Thursday, April 26, 2012


I have been writing many times on what I had observed during my walks or visit to market etc. I had developed this habit of observing right from my childhood.

 My father was in state government service thus we used to shift to new places on regular intervals. I was about 8 or 9 years old when I got to learn importance of observing things. At that time a police officer was our neighbor. I used to hear almost everyone praising as to how he could foresee and control crime. Once when we were playing hockey in the improvised field near our residence, he joined us. After the game he asked one of his policemen to fetch sweets and soft drinks for all of us. He started talking to us informally advising us to be good in not only studies but other activities also. He then invited us to ask anything we wanted to. I asked him as to how could he foresee things and control crime so effectively as told by so many uncles. He laughed and then on serious note he told that one should always observe things around. He asked me if there were any huge trees close to us. I started looking around. He told me that while I came to that field I should have glanced and observed that instead of looking around now. He further told me that while in market or any place we should observe people around without staring at them. This can help us if something goes wrong.

I learnt that lesson. I started practicing it since then. Afterwards in my career, there were couple of appointments when this became all the more important. This also includes observing facial expressions or body language of persons, in particular ones you speak to, specially while negotiating or finding truth.

My idea of telling this is as there is an incident which I observed recently. I will share in my next post.  


Harman said...

very true .. a keen observant is vigilant in all cases and its always better to be safe then sorry!

M said...

Waiting to read up on the incident.

RehyaBond said...

Interesting post :) not something that I'd find myself reflecting upon.. apne yaad dilaya, so I pondered a bit and indeed.. we are so absorbed in our own thoughts and actions that we barely give notice to the underlying patterns of our surroundings. I'm curious as to what your next post will be about.. jaldi likhoo!! :P

Sakshi said...

You talking like Sherlock Holmes uncle ;)

RiĆ  said...

It good to be a keen observer...and u were always one, now i know! :)

Gayu said...

Have to agree with Sakshi:)

hmmmmm suspense....!!!!
Waiting for the post:)

Sonshu said...

Ah observing is something I do too. And definitely this was a lovely post. Gave me a lot to think about. :P


Tanvi said...

Being a good observer is helpful in more than one way!

∞ © ∞

Arooj said...

besides the cautionary aspect of being good observer,i personally believe this world is worth observing.:-)

very simple and useful thought like ever from your side uncle.

Mannu said...

good thought , jack. I had heard one such similar story in my school years , in 1994 when i was 14 years old, from one IAS, Rai Singh (a sikh) , in UP cadre). He told us similar lesson and asked us about the number of pillars we were in! not many had taken note until he enquired.

Recently even i wrote about 'observing' habit, although about "observing" attitude from a different platform. Over here:

I also wrote about how the emotional state of a person affects his observing skills. This is one lesson from psychology books. The kind of observation a person makes reveal about his own psychological state. In some places, the candidates are examined by way of writing a story after seeing a picture. This gives the interviewer a peep into the psychology of the candidates. The emotional state of a power affects the observation power directly. Emotional Intelligence talks about this aspect on the power of human emotions in development of intelligence and intellect in human beings. I have written about that as well from my own thoughts, although it is more of what has already been researched and written in the books on Emotional Intelligence.

Live2cherish said...

So true.

viddhi said...


Jack said...


You are right, it really helps. Take care

M :

I have drafted it and will post it tomorrow after final check. Take care

R B :

Please do keep a good look out around. Just wait for another 24 hours or so, I will share it with you. Take care


Somebody has to keep an eye on what goes on, isn't it? Take care

Jack said...


Thanks for your support and such kind words. Take care


Please do read what I told Sakshi. It is good to have some suspense, isn't it? Take care


Please do keep up with that habit as it helps a lot. Thanks for your appreciative views. Take care


You are absolutely right, it helps in many ways. Take care

Jack said...


True, it is so good to observe the world as whole. Thanks for your appreciative views. Take care


I am so thankful for such views in depth. It is true that when one is in disturbed mind, he or she will not observe properly. State of mind does have such affect. I will read that post soon. Take care

L2C :

Thanks for your support. Take care


I am so glad to see you here. I was getting a little worried as you had not posted anything for a long time, very unlike you. I did not know how to contact. Thanks for your supportive views. Take care

Jack said...
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Being Pramoda... said...

Observing is very important and it's one of the best ways of learning things..;)

Jack said...


Thanks for supportive view. Take care