Wednesday, June 20, 2012


RS, I will refer him by this name, is in late 40s or early 50s. He is quite popular in our housing society, though he lives in one close by. Almost all residents of our area greet him very respectfully. The reason being that he is very religious. He is at all religious functions in our locality. He organizes such functions regularly at common areas. He visits places of worship daily, mainly of his own religion but even of other religions on special occasions. I met him about 6 months ago at such a function where a friend had taken me along. I have been seeing him often at some place or the other. I have met his wife. They have two children, a son and a college going daughter. They are very well behaved and polite. I see his daughter almost daily while on morning walks. She greets me with a lot of respect and at times stops her jogging to have a word or so. Over a period we have developed a healthy rapport of uncle and niece. She at times seeks advice from me of some issues.

He has some business dealing in whole sale trading. His son who is around 25 years old helps him or rather he takes full responsibility leaving his father free to attend to his religious activities. RS had been asking me to be regular at all functions but I somehow feel that religion is in one’s heart and is  personal choice for which there is no need to make much of a show. Still to keep him happy I did join him at times. I surprisingly noticed later that his children almost never joined him in such functions.  

A few days ago I went with him to a function which was held in a small temple. The place was over crowded. One could hardly move. To avoid being jostled around, I climbed onto a higher side platform. There were a few persons like me on that. I had a bird’s view of crowd from there. I found RS milling around the crowd, majority of which was women. I was totally shocked when I saw him groping at young ladies while moving about. At first I thought that he was just trying to move forward but on close scrutiny I realized that it was intentional. If there was any male in his way he just elbowed him away but with ladies, particularly young ones, he touched at their bottoms or chest to move forward. I watched it for some time to be sure it was not a trick played by my eyes. I felt so disgusted to find what I observed was true.

I felt very disturbed for the next couple of days thinking of ways to make him stop this. I felt if I talk to anyone, I would not be believed. To talk to him was out of question as he would never admit such behavior, rather he would go ahead to talk ill of me to all and sundry. It was while his daughter asked me while on morning walk as to why was I so lost in some thoughts because she had to greet me twice before I responded that the dam broke. I asked her as to why did she not attend any of functions with her father. She looked at me intensely and said, “ So you have noticed it.” Then she went on to tell me that she had known his habit for the past couple of years and that is why she did not attend any function with him inspite of her mother insisting. She knew that no one would believe her if she told the reasons. Her brother did not attend as he was busy with work and on return he wanted to relax. We then hatched a plan. It was that on frequent basis she will speak of being groped by some male , mostly elderly ones, in the bus while commuting to and back from college. This was to be done when all of them are together and add to her narrating such incidents that what kind of males are these who indulge in such obnoxious behavior with girls young enough to be their daughters.   She would also say that next time she is going to slap that person irrespective of his age or status. We hope that hearing this regularly he may think of his own conduct and desist in future.

This makes me wonder why should one put up a false façade of being a God fearing religious person if he has to indulge in such nefarious activity.  


Rià said...

So true...sometimes we can't respect ppl just bcoz they r old or they r project a certain kind of persona...a person needs to earn respect and not demand it! Its truly disgusting...feel sad for the poor girl who is embarrassed coz of her father's misdeeds.

Neha said...

Truly disgusting. But you'd find such older men everywhere. And some times, they are within your families. Unless they are embarrassed publicly or similar thing happens with their wife/daughter/sister, they will never understand! Sorry for sounding so rude, but there's no other way I can talk about such perverts!

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

Really disgusting. I dont understand the pleasure they get out of this behaviour.

Harman said...

its disgusting ..n lemme tell ya uncle jack that those who pretend to be religious are actually sexed up in real life and this is one way to get hella loose thinking no one looking at them ,..these guys should be striped in public and shown their real picture,
thanks for sharing
keep up the good work!!

sulagna ™ said...

oh jack uncle every girl has gone through this..i wish there were more girls like me who grab their hand and pinch them so hard that everyone stops and takes notice..the crowd then completes the story ..

but thank god the world is a better place because of people like you

Sakshi said...

Well because this IS India and here in the name of religion, people rape women and burn women despite praying to Goddess Durga.
This is the double standard of the society that we ave created for ourselves.

Amrita Tanmay said...

आशा है कि तथाकथित धार्मिक व्यक्ति अपनी बेटी से सबक सीख लिए होंगे..पर ऐसी विकृत और लाईलाज मानसिकता हर जगह देखने व सुनने को मिलती ही है...

Celestial Dreamz said...

oh disgusting ... our society is filled with double standards at every step ...

Chintan said...

:-/ What nonsense is this :-/ Why can men not take their sexual fantasies and take care of them without harassing women :-/

Meera Sundararajan said...

