Saturday, September 10, 2011


Do we really know what is in store the very next moment for us? I am not referring to Bomb Blasts but in normal course of life. We may feel so secure but what happens is something which we really never expect most of the times. To substantiate my view let me tell you of an incident which occurred a couple of days ago.

I was walking back from market in the late afternoon when there was a loud noise like big cracker burst. When I looked towards to direction of the noise, I saw a rickshaw toppling on its left side. The rear left wheel rim which was very old and rusty had buckled up leading to tyre burst. As the rickshaw fell on its side a child of about 3 years fell out crying. While rushing towards the site I saw an elderly woman tumbling out while second one was stuck in the buckled up rickshaw. A number of other persons also rushed to aid. The child was picked up by a woman who started consoling her. The elderly woman was not hurt but badly shaken. The rickshaw puller who had fallen on side got up and made efforts with others to extricate the woman who was inside the wreckage. She was taken out in a couple of minutes and had no visible injury except she was rubbing her shoulder. She took the child in her arms to stop her from crying. Luckily the traffic was light and there was no major mishap. On seeing that everything was under control and no major damage done, I moved off as I did not want to add to the crowd.

My question is would those who were in the rickshaw have ever dreamt of what was going to happen in next moment?


TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

I dont think you can ever know what's in store for you! Anything can happen at any moment...

You just do the best you can in every situation, enjoy every moment and hope that everything turns out well.. We can control situations to a certain extent but after that its all about being content and satisfied and telling yourself 'yes i did my best', and leaving the rest to The Big Guy up there! :)

Live2cherish said...

Ignorance is bliss. The people in rickshaw if were aware of the mishap would not have lived the normal moments before the mishap.

Ritika said...

Every mishap is never thought by the recipients. I don't know, i feel sad when i read something like this. A person moves out of the house, and there is no cent percent guarantee that he'll return. It's sad. But its the reality.

Harman said...

it very sad..scary..
people r killed..for no fault of them...
Country need to tighten the security..
so many times it has happened!

Shruti said...

It is very upsetting to hear about bomb blasts.. Brings back so many ugly memories to me. What would be the appropriate question here? exactly how weak is our system? or why did some human beings stop being human!

Sh@s said...

Life is unpredictable and so is the future.

Ann said...

I think rather than concentrating on future.. we must live in our present.. coz we can't control inevitable.. so i think this is the best way to live life :)

Sakshi said...

You really can't predict anything that can happen the next moment. I know of loads of incidents that have happened with me personally, that have changed the course if what I had really thought about.

What we can really do is, be thankful for the life that we have and live each moment to the fullest!

Anonymous said...

Of course not. If you look at negative side, it does triggers so many thoughts, but if you positively, you can thank God that it wasn't a train accident or any other vehicle for that matter(also the lesser traffic, is another +).

To say, one can always say that one has to live every moment, etc etc. but everything fades in time. At times you can't do anything but to go the way life takes you.

suvaiba fatima ahmed said...

no ofcorse not...
and to share with i just fell down from a rickshaw infront of a truck..! and was saved by some one..! :) so you never know even on a rickshaw or on a mercedes ..! its all played up there.. just relax is the mantra probably..! :)

Chandrika Shubham said...

Nobody can tell what will happen next moment.

Erratic Thoughts said...

It's impossible to predict what can happen in the next moment let alone expecting a burst tyre!
Let us not consider only mishaps, miracles would not be miracles if they don't come out of nowhere,isn't it?
Live like it's your last moment:)

☆ Rià ღ said...

Life is unpredictable...and all we can do is to be prepared for the future which is unknown.

Jack said...


You have said what I wanted to convey so well. Take care

L2C :

So true. They may have panicked leading to bigger mishap. Take care


One should carry on with normal life without worrying and hope that all goes well. Take care


It is not only bomb blasts but so many other mishaps which occur. Take care

Jack said...


Those who indulge in such acts are not sane. But it is not only that but anything can happen. Take care

SH@S :

So true. Take care


You said what is right. Take care

Jack said...


Yes, we should live life gainfully and happily. Take care

MS N :

True. We should not have negative thoughts but live life cheerfully. Take care


I am so glad you were not hurt. God be thanked. You are right, one needs to have faith and relax. Take care

Jack said...


So nice to see you here. What you say is so true. Take care

E T :

True, it is not only mishaps but miracles too which happen. So faith is important. Take care


You are right one should be mentally prepared for everything to happen in future. Take care

Rohit said...

