Friday, July 12, 2013


OMG, it is one month since I wrote anything and hardly visited my friends here. Let me try to make up for that.

I had started writing this post before I became unwell, so in all fairness I thought I should complete it.

“ I was very small, may be just a few weeks old, when I was separated from my mother and siblings. When I had opened my eyes and saw the world, I realized that we were 5 siblings. We all were black like our mother and looked alike but only I had white patch on my tail. We used to snuggle upto our mother who used to feed us with milk. We all squirmed to get in better position. It was just a day after I had started seeing everything that I was picked up by giant of a person and taken away.

At my new home there are number of other persons around who squealed in delight on seeing me tumbling around but I missed my mother and siblings. These persons look funny as they are big in varying sizes and walk on their hind feet. There is only one small one who walks on all fours like me and he keeps chasing me all the time. A few days ago he also has started standing on hind feet, though falls down often. When he takes tumbling steps on hind feet, all big ones make lot of noise clapping. Even I made efforts to stand on hind feet to please them. I have learnt to do so after a lot of effort but for a short while. At such times those near me laugh and offer me my favourite tidbits. They all pick me up often and cuddle me making funny sounds. I found that if I reciprocated by wagging my tail I am mostly rewarded with some tidbits which I like. Now I have got used to them and have started enjoying my time.

They have even made a soft place for me to sleep. Water in a pot is kept next to it and also another one in which they put things for me to eat. They give me tasty food and milk also. They never let me go out at my own. Always someone puts something around my neck with a rope in it before taking me out for walk. At times they remove the rope and play with me on the grass in front of the house. Life seems to be happy presently. “

Don’t you think your pet may be having such thoughts?


S. Mahnoor Shah said...

I always wondered that.

Ellen said...

Welcome back to the writing, Jack!

I have three dogs in the house and a cat. They are part of the family too. It would be nice to be able to read their thoughts but since we can't, the only gauge we have to understand how they feel towards their humans is their love and devotion towards them. Actions speak louder than words is true also in the animal kingdom.

:-) Take care always. Enjoy your day. There's plenty of blessings God has showered upon it for you.


Jyoti Mishra said...

Welcome Back Uncle..
hope you are doing well :)

ohh yeah I've always thought about that.. only if they can communicate we would know for sure :)

Jack said...


Would it not be wonderful if we could understand what they wish to say? Take care


They do communication their likes and dislikes very effectively, isn't it? Take care


It would be so heavenly if we could speak to each other, isn't it? Take care