Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Day before yesterday there was an evening get together of the organization where I started my working career. This is an annual affair. I was keen to attend that as it gives an opportunity to meet old colleagues. I did not want to tire myself before going there, so I thought of relaxing at home. But as the luck would have it I had to go out for an urgent chore. I had just driven 3 kms when I felt some funny behavior of the car, which is Maruti Zen Estilo only 1 ½ year half old with just little over 10 thousand kms logged. Sure enough, after wait for green signal at the traffic light it would not budge on engaging gear but engine would race well. I knew it that it is clutch problem. So I got it pushed to side with the help of passing Police PCR, which was a surprise as they did not say anything but gave help. I called up the authorised workshop where I normally go. Their service engineer was with me in a little while and confirmed that it needs to be taken to workshop. So it was towed a distance of about 12 kms. It was confirmed that clutch needs to be opened for replacing parts which had given way. So I was without car for the evening.

All this while I was busy in tying ups for taking it to workshop with no other thought in mind but after it was left there I thought “ Thank God it happened now when I could call for help, had it happened in the evening on my way back from get together I would have been stranded.”

My idea of sharing this is that no matter what the situation be one should not give up positive thinking. Everything happens for some reason beneficial to us.

PS : I did attend the get together as an old colleague staying little distance away was kind enough to take me along.


Thinking said... always happened to me...

Whenever I have somewhere to go on invitation...something like this happens...

But yes...we should be positive about everything which come to us... did you manage to go to your party or not?

Live2cherish said...

so true!
As they say: sometimes knock of failure is natures way of pampering you for better times.

Harman said...

so true to every word!
Positive thoughts and attitudes help everyone!
be it society,individual or family!

Harman said...
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TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Positive thinking always helps! Thanks for sharing!

p.s - I also wanted to thank you for your comments on each and every post of mine. I was touched that you took time to read every single post that you missed! It feels good to be appreciated for one's hard work :) Thanks a lot!

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Uncle, everything happens for a reason, and that builds our attitude..
Thanks fr sharing this..

☆ Rià ღ said...

Thanks so much for sharing this Uncle J...Hope u managed to go to the party.

Jyoti Mishra said...

yeah.... things happen 4 a reason.
well the best thing abt this whole incident was u gt the company of you friend all the way :)

Anonymous said...

I completely believe in it , If we keep faith that we can help ourselves any time , it definitely brings us out from a challenging situation.

Suruchi said...

This is positivity at its best Uncle J...It is great that you are setting such an amazing example for all of us:-)

viddhi said...


♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

Thats a really good thought to share. I believe that everything happens for the good too (though my blog posts might not give u that idea)
One day I missed a direct bus home, but believed it happened for the good. Sure enough, I met a really friend at the bus stop a few minutes later :)

Hope u had a nice evening!

Arooj said...

yai bhi theek kha :-)

be happy in every situation...

Jack said...


Please do share some of your experiences. Yes, I went to the get together as I added later in PS. Take care

L2C :

I agree with you. Take care


How I wish that we as society also can have positive attitude. Or for that matter a family also. Take care


Yes, it surely does. I am sorry I visit after long gaps due to age or whatever you may say but it is a pleasure to read your posts. Take care

Jack said...


Our positive attitude helps in keeping our efforts going and make us finally achieve our goal. Take care


I attended the get together as mentioned in PS later. Take care


So very true. We spent travelling time catching up with all what happened and icing on cake was that there was another friend with him whom I met after almost a decade.
Take care


So nice to see you. It is a fact that with faith we can face any challenging situation. Take care

Jack said...


I will be so satisfied if anyone is benefited by my sharing experiences. Tale care


Thanks for support. Take care


It does give such happiness when you meet someone unexpectedly. Take care


UPARWAALA SAB KUCHH HAMAARE LIYE THEEK KARTAA HAI. We should keep positive attitude always.
Take care

Neha said...

How very true! We often curse those moments and fail to see the good in them, only to realize it later.

Thanks for sharing. It's the little things that we need to remember in times of need.

Sakshi said...

Phew! I am glad that things got well in the end! :)

And a great lesson to be kept in mind, always! :)

Ruprekha said...

A lovely little post, yes, it does help thinking positive! The kind of life we lead today dealing with endless difficulties, it would not be possible to live a healthy life if we do not think positive.

Alka Gurha said...

What a great life lesson...Did you attend the party?
Your optimism is infectious.

Gayu said...

yes...positive thinking really works. Remember I started the 7 days of positivity in my helped me to focus on the positive side of each situation.

I really believe that every situation has a positive side...its just that we need to focus on the big picture.

Hope you had fun..!!!

Take care

Jack said...


Rightly said. By cursing or fretting we only get upset clouding our mind leading to no clear thinking.
Take care


I am also so glad that everything went of well after that. Take care


You summed it up so well - it would not be possible to live a healthy life if we do not think positive. Thanks. I am sorry I have not been to your space yet but will do so soon. Take care


Yes, I attended the get together as a friend took me along as told in PS later. I got opportunity to spend some quality time with him. Take care


Hope you believe me when I say that you are my inspiration to spread message of being positive. I had good time at the get together. Left reply on previous post too. Take care

Veena said...

great positive thinking... i guess we all have it in us but only few like u Jack can express it so well... thanks for reminding of this ability in us...

My everything blog said...

love your posts .. and it's so true people must think positive .. and remamber that life goes on no matter what happens.

Jack said...


Thanks for supportive view. I also had to make efforts to start thinking positive and that is why I tell others also that it pays. Take care

M E B :

Welcome to my space. Hope to have your views often. To have peace of mind and happiness it pays to be positive. Take care

Komal Ali said...

I am sure you have seen the worst of life considering how experienced and full of wisdom you are. And it's really, really wonderful that you still manage to be so optimistic.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Rightly concluded that whatever happens is for some good, which at that time we don't realise but it becomes apparent later, why God wanted us to suffer at that moment.


Jack said...


I have been through ups and downs and learnt my lessons. It does not pay to think negative because then all energy is wasted in that way. Positive thinking leads to find solution out of difficult situations. Take care


You said it so rightly that at that time we may not realise the good part of what happened and it is only on reflections later that it come to our mind. Take care