Wednesday, June 6, 2012


It was about 30 years ago that I fell in love again. She was so innocently beautiful. Her round eyes looked at me for love. She had a marvelous sleek body which could put many others to shame. She looked so wise for her age. She looked askance from me to enter my heart. She was all of 4 weeks old when our children brought her home from my friend’s house. His female dog had born a litter and our children who had been after us to keep one, just selected her and she entered our house or to be more precise our heart.

She was black with white paws and a white mark on forehead. Mixed parentage, Apso with Pom.  Technically she was my first dog as I do not remember much about the ones my parents had in my childhood and the  Cocker Spaniel I got from a very dear friend in 1965, had to be left with my parents as I was bachelor and on the way to settle down in my career. When I was settled and married he was well entrenched in my parent’s house that it felt cruel to uproot him.

She understood whatever I taught her and did not give even one chance to scold her. She was with us till the ripe age of almost 12 and went off when I was out of town. We felt her absence, so a Doberman female joined us. She was such a hellcat but very intelligent. She understood my sign language. Unfortunately she went off just short of 8 years due to high fever which I failed to make out, though I had taken her to doctor a day earlier. It was very early morning when she started nodding her head vigorously. I took her in my lap and we were praying when she went off.  Then we did not wish to have another as they become like family members and leave one sad on going off. But when our son got married, he and his wife expressed desire to have one. So when we went to pick up one, we brought two – a male and a female, both Cocker Spaniels. You can see them in my post of Feb 2009. Unfortunately male did not go beyond 2 years and again was victim of high fever. She is still with us.

I am sharing this with you all as it is only those who have them as pets can understand the love they give and how much they understand us, much better than humans. They are really best companions who ask for nothing much except a little love and give so much in return. 


Asta said...

i have never owned dogs(pets in general) but I understand what you mean when you say they can be best of your friends. My mom owned few dogs back home and when they died, she was so sad and lonely. Dogs/cats are like your babies. You have to pay attention to them, care them. I am not quiet ready for the responsibility. Maybe after few years...

Upasna said...

weird to read this today, when a colleague lost his pet! and I'd probably only want a pet when I am ready to take the responsibility as well!

Rachna said...

Totally agree. I have a dog who is more like my baby to me. You know Coco, just a year old and my darling!

subtlescribbler said...

I have never kept pets simply coz of the attachment factor. the pets especially dogs are very loyal and lovable. so i definitely can understand ur state of mind :)


Arooj said...

there is a word in urdu or may be in hindi too''bay los mokhbat''
love without any expectations..

Rià said... sweet! I love dogs, they make the best pets. :)

Neeha said...

I never had pets, but I know people who had pets are so close to them and treat them as their children. That needs a lot of patience and effort.

Take Care.

Meera Sundararajan said...

I can understand though I had only one dog. No wonder dog is called " Man's best friend"

RehyaBond said...

Hm :) I've never had a pet, except for a Beta fish. But having lived with my aunt for a few years when much younger, I was in the company of a Labrador. I've always wanted to have one for a pet, but my dad's very much against it because of the amount of care you have to provide to them. I'm glad that you've had the experience with so many. Yes, they do pass away. But the experiences and memories that they leave behind are also very much over-whelming :)

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

Dogs are the best creatures that I've ever come across. I've had dogs all my life. And when they are no more, the emptiness that we feel.. it cannot be filled.

Sonshu said...

Awwwww, how adorable. I've never had a pet, but seems like after this I really want one.

The love is just so different I've understood.



Thinking said...

hmm..I used to have so many pets...but than since I started petting people...I seldom have time for animal pet now...but I do miss all my childhood...hmm..

Jack said...


I am so happy to see you here. I agree that it is a big responsibility to keep pets and one needs to be ready to shoulder it. Their passing away is definitely felt. Take care


You must keep one when you really feel that you can take on the related responsibility. Take care


They become just like a part of family. Our programmes are also dependent on them. Take care

S S :

As and when you can take on added responsibility do keep one. Take care

Jack said...


