. Can we not have little open mind on such matters? Or do we have so much of time at hands that we waste it on such matters instead of concentrating on some constructive work? There are so many persons in need of help for something or the other, should we not utilize our time and efforts for that?


Amrita said...

I completely agree with you, religion is a personal thing, you follow what you want to, what makes you closer to God, let others do what they want to. Religious symbols are man made, not God made. So any one can use them anyway they want. In many countries like the US, they wear the flag as clothing material , even as shorts and all,its ok by the law there. But then when it comes to patriotism they are very very patriotic. In India, we upheld 'symbols' of India, but I think more than that, its important to be patriotic within than how symbols are being used.

Deepika Vasudeva said...

hmm.. thats right
'those' ppl are actually too busy to get in this type of arguments... religion is nothing more than faith. i m god fearing.. i believe in every religion.. in fact in spite of being Hindu i m seen in churches more often then some of my fellow Christians..
its all in the mind set of some 'busy' ppl... who have no other work then criticizing some innocent.

Alka Gurha said...

Agree..But what to do? We are a garrulous, interfering lot. Right or wrong, we have opinions on everything.

Anonymous said...

Rightly said Jack!! i agree that some people in our society become extremely Rigid and difficult to understand ... that are the biggest hypocrites on this planet, because they forget even about humanity when they spread communal riots in the name of religion...

suruchi said...

often when a hue n cry is made about can be sure that it is a matter that least deserves it...
n those that do remain hidden in anonymity!
sad but true!

Starry-eyed nut said...

But isn't this rigidity true across most things?Marriages, babies, jobs et al! Its a very un-bending world we live in.

Sakshi said...

Religion, faith and above all your own belief is a matter of personal choice. And an extremely personal choice. And when people make a hue and cry about things that are extremely personal to you then, we should really stop bothering.
It is because we bother so much and give a reaction that 'those' people get a chance to add fuel to fire!!

PS: Just been super busy & lazy! So sorry for the late comment.

Ellen said...

Externalities do not much count where it should matter. It's what is contained within.. in the heart.. that decides the extent or degree of one's beliefs. Besides I would think that God does not bother about the externalities of one's faith but He rather looks straight to the heart of men. It's what is in there that matters to Him.

Jack said...

AMRITA : God has no form or figure. It is we who give it to have some image in our mind. God is within each of us and guides us to the right path provided we understand. Take care


One should believe in being sincere and honest. Take care


We can at least begin with our ownself to be open minded and compassionate. We can also try to inculcate it in our near & dear ones. Take care


Those who incite communal violence do not understand tenets of religion they follow. It is their selfish motives which guide them. Take care

Jack said...


I feel these persons hunger for attention within their organisation and wish to have power. Take care


We definitely need to be more practical and adapt to changes as the time flows. Take care


That is the best medcine for such persons but unfortunately media does play up such actions.
Take care


Very true. God is within each of us and our silent but sincere prayers reach God faster than any pomp & show prayers. Take care