Thursday, July 26, 2012


Life has own way of shaking one up from complacency and at times it makes one feel enough is enough to give up. I am going through a little rough patch and read some sayings which pepped me up. Here are some of those :  

Never hold your head high with  ego. 
Even the winner of a gold medal gets his medal only when he bows his head down 

Do not  try to maintain relations in your life 
Just try to maintain life in your relations 

 We are very good Lawyers for our mistakes 
Very good Judge for other's mistakes 

World always say - Find good people and leave bad ones. 
But I say, Find the good in people and ignore the bad in them 
Because No one is born perfect 

Negative Thinkers focus on Problems 
Positive thinkers focus on Solutions 


RehyaBond said...

I know you'll find your way through the hard time that your facing, Jack Uncle :) And superb quotes!
Take care.. & Keep smiling :D

Harman said...

so true to every word!
very well said ..
thanks for the greetings..I m blessed!

Upasna said...

so true! and surely whatever is bothering you will soon be fine Jack uncle!

Ash said...

Lovely quotes uncle... my wishes and prayers are with you, hope everything will be fine soon... do take care.

Neha said...

Is something wrong, Jack uncle? I am sorry but I am not regular here and so don't know. Do take care.

Gayu said...

What happened??
HOpe everything is fine at your end.
Will talk to you tommrrow.
Take care

Amrita Tanmay said...

शब्द-शब्द अनमोल ..

Chintan said...

Hmmmmm. :)

RehyaBond said...

Dear Jack,

I present the Liebster Blog Award to your blog :)
Congratulations & Well deserved!
Here it is:

Oldfox004 said...

Here's my favourite quote from Henry Van Dyke:

"The woods would be too silent if no birds sang except those that sang the best."

Let me know if this perks you up, uncle?!:)

Rià said...

So true!! Well said Uncle Jack. :)

Meera Sundararajan said...

Very good quotes! Glad that I saw this first thing this morning!!



Purba said...

Beautiful quotes, Sir! And like every other thing in life, this too shall pass.

Jack said...

R B :

Thanks for pepping up my confidence. I have got your mail and will work on that soon. Thanks a lot for such appreciative award. Take care


Thanks for liking this. And you are welcome. Take care


Thanks for show of confidence in me and that will make me come out of it soon. Take care


Thanks a lot for your wishes which will count a lot. Take care

Jack said...


Thanks for your support. Take care


Hopefully it should be alright soon. Thanks for support. Take care




I am so glad to see you here and it makes me concentrate to overcome the problem. Take care

Jack said...


It did add to pepping up. Thanks. Take care


Thanks a lot. Take care


I am so happy that you liked these. Take care


Thanks for appreciating and also pushing my confidence with what you said. Yes, I will come out of it. Take care

Shilpa Garg said...

Have faith... all will be good, Sir.
Take care.
Best wishes :)

Jack said...


Thanks for your wishes. I hope so too. Take care

Ann said...
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Ann said...

very thoughtful thoughts uncle.. thanks for sharing :)

Jack said...


Sorry for late reply. I am so happy that you found these worth thinking.
Take care

Jack said...
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Bhavana said...

I love this quote the best: "World always say - Find good people and leave bad ones.
But I say, Find the good in people and ignore the bad in them
Because No one is born perfect."
I keep trying to practice it Jack but it is a hard one. I am more used to criticizing and judging. But yes, your quote shows the way out..:)

Jack said...


As it says No one is born perfect but that should not stop one from trying to follow what one believes in.

Take care