Friday, September 16, 2011


Time does not wait for anyone. Age catches up no matter how much one tries to keep it at bay. Some age faster while some do it slowly due to their regulated life style. I think I can say this with conviction as I turned 66 this month. With age comes experience as well as an attitude of being KNOW ALL. Former is to be shared while later is to be avoided. The former too should be not forced on to someone but only when asked for and in a way of making suggestions letting the involved person take own decisions. With age the battery does get low as one cannot do what one could years earlier. This is happening to me too and I find myself though willing but not able to visit my friends here to read what you all write. I have a habit that when I visit, I do not just read the latest post but like to catch up with all pending ones too which makes me even slower in making rounds. So please bear with me, I will be there as soon as I can.

Now after this preamble let me come to what I have in mind. I was reflecting on years gone by vis-à-vis what I said in my previous post about we do not know what lies in store the very next moment. All of you who gave feedback opined that it is so true and most said that live life as it comes today. I have not been a saint but at the same time I have not been a rogue. I learnt from my mistakes and followed my conscience always. I could never be a YESMAN but learnt to give my dissenting views diplomatically. I do enjoy my drink in the evening, love good things in life and also appreciate beauty – of nature or human, later within limits, of course. I did flirt but only to lift sagging spirits of someone who needed it. What I want to convey now is keeping in view that we do not know what lies in store for us, WHY DO WE DO SOMETHING WHICH WE DO NOT WANT OTHERS TO DO TO US? You may blame this question on my age catching up.


rohini said...

As ur post's heading's age catches up our own life of the past...
the realisation only comes after the happening...
it is with everyone

CATGIRL !! said...

hmmm...i felt aged at around 20.. dats wat my cousins sed so..i was sooo boring..perhaps i still am.. infact i feel m a case of reverse ageing i m nearing 30s i wanna do teh teenager things i missed deliberately as iw as busy being pensive .....

Live2cherish said...

Before i forget, Happy Belated Birthday.
Now, oh common! isn't age relative?
Recently, a 6yrs younger sibling of mine commented : "i wont understand [certain xyz] as its new generation thing". I wanted to slide in earth that very moment. You are the last one i expected to talk of age!

Suruchi said...

happy birthday n here's wishing u a century soon..,you've lived a good life and are so much more of an ideal sixty year old than anyone I continue to do what you are doing!

age to catch up kar he rahe hain...hum thoda aur zor se bhaag le to evade it:-)

Thinking said...

hmmm....mostly we want to hurt other...that's why we do things which we don't like anyone do with us... is a good teacher...but never give you second chance...

So far...I am in my middle age...learned that...

Age effect us so...that when we started aging we come to know what really wisdom is....

Nice post !

Harman said...

..nice to know abt ya turning ^^66 ..
we are well behind you and will be in those shoes very soon..
Life is what we make of...its not yrs But wisdom to be counted!

suvaiba fatima ahmed said...

my mails waiting a reply..!
anywayz..! i do agree..!
and again a masterpiece. of words..!
Age is that very asset with witch we learn the essence of decisions..! ours and even our parents..! :)

Alka Gurha said...

Happy Birthday, Jack. Wish you health happiness always.

Nikita said...

but you are like 22 year old..

Mishi said...

awwww your spirit is way too young then your age Jack..Thankz for being here with have no idea how much I learn from you..your experiences guide me and your words are words of wisdom..please always be there for us:-)

Mishi said...

awwww your spirit is way too young then your age Jack..Thankz for being here with have no idea how much I learn from you..your experiences guide me and your words are words of wisdom..please always be there for us:-)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Uncle,

That's amazingly reflects the aspiration in you, which makes me realize that you are going to rock irrespective if age... because of the just same old fact that the age is for body not for mind..

Its ok if u can not catch some posts.. take time, ur comments on your rounds catching all pending posts is what i admire the most :)


PS: Got the E-mail.. will do soon..

Jack said...


So true! Visited your space yesterday but no new post. Hope all is well. Take care


One is as old or young what one feels in mind. But as one grows up it may not be advisable to do something which does not fit in with the age in years, like I can not start jumping around when I have ice cream but I will have it as I like it. Why did you behave so mature at young age? Keep the child within you live and do enjoy life the way you wish to without bothering about what others may think. Take care

L 2 C :

Thanks a lot. You made my day. True, age is relative. Even while getting on years one should keep in touch with what is going on in the new generation. I may not go around like them but I will definitely know what is what. However one does feel age physically, I can not run as fast as I could do few years ago. Take care


Such wishes from a young niece have touched my heart. I owe you a treat when you come here next, with Seeya of course. Take care

Jack said...


So true! When we are young we do not realise the futility of doing something which we do not like to be done to us but as we grow understanding comes. What middle age, young lady? You are still in prime of life so enjoy it. Take care


It is not years which count but wisdom, so rightly said. And it is not number of years which make one wise but how one learns while growing up. And young lady you are still way behind. Enjoy life till years start showing physically. Take care


Thanks for such supportive views. I will be getting back after replying to all comments here. Take care


Thanks for you wishes. I made a flying visit to your space yesterday and found so much to catch up with. Will be there soon. Take care

Jack said...


