Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I am thankful to all of you for wishing me to come out of the state I was in. Well, it is still there but in a way it proved to be a blessing in disguise for me. I had been delaying my medical checkup for little too long. The tension made me feel a bit out of form so I have undergone total medical checkup. This included ECG, ECHO, TMT, BP monitoring, Urine test and all kinds of Blood tests. All that specialist told me is I am fine and it is only some tension which is making me feel low. Physical fitness is first requirement to meet all challenges. So now I will strive for mental or emotional happiness by concentrating on cause of tension to remove that forever. Please pray for me.


Ash said...

Good to hear all is well uncle... hope you will now add exercise to your routine :) best wishes!

Shilpa Garg said...

Glad that all's well.
Pls take care!!
Best wishes! :)

RehyaBond said...

I'll glad all is well..
& I'm sure you will be even better :)
Keep smiling.. and take deep breaths (it helps, really)

SJ said...

all blessings wid u and true, health is most imp. Thats why people say health is wealth!!!


Humaira Anwar said...

Stay good uncle jack. I couldn't stay in touch.I Hope you are feeling better now. Since you always share your wisdom so please don't hesitate to share your tensions. I hope one of your well wishers can make you feel good.

Lots of blessings and prayers.

Librangirl said...

Get well soon. I know you would take care of yourself :)

Sakshi said...

Get well soon uncle!

Harman said...

you r always in our prayers ,, n glad its all well..
lemme give you a tip..
dont get into stress ful situations ..cuz you r bringing stress wid you at home (this is how it goes),, try to stay away ..
help where possible not everywhere!!

Jack said...


Thanks a lot. I do a lot of walking, more so as we have a dog. Take care


Thanks, I will try my best to get over this. Take care

R B :

Thanks for your concern. I do that often, specially when I feel low. Take care

S J :

Right you are. Health is wealth. Thanks for your wishes. Take care

Jack said...


So nice of you to say such encouraging words. I will try to live upto your confidence in me. Take care

L G :

Thanks for your wishes. Take care


Thanks. I hope so too. Take care


Thanks for your wishes and prayers. I will try not to keep tension as far as possible. Take care

Meera Sundararajan said...

Good to hear that Uncle. Please take care of your health and get back to blogging :D

Jack said...


Thanks for you support. Take care

Shadan Syed Khan said...

Hope you are feeling healthy and hearty now... wish you all the best for many many more years of living. Happy blogging!

Jack said...


Thanks for your kind wishes. May God bless you with happiness always. Take care

Bhavana said...

Hugs Jack!Glad you are well! Older folks are the real survivors--they have survived diseases, accidents, heartbreaks and they still chug on faithfully. Younger folks getting sick is more worrisome--they have yet to survive:)

Jack said...


Thanks for such warm wishes. I feel honoured to have you with me.

Take care

Veena said...

Please take care of ur self u r too precious to loose heart to such things in life... u are n inspiration to us sir... hope to see u back in happy n inspiring mode again soon...

Gauri said...

A healthy life sometimes needs a lifestyle change and small steps is all it takes to be on that path. I know I have made some baby steps in this direction & I hope you do too. Wishing you a long, ailment free and stress free life :)

Jack said...


Sorry for such a late response. Thanks a lot for your wishes.
Take care


So nice to see you here. Thanks for your wishes and hope that you look after yourself properly. Take care