I agree that their love is without expectations. Take care


Hope you have one. Take care


Yes, they do become just like children. A lot of patience is needed just like when you raise a child. Take care


You know how you feel when they greet you on your return after being away for some time. Take care

Jack said...

R B :

You have on hand experience with that Labrador. Your father is right as they need a lot of care and grooming. Do keep one when you are ready to take on responsibility. Take care


You can very well understand me as you have them as pets. Take care


Do keep one but only when you feel that you can shoulder responsibilities. Have a word with someone who is pet lover to know what is needed to care for them. If you wish you may contact me on my id given in my profile. Take care


You can still have one but only if you can spare some time from your busy schedule and care for them in the way it is needed. Take care

Kanchan Agarwal said...

Kanchan here. How nice to see your comments on my blog. It is encouraging to know people are reading it. I have never had a pet but would love to have one someday. I will definitely come back to read more posts here. Thank you so much for all those comments. :)

Ellen said...

Hi Jack,

I like your post. Any dog lover would. I have three dogs and one cat (their pictures are in my blog). And they are family. The joy felt in the heart is beyond compare each time I gaze into their loving brown eyes looking at me like I was the one love of their life. My family used to have 7 dogs in our compound but age took them home one by one.

Thank you for this lovely post.
Blessings to you and your loved ones.

Thanks too for dropping by the blog.

Mishi said...

Tho em a Cat Person but still I like dogs too...its good to have pets..they teach you a lot about relationships..teach you to give and take...and help you to be patient..
and by the way..HELLO:-)

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. I am so happy to see you here. Do keep a pet, preferably a dog, only if you feel you can shoulder responsibilities. Any help on this matter, you can always count on me. Look forward to your views on some of my older posts also. Take care


Yes, they are just like family. On their going off it does hurt a lot and memories remain. Take care


Thank God, you have shown up. Cats or dogs, they become part of family. They do teach a lot of patience and also to love without any expectations in return. Take care

Oldfox004 said...

my best friend has the same story as yours..and its very painful when they died..

While i admit i am too weak to survive such a loss, i think i'll lose out on experiencing some true animal bonding!

Thanks for sharing your story Uncle! TC :)

Amrita Tanmay said...

आपने बिलकुल सही कहा हमलोगों से ज्यादा संवेदनशील होते है हमारे पालतू जानवर .जितना हम प्यार देते हैं उससे कई गुना वे हमें वापस कर देते हैं..

RajEnder-SecretEnder said...

My Best childhood friend TOMMI died because of some poisonous fertilizer spray in my fields while it was wandering around in fields. I have not been able to overcome the jolt and had never owned another one since then.

Preeti said...

Thanks jack for being an unflinching source of support during my hiatus from blogging. Yeah, i feel pets are god sent messengers. The teach us so many things and how to be a better person each day.

Bhagyashree said...

I fully understand what u mean. We never had a dog at our place but aa close friend had. When I was going thru a bad phase it was Pluto who gave solace

Jack said...


Nice to see you. It is difficult to see them go but if you have given your best care, that is solace. Memories remain. Do try to keep one or rather a pair. Take care




Welcome to my space. Hope to have your valuable views in future also. I know that loss is beyond being told but one should keep fond memories and let place be filled by another whom you give more love. Take care


Nice to see you after such a long time. Hope that you are regular in your blogspace now onwards. They do teach selfless love. Take care


They understand your moods and needs without being told and make their best efforts to make you happy. Take care

Anonymous said...

Panther (6 year old Doberman) died of a heart attack (human error). Pinchy (17 year old Spitz) died of old age (alone), (human terror). I have never forgotten and forgiven myself since they passed away. Every day a regret.

I have a GSD now. His name is Damien and he is going to be 2. When he was a month old, his previous owners broke his hind leg and left him to die at the hills. They had covered his face with wires. He was there on those hills for 3 days and on the 4th day someone heard his cries and he was saved.

His presence makes me regret more. But, I am happy to not repeat my mistakes....