It is always the "overly religious" or those who pretend to be moralistic who have something to hide...!!! I am always suspicious when I meet such people

SJ said...

I know what you mean. there are so many men, particularly middle aged ones, who really do this disgusting act. And unfortunately no one wud ever believe that they are capable o it, because of the 'ACT' they put.

and yes, its really a shame that people behave all saintly and religious but the truth is completely different.

but thats how the world is divided between the good and the bad people. I dont think we can change them all, but we can certainly educate others to not fall victim to these jerks and raise their voice if something goes wrong.

So many women put up with the non-sense because either the society wud not permit they raise their voice, they'll be too embarrased to bring it to light or they're nervous or fear of talking about it.

Parents shud actually comfort the kids and have healthy conversations with them so they can talk to them about it, if something of the sort happens.

Great post

Me said...

Disgusting it is. I have been at the receiving end of such behaviour and my first reaction was of utter shock, as to how a man so religious n elderly grope women and get his kick out of it.

It is a sad world out there due to some sick-minded people.

Jyoti Mishra said...

totally disgusting...
a man carrying such filth in mind n heart... no good of all that poojapath n pakhand.. !!!

Irfanuddin said...

in fact its the bitter truth of our society and there are many RS in our society who can be very well seen at such social occasions and on the over crowded city buses....and i personally feel that they are nothing but mentally sick people....

Ruprekha said...

These sort of men seem to be present everywhere. Sometimes within the family too. Women of all ages must be courageous to deal with them the right way. Families too must be supportive.
Thanks for the post uncle Jack.

Purba said...

Yikes! what a hypocrite, using religion as an excuse to indulge in perversions.

He deserves two tight slaps!
And I'm sure his wife is aware of it.

RehyaBond said...

I have no words. Utterly disgusted. But, I hope your plan works!

Anonymous said...

That was a brilliant solution you hit upon. For unfortunately these dregs of society somehow manage to get the respect of their neighbours and so feel that they are immune. Added to the fact that a girl/woman is blamed if she complains about such molestation in a public place.

Aditi Nawani said...

Hi Jack
I am a new visitor to your blog, and have already read pretty many posts of yours. Very few can do the job of narrating experiences this well, as have you. Great work! :)

Jack said...


I fully agree that respect is earned and not demanded or taken as guaranteed. Take care


I agree with you that only way to deal with such persons is public humiliation. Take care


Even I fail to understand what kind of pleasure do they get. I feel that they are mentally sick and need treatment. Take care


Not all but I do agree that some of such persons have double identity. They need public humiliation to teach them a lesson. Take care

Jack said...


How I wish that every girl is as brave as you are! That is the only way to deal with such persons. Take care


I fully agree with you that most of us have double standards. General attitude is that I will ogle at girls but if someone does the same at my female relative I will be at daggers drawn with him. Take care



C D :

I hope and pray that some day this kind of madness ends. Take care

Jack said...


How I also wish that such stupid acts do not exist at all! Take care


I agree with you that we need to wary of those who put on holier than you facade. Take care

S J :

Thanks for indepth view. We surely need to educate girls to be brave to expose such persons in public. Parents need to inculcate sense of right and wrong in children, both girls and boys. Take care

ME :

Next time please do not take it passively but hit back. Take care

Jack said...


That is what made me share this with you all, POOJA KI AARH MEIN EISAA GHINONAA KAAM, KAISE PAKHANDI LOG HAIN. Take care


I fully agree with you that such persons are mentally sick and they should be locked up in an mental asylum or humiliated in public. Take care


I am with you on both counts, girls should be courageous and family must be supportive instead of criticizing boldness of girl who retaliates. Take care


Not just two slaps but a good thrashing in public to make him remember it throughout his rest of life. I also feel that his wife may be aware. Take care

Jack said...

R B :

It is so and I also hope that our plan works. Take care


Welcome to my space. I felt that this was a workable plan which may change his ways. We need to educate girls to be bold and not accept such nonsense and public to support girls for their retaliations. Take care


Welcome to my space. I am grateful for such appreciative views. This kind of support motivates me to bring out things which ail our society. Please do give your views on my older posts too, if you find time. Take care

Jyoti Mishra said...

they are clowns with normal faces..
which god is going to bless him ???

Shilpa Garg said...

What a big creep he is!! So very disgusting!! There are so many like him everywhere!! Hope his daughter's plan works out and at least there is one pervert is less in the crowd!

Jack said...


I too hope so as I would surely like to see one less in such bunch of creeps. Take care

Jack said...
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Live2cherish said...

I know my friends in india used to tell how they would prefer sitting besides a flirt than a middle age man ogling at them.

Jack said...

L2C :

Sad but true to a large extent. Take care

Anonymous said...

groping is a global issue. All of us at some point of our lives have gone through it. It is humiliating.