Friday, April 13, 2012


Restless ( myworldmyperception ) gave me an award with conditions that I follow the rules but being computer semi-literate I need help. So till I get it that will be pending.

Nidhi ( fabulouslittle ) had written a post on her childhood memories, not that she is out of childhood yet as per me, and I while commenting told that this has inspired me to share some of my such memories.

I read some posts here as to why one blogs, I am sorry not to list out those friends as my memory is playing tricks, which inspired me to share my reasons.

Then there is a Tag pending for long long time.

Finding it difficult to make up my mind with so many choices, I have chosen an easy way out. So let me share some humour with you all this time till I take up abovementioned posts.

An elderly farmer got married to a young girl almost half his age. Things went fine for some time but then he had problems. He went to doctor. On hearing his side the doctor advised him that if he was ready he should not wait till evening but to rush back home. For some time this worked. But again he visited doctor saying that by the time he reached home he was not ready. So doctor advised him to ask his wife to come to fields when needed. As there were no mobile phones at that time, he told his wife that he would fire a shot in the air by his gun and she should come to him on hearing that. He did not visit doctor for a couple of months. Doctor met him in the market one day and asked if it was working out. Farmer replied that it was fine for about a fortnight but then hunting season started and he had not seen his wife since then.

An old man of 80 years got married to a woman much younger. His companions for morning and evening walks were fed up with his bragging. One day he announced that his wife was pregnant. There was usual murmur of disbelief but however no one said anything but congratulations. A week or so later one of his companions told that a day prior while walking near a cluster of trees he had seen a rabbit. He further said that he pointed his walking stick at rabbit saying Bang Bang and the rabbit fell down dead. That 80 years old man said as to how could the rabbit die just that way, someone must have fired a shot without his knowledge. The companion said “ Thank God! You see the reality.”

Emperor Akbar had announced hefty award to any poet who could recite an absolutely new poem unheard of earlier. Many poets bid but could not win as one of the persons in his court used to say soon after recital that it was an old poem which he had heard earlier and recite it fully word by word. A young poet approached Birbal asking for advice. He was duly advised. Next day that poet recited his poem and sure enough that man said the same thing reciting the poem. The poet took out a folded sheet of paper which he presented to the Emperor saying that he had recited only half poem while paper had full one. He requested that man to recite the rest which the Emperor could compare with the written one.

This one was told by my grandfather who had been a Headmaster. Once Inspector of Schools had come for inspection. While in one class he asked the students if anyone could guess his age. My grandfather was quite apprehensive when one student raised his hand. On asking he guessed Inspector’s age to be 40 years. The Inspector was surprised and said it was really so. Later my grandfather asked that student as to how did he guess age correctly. The student replied that in his village there was a man of 20 who asked stupid questions and seeing the kind of question Inspector asked he felt that he must be double the age of that man.


Shruti Carol said...

Hilarious Uncle.. especially the fire shot one.

Mannu said...

Great title to a great post! I enjoyed it, the "standby post". :-P.. the title is also a humor of sorts.!:=)

Mannu said...

In navies, when a man has to be put to waiting job for taking next orders, he is said to be "on standby", which in our colloquial interpretation mean "doing a time pass".

Sonshu said...

HAHAHHA. great post uncle. Absolute delight reading it.

Being Pramoda... said...

Childhood memories are so cheer ups at times...

Thanks for sharing :)

Rachit said...

laughing all the way :)

Weakest LINK

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

haha.. this was a really good read!


Rià said...

Loved reading every bit of it! :P

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

Your jokes are always such a light read :) These were nice :)

Rachna said...

hehe it was funny :).

Arooj said...

thanks for arousing the smile on our faces.

Jack said...


I am so glad you enjoyed these. Take care


Not only in Navy but in Forces it is so. It is good you liked the title too. Take care


I am happy that you liked these. Take care


So true. Take care

Jack said...


I am so happy that you had a good laugh. Take care

T G A F A :

At times it is good to have little light mood, isn't it? Take care


I am so glad that you loved this light post. Take care

Jack said...


Thanks for appreciation. Take care


One needs to leave serious topics at times for lighter ones. I am glad you liked it. Take care


I am so glad that this made you smile. Take care

Amrita Tanmay said...

पढ़कर मुस्कान खेल रही है ओठों पर..अच्छी लगी .

Jack said...



Take care