Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It is a must that we all should have dreams to achieve something in life. Some dreams can be fulfilled and some remain dreams only due to various factors.  Dreams do change also as a person grows up. As a child one has very simple aspirations which we may say dreams as a teenager these take on some new found thoughts while as adult these start relating to career and being settled in life. When one reaches final lap of life the thinking alters to putting experience to use of others.

I am no exception and have gone through this process. I have achieved most of my goals and now when I wait for my final call I long for making some of my dreams into reality. Few of those are dependant of others, like world living in peace and harmony, but I try to make my contribution to make those whom I know to bury differences and live happily in peace.

Two of my dreams which I hope I can fulfill before I go to meet my creator are

Self sustained schools to educate children of economically weaker families, without any caste or religion considerations, as I strongly feel that education is the foremost need to bridge gap between haves and have-nots. The students will be charged some fee as no one takes freebees seriously but that will be compensated in other ways. I have plans ready but need support from some organizations who are willing to invest for their name and avail income tax benefits apart from fulfilling their duty toward Corporate Social Responsibilities. I have knocked at doors of some but unfortunately those entrusted with such duties have their own priorities.

Second is to put a stop to eve teasing. This is not impossible, though difficult. My plan is to make use of our population of third gender as enforcement force. This will also help in taking care of their basic needs, leading to their not being nuisance at traffic lights. Apart from that to inculcate habit of respect towards girls from childhood itself by awareness campaigns in public as well as schools. Of course, again I need support for sustaining this from organizations as well as Government.  

I sincerely hope that something happens as I may not have unlimited time at my hands. 


Shilpa Garg said...

Very noble causes... both of them! And may your dreams come true!
Amen! :)

Ann said...

veru thoughtful. Only few people are able to think like you.. I really feel blessed to be in contact with you sir.. May god bless you..

Harman said...

very nice ...both causes needs major attention and to be fulfilled .. for the growth of the country..
its never too late to start...Amen!

Irfanuddin said...

and it shows your personality Sir...

i wish and pray that there are more n more people like you in this world so that we can have your dream come true one day...Insha Allah.

SJ said...

interesting ideas. Always love the way u not only share problems but solutions.

we certainly need to make an effort to amend these

Gauri said...

Dropped by after ages today but read many of your old posts :) Like they say "Unless you dream ; how will you have dreams fulfilled?" :) Wish you all the best as you take forward your dreams :)

Tranquility Speaks said...

Excellent and extremely noble ideas. I really hope and pray that some corporates come forward to assist you and turn the dreams into reality!

I wish there was some sort of an organization, where every individual big and small, rich and poor could contribute towards a better and progressive nation. Something like this years Joy of giving week, organized by TOI, where no matter how rich or poor you are, everyone can help someone else.

It is through a collective effort that the country can progress and grow

Oldfox004 said...

May both your dreams come true, Uncle!!!

Jack said...


It is so good of you to give you reviews on so many of my previous posts. I have replied to all. Thanks for you kind wishes and I hope my these two dreams come true with prayers of you all. Take care


I feel so honoured by your support and affection. May God bless you. Take care


It is a must for growth of not only individual but nation also.
Take care


Thanks for such kind support. I am sure that prayers of good friends like you I may be able to see these dreams come true. Take care

Jack said...

S J :

Thanks for your supportive views. Hope something does materialize on this. Take care


Thanks for taking time to read and give your valuable views on my previous posts too. I have replied there. And thanks again for your wishes. Hope I can see this in my life time. Take care


It is so encouraging that you have given your valuable views on so many previous posts also. I have replied to all. Thanks for your kind wishes. I hope I can find some one like Bill Gate who supports me. Take care


I wish that so much. Thanks for your supporting wishes. Take care