Do I take it as compliment? I think I will. Thanks. Visited your space for briefly and there is so much to catch up. However I was glad to see happy posts. I thought you were to get in contact but no reply to my mail so far. Take care


I am so moved by your words. I can not find words to express how I feel. You have given me motivation to share as much as I can. How is your brother taking on his responsibilities? Do write, if you wish to. Take care


I as so grateful for such supportive views. I agree age is in mind but one has to keep physical side also in view. I will try to visit as quickly as I can so I do not have to catch up with a lot of pending posts which I will never like to miss. Do reply as soon as you can. Take care

Mishi said...


my brother is getting better now..he is changing back to normal:-) and yes I really mean that..keep writing Jack..we need your wisdom:-)

Humaira Anwar said...

uncle jack! i have heard growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional so i hope only few times when you feel blue ; rest of the time you are going green.
Also if we just for once start realising the fact or atleast starting imagining ourselves dressed up in other's position we will be much better behave humans.

I guess there is alot to control e.g. not to back bite as it is highly expected that the time we step out, people start the very same for us . How would it feel to hear about you through many mouths something thats is absolutely ugly .

so a very eloquent question yet again =)

take care.

Ritika said...

You must be a proud grandfather by now. Wish you a very happy Birthday.

We all live and we all die. This is the eternal truth.

Sophia Ali said...

Dear Uncle Jack, Belated birthday wishes..

Nice post and love the wisdom coming from you.

I'll conclude with this lovely quote - We grow neither better or worse as we get old, but more like ourselves. ~ May L. Becker ~

Erratic Thoughts said...

Hey Belated Happy Birthday, Uncle Jack:)
You know I was surprised to see you speaking on aging. With your spirits you could challenge a teenager single-handedly. A player like you has many more centuries to make :)

To your question, I'd say I generally avoid doing something which I don't like somebody else doing to me. One of those is, when somebody is angry they generally do not think before speaking and that can unknowingly hurt somebody.
When I'm angry I just shut up and let myself cool down, think sensibly and subtly send across my message and make the other person realize it. It's difficult to stay silent for that long sometimes but I try to manage...

~Cheers to you :)

Sakshi said...

We all learn, at all ages.. that is life. But from whatever I have known you, through our conversations, you are a gem of a person.. :) And be like that!

Jack said...


I am happy to know that. Please do give him due space and involve him with motivation without show of authority. Take care


Rightly said, growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional. One should not start behaving like an old foggy but share wisdom gained with understanding the need of others. I agree there are so many things we need to understand and if we can do what we want others to do to us, the life will become so pleasant. Take care


So I am. Two from daughter's side and one from son's side. We all have to leave the stage once our role is over but our effort should be that we leave something behind to be remembered with love. Take care

Jack said...


Thanks for wishes and thanks again for sharing such wise quote. Take care

E T :

Thanks for wishes. One feels as old as is in mind. We do need to grow up with getting older. But gracefully without becoming pain for anyone. You do very wise thing by staying quiet when angry as one does lose sense of rightness that time. Silent treatment works wonders but at times one needs to tell other party politely and firmly that he or she is wrong. Take care


Learning is a never ending process. We learn not only from elders but even youngsters, not only from those thought as wise ones but even from a uneducated worker. You have totally stumped me and I am at a loss of words to say anything. I will make best of my efforts to live upto your expectations. Take care

Gayu said...

Hello uncle how are u??? Ur post made me emotional...Happy B'day uncle

Take care:)

Niya said...

simply because human beings are selfish by nature. or rather cruel too.. we kill animals, uproot the plants and never think about what we'll feel like when someone kiss us.. we call our self the fruit of evolution with this super fruit called emotions, but i believe we are the over ripe fruits of evolution

Jack said...


Thank you for your wishes and your words touched emotional chord in me too. Take care


Welcome to my space. I agree with you that basically we are programmed to be selfish and at times cruel too. We do not seem to be caring for anyone or anything as long as our needs are met. The realisation of such acts comes only as we grow up in years as well as in mind. Hope to have your valuable views often. Take care

Purba said...

A very insightful post Jack. There are times when we speed by an accident victim and I am racked with guilt. What if it is me on the road, bleeding, waiting for someone to help me!

And thank you for you patience and your beautiful comments on my blogposts :)

Jack said...


Nice to see you. We should always keep in mind to do what is right as per our conscience. The pleasure of reading your posts in mine.

Take care

Shruti said...

You turned 66 and I had no clue!! One can never say that reading your posts. You are always full of so much energy and thoughtful.. You also connect with this generation so well.
Age is just number for me.. but yeah the society keeps reminding us of our age isn't it? Now they tell me 'u r old enough for marriage' and 2 years later they'd tell me 'u r too old, u should have kids now'. That apart.. I like growing old because with each passing year, I find myself more confident, more mature, more beautiful and wiser :)


Jack said...


I am so moved by your words. I do try to keep abreast with what is going on and also interact with youngsters in order to give them suggestions, but only when they ask for. Society will always have something to say. Best is to listen but do what own conscience allows. Take care

Nidhi said...

Belated happt birthday! You know 66 is not that old! :P

Jack said...


Thanks for your wishes and pepping me up by saying that 66 is not that old. However now that I am officially a Senior Citizen and have gone beyond the average expected age, I feel that God be thanked for letting me come this far. Age does not bar me from learning and sharing my experience. Hope to do so till I get recalled by Creator. Take care