Thursday, May 3, 2012


I am sharing a short story which I read some time ago.

A couple of stray dogs came across a dog who was looking very healthy and well fed. They asked him the reasons for his such good appearance.  He told that his master takes good care of him. He is fed twice a day with choice meals. If he does not like it, he just moves away and master gives him something to his liking. He is groomed  daily and given bath once a week. He has a soft bed to sleep on. If he is sick he is taken to doctor for treatment. The stray dogs said, “ WOW! We would also like that kind of life.” He invited them to accompany and took them to his house. On reaching there the stray dogs saw a chain tied to peg. They asked him as to what was that. He told them that his master ties him up there except when he lets him off for the call of nature. The stray dogs told him,” No, thanks. We do not want all these comforts at the cost of our freedom.” And they walked off.

This has  been proved right a few days ago. There was a pup, who could hardly stand on his feet, on the road outside our housing complex. He, wagging his tail, used to come to everyone who came out of our complex or neighbouring ones. He used to follow me when I took our dog for walk. I used to shoo him away but he was persistent. At times I used to give him some leftover food or some tidbits like bones. A couple of times he followed us but got chased by other stray dogs a little distance away. After that he knew how far he could follow us and return on reaching that limit. This went on for about a couple of months. He grew up into a good looking one with light brown spots on his white coat.  About 10 days ago I did not see him around. After a few days of not seeing him, I asked our security guard as to what happened. I was told that he had been taken by someone to keep him as pet. Two days ago I saw him back with a collar around his neck to which was attached a broken leash. Now he is back with his freedom and someone has removed the collar too.

We all are born free but get shackled as we grow up. Some of those shackles are good  not only for the society we live but for us also but some need review from time to time as those are more of restrictions without any logic or acceptable justification. All we need to do is live in our freedom as per our conscience knowing our limits, like that pup knew when to return while following me. 


Arooj said...

freedom ,liberty,freewill,
there is nothing in the world that can surpass the importance of these three.

RiĆ  said...

What u have said in the last para is so true!

Harman said...

freedom in pursuit of happiness..
BUT ..freedom sometimes makes us loose discipline wonder we see many stray dogs in india ...
I usually wonder why country ignores those stray dogs...
evry pet should have a home!

Chakoli said...

just so true!!

freedome is our birthrights but only uptil we dont mis use it :)

RehyaBond said...

Yes! I whole-heartedly agree. Beautiful post :)

Sonshu said...

Wow. What a lovely post. Definitely one of your best!

Sakshi said...

good thought :)

S. Mahnoor Shah said...

I love dogs :) If i had a dog i would never tie him up... He could roam around like my not so little cats.. :)

Rach said...

Beautiful post, moved me :)

Meera Sundararajan said...

This is a very insightful post- what is more important to us -freedom and liberty or the luxuries of life? You have brought that our very well in the story of stray dogs Holds true for women also !

Celestial Dreamz said...

so true! thanks for the post.

Jack said...


You are absolutely right on this. Take care


Thanks for the support. Take care


Freedom comes with inbuilt responsibility. We need to understand that. Take care


Freedom does not mean to do anything you wish to but use it judiciously. Take care

Jack said...

R B :

Thanks for such solid support. Take care


Thanks for such appreciation. Take care


So nice of you to support this thought of mine. Take care


We have never even put collar on our dogs unless it is to go out for walk. Take care

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. Hope to have your valuable views often. I will visit you soon. Take care


I fully agree with you that women need freedom just as much as men do. Take care

C D :

I am so glad to see you here and with such good support. Take care

Alka Gurha said...

Beautiful story well summed up....ahh Freedom!

Rachna said...

Jack uncle,

Your story is beautiful. I have a pet dog at home who is never tied. He is always let loose inside the house, and we have a big house. He is friendly and enjoys all the other perks of being a pet. He also has excellent manners and is really friendly. He is vaccinated and healthy. We also also have a few stray dogs. Some look really sick and despondent. I would hope that people would adopt them and give them a home to give them a better life. They really will be better off in a home that cares for them.

Nikita said...

such a heart warming post :) freedom indeed is a need for all of us ...

Jack said...


I advocate freedom but with responsibilities understood by all. Take care


We have been having dogs for a very long time now. We never tie them up, not ever a collar while at home. It is only when we go for walk that leash is used. They have full run of the house. If you find time do read my post of Feb 2009, I think, where I have given their photographs. There is a need to take care of stray animals not only for their well being but also to keep our surrounding presentable. Take care


Freedom but with responsibilities understood. Take care

Rachna said...

Thank you Jack uncle for the lovely greeting you sent for Sid. You are right, they have to find homes for the sake of staying healthy and keeping surroundings clean. In our layout, we have a stray dog problem. I will go through your post for sure.

Jack said...


You are most welcome or rather he is. Also please do let me know DoB of Gautam so I can send a card to him also as otherwise it will amount to discrimination. You have my id now.

Take care