Thursday, September 6, 2012


A friend forwarded this and I could not resist sharing it with you all. 

The cost of Oxygen!!  Very interesting!!

In one day a human being breaths oxygen equivalent to 3 cylinders.
 Each oxygen cylinder costs Rs 700.00, without subsidy.
So in one day one uses Oxygen worth Rs 2,100.00 and for full year it is
Rs 7,66,500.00. And if consider average life span of 65 years; the cost of Oxygen we use becomes staggering amount of Rs 500,00,000. 00 or Rs 50 millions. All this OXYGEN is derived free of cost from surrounding trees.

Very few people look at a tree as a RESOURCE and there is rampant tree cutting going on everywhere which must stop.

Do give it a thought, please.


Irfanuddin said...

lets wish n pray that some sense prevail into us and we stop doing those stupid things which in turn effects our survival into this universe....

thought provoking post Sir, thanks for sharing.

Celestial Dreamz said...

Lets wish for our wisdom ... for our own survival ...

and dear Jack thank u so much for being there (as my reader :-) )

Ash said...

well written uncle!

SJ said...

completely agree,,, we are cutting off trees and not even replanting the.

Ppl shud make more effort towards living a more greener and environmental friendly lifestyle.

BTW great thought of Rs 50 mn..

Shilpa Garg said...

Thought provoking!!
It's high time we took care of preserving mother nature!

Rià said...

So true Uncle Jack...wish everybody wakes up from the slumber else it will be too late!

Sakshi said...

Very true and thoughtful.. Uncle J!

Anu ~*~ said...

Beautifully written sir ~~

totally agreed !!

Jack said...


I sincerely hope that we understand value of nature. Take care

C D :

Hope wisdom prevails and we do take care of nature. It is a pleasure to read your poems. Take care


Thanks for the support. Take care

S J :

Even after knowing the price of oxygen we inhale in life time how many will bother about saving SOURCE of this? Take care

Jack said...


I think we are almost at the end of our grace time also. Take care


I sincerely hope and pray that we wake up and so something positive to save mother nature. Take care


I hope it results in action also. Take care


Welcome to my space. Thanks for your supportive views. Hope to have your valuable views in future also. I will try to visit your space a s a p. Take care

Tranquility Speaks said...

I long to see the lush and green city that I once lived in. My eyes tire of seeing concrete jungles.

Jack said...


I feel lucky as situation is not that bad here. We do have some good amount of greenery around. Take care