Your post reminded me of an old Punjabi song:

Ki Dam Da Bharosa Yaar
Dam Aave Na Aave,
Chad Jhagre Te Kar Le Pyar
Dam Aave Na Aave,
Nahin Aauna Dooji Vaar
Dam Aave Na Aave.

We'll not get a second life.
Live Life Happily!!

Jigyasa said...

The incident is unfortunate....but Life is like that only! We need to live each day as there is no tomorrow!

Smile Uncle J. Keep Faith.

Amigo said...

yep agreed..Life is full of surprises..Good / makes you stronger and dynamic every day...i like reading your posts...its nice :)

Jack said...


How I wish everyone can keep that in mind. Take care


Yes, we need to live each day happily with following what our conscience says. Take care


Welcome to my space. I feel so happy that you like what I write. Please do keep giving your valuable feedbacks. Take care

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

:O Wow!

rohini said...

wat i think is no one predict future......even the astrolgers change their verdict if u go to them after few days...
but yes for many of us like me...knowing wat future holds is an interesting thing to know...although i dnt take it seriously....

and uncle hru??

Gayu said...

Life is Unpredictable...any thing acn happen any live life to the fullest....njoy this very minute....
A relative of mine is detected with Uterus Cancer, and I am very much disturbed since the time I have heard that.

Take care uncle

Jack said...


Do you agree with what I said? Take care


I am so glad to see you after such a long time. Hope all is well. Professional astrologers mostly do not say anything which is not to your liking. Each one differs from other many times, with some similarities also. So best is to live as per your conscience. Take care


I am sorry to hear about your relative. Hope she recovers with surgery. I agree with you to live life to the fullest following your conscience. Take care

Suruchi said...

life they say is what happens when we are busy making other plans:-)

Jyoti Mishra said...

This is the place where I can say nothing can be done... there is no way we can anticipate what is awaiting for us in time ahead.

Nice read as ever !!!

Jack said...


You summed up so well what I tried to say. Take care


We surely do not know what is next and that is what we must keep in mind while dealing with others. This is what I have brought out in my next post. Take care

Purba said...

I remember when my sari got caught in the spokes of the rickshaw i was traveling in. Thankfully he stopped on time. But my sari was stuck badly. A sardarjee out for his morning walk lifted the cycle with me sitting on it and unwound my sari :)

Jack said...


One needs to be there for help if anyone needs it. My hats off to that Sardarji.

Take care

Mannu said...

Sir, u blogs are truely very enlightening, and not just for what u write but also for getting a responses u get which help me build an insight on how our Indian masses feel.
I am the 31st responder to this blog. And before I make the response, may i tell that I am also a Safety Officer on merchant ships and I am often given a training to attend to this kind of accidents too.
U know what, the training course, often designed by the foreigners says that "Indian culture have less uncertainity-avoidance disposition." U should refer to the Geerte Hofstede study on cultural dimensions, which are easily accesible on internet, to learn more on this.
All the thrity responses I read have expressed sorry pn the accident, and all including yourself have expressed a complete incapacitation on human beings to avoid such events.
Abroad, there are often times books and material written on such aspects of life too, the uncertainties , which sometime may also exist for simple reasons such as - the performer of a task was noice and inexperienced although the uncertainity has been previopusly experienced too.
Our "Code of Safe Practises for Merchant Seamen" is one such publication, which is printed under the seal of United Kingdom Her Majesty's Sattionery office (UK-HMSO).
This richshwaw toppling incident is also new for the two travellers and the young child, but surely not for the entire manking. We have many times heard of them. Is it not time that we built a kind of data bank on such kinds of uncertainities and make it a part of school curiculam for knowledge to be transfere to young children.??

Jack said...


It is so good of you to give such in depth view. I agree we lack on taking precautions to avoid accidents but my contention of narrating was not on that but to say that do we ever know what is going to happen next moment. While driving out first time in the day I do check tyre pressure, test brakes as soon as I roll out but can I foresee road caving in due to whatever be the reasons? I will avoid potholes but on a plain road do I think of any mishap? Sahib Singh ex-CM of Delhi died in a road accident. He was in car being driven in the correct lane on highway. There was wide road divider between them and traffic coming from opposite direction but a truck had some snag and jumped over the divider hitting their car. Now what precautions could be taken in this case? My contention is that inspite of all caution we do not know what is in store the very next moment.

Take care