Sunday, May 13, 2012


I request you all to read The Runway Kit by Pooja at



Neha said...

Off to Pooja's blog :)

Arooj said...

this time uncle jack asks his readers to make a visit of someone's writing slot.ok let me visit it and i will come back to you.

HolyTrance said...

Read it...made me think!

Jack said...


Thanks. Is it not worth more publicity? Take care


Did you leave your views there? Take care

H T :

Welcome to my space. It is really worth the effort she made to write it. Take care

Gayu said...

Pooja's post is a must read for all teenagers (guys and girls).

when Love blinds one...we forget everything...parents, their love, their sacrifices...everything...

We become so cruel...that we doubt our parents..huh...strange...but true

A very nice thouhgt provoking story. And I strongly feel, this should be published in magazines and websites, so that girls think thousand times before taking such a decision.


Pooja said...

Thanks so much Jack :) this is so kind of you. About the thing you asked me on my blog, please go ahead with the ending you have in mind. I look forward to see what you do with my tale :) Would have emailed for some reason can't find your id- silly me!

Jack said...


Thanks a lot for supporting me on this. I had posted your this comment in her space. Take care


I am already working on it. Will get back soon. My id is Take care