Saturday, May 19, 2012


Recent episode of Shah Rukh Khan took me back by many years, say almost 40 years. I was just about a couple of years into my service career. I had gone home on leave. I thought of introducing my father to someone I knew in our organization office at my home town. Of course, at the entrance to that place I had to stop at security to inform of my reasons of visiting. The security incharge called up the concerned person I wanted to meet and we then went to his office. After our meeting when we were on the way out, we were stopped again and the security guard asked me if I was carrying anything from that office. He wanted to check my brief case. I got very annoyed and shouted on him, throwing my weight around. Luckily the security incharge intervened as he was the one whom I had spoken to while entering that complex and we moved out without any more delay. My father did not say anything at that time.

On reaching home he asked me if my name and designation was written on my forehead. I was surprised to hear this but told him NO. Then he asked as to how did I expect that guard to know who I was and why did I not let him do his duty even if knew my status.  I was left speechless. He further told, “ Son, as you grow in stature you will be laying down rules for your subordinates and if you break those rules then how do you expect them to enforce the same?” He added,” As you grow in life and position, you should never forget to be polite and humble. Never let arrogance or vanity take the better of you.” These words made a very strong impression on my mind. Since then I made sure that I obey all rules and speak to everyone politely. Of course, this does not mean that I accept any nonsense but deal with polite firmness when required.

We all know that wealth, fame and power gets into head to make anyone feel, if not God, then he or she is God’s special creation and all others are non-entities. In case such person gets into any tricky situation, he or she will make hundreds of excuses to justify own actions.

Do I need to say anything more?  


Thinking said...

hmm...very nice...

Chakoli said...

thats true!!

subtlescribbler said...

no u need not! and I remember a popular dialogue from a Hollywood flick which goes as 'with great power comes great responsibilities'. We expect someone like SRK to show the best of human behaviour coz the youth idolizes him.


Me said...

I agree with you. I believe the moment a person thinks he/she is God, it triggers their downfall.

Sakshi said...

Very True :)

RiĆ  said...

so true...U seem to have got the wisdom from your dad. :)

Tanvi said...

So true. Most "famous" people don't get it.

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Pooja said...

So true, your father sounds like a wise man. I think rules should be followed by everyone, and no one should feel that I am above rules. The recent SRK incident is just in poor taste!

Aparana Pitale said...

Heyy... on ur blog after long long time... I accept what you say however none of us was there to see what actually happened. The other story also says that the security guard pushed his daughter and that made SRK more angry.. No father in the world would let go the person who pushes his daughter, my dad would never... Everyone is not lucky to be called a superstar and if he justifies that with calling himself God's special child, whats wrong in it. Every human is God's special child in a different way, isn't it... And when you are in limelight, everywhere there are spy cams waiting for your one wrong move... I might be biased but i won't accept the complete mistake is SRK's..

Kanupriya said...

Indeed great words by your father, when we form rules for our subordinates, its important that we also cooperate them in following those rules.

Jack said...


Thanks for appreciation. Take care


Thanks for support. Take care


I fully subscribe to that dialogue. I will be giving my reply to comment by Aparana below which please do read. Take care

ME :

That is when sense of propriety goes out of mind. Take care

Jack said...


Thanks for support. Take care


Yes, I did and it paid in my career. Take care


That is the most unfortunate part, isn't it? Take care

Jack said...


I am so glad that you took time to give your valuable views. If we wish others to follow rules, we must lead by example. It was sad. Please do read my reply to Aparana below. Take care


I am so glad to see you here after such a long time and it has increased by manifold as you took time to give your valuable views. Neither I was present there nor were you. So please read what I told in my comment on post by Alka Gurha ( ) on this issue :

"I am not being judgmental and have touched this incident in my latest post. There are always two sides to everything but when one reads between lines one can visualize what may have happened. Can someone tell me that as a responsible father would I let my children as well as children I have taken responsibility for start playing in stadium after game is over and flood lights are switched off? If the security staff asked children to stop and they do not, is security staff not right in chasing them out? Should I then start losing my shirt on them for this as children were with me? I would advise that we give this a cool thought instead of jumping to conclusions and either backing him up fully like that famous lady or condemn him as celebrity baiters."

Take care


So good to see you after such a long time. Yes, I learnt a lot from him, not only sermons but by example too. We need to set an example by following rules if we wish others to do so. Take care

Rachna said...

Hats off to your father. It is true that it is parents who teach their kids the right morals. Is it any surprise to see how arrogant and brash Sid Mallya is or what will happen when SRK's kids grow up.

Arooj said...

arrogance and vanity are too clever to find their slot in one's heart.
one should be very careful.

Jack said...


I learnt a lot from him. I agree with you on these kids. Take care


It is very difficult not to succumb to these traits but not impossible if one really wants to avoid these. Take care

Jyoti Mishra said...

My daddy says-Politeness is the garment u must always wear..

u need not to say anything more :)
all was clear n well understood !!

Jack said...


Your father is so right. Thanks for your supporting view. Take care

RehyaBond said...

No you do not Jack uncle :) A very true post..

Jack said...

R B,

Thanks for such supportive view